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  1. Token Display options
  2. Another port forwarding thread - I'm sorry
  3. Merge modules
  4. FG Unity Kickstarter rewards question.
  5. Loading a Fantasy Ground Campaign - two times waiting
  6. After getting FGU email from kickstarter.....
  7. Token packs don't always show up in the modules
  8. SFRPG Alien Archive Players Core Rule Problem
  9. Changing Tokens in Encounter
  10. Bug Report: Can't delete link from note or insert line before if it is the first line
  11. FGU support mail delivery error
  12. D20 Modern - Character Sheet is not uploading classes
  13. Fantasy Grounds Crashing using Proton on Linux (as of today)
  14. Azure Setup
  15. Game instantly closes.
  16. Steam purchases not showing as OWNED in Fantasy Grounds store
  17. Tyrant's Grasp AP 5 not synching
  18. Higher Refresh Rate Monitor: Fantasy Grounds Causes Screen Flicker
  19. What is up with all the script errors with Starfinders Ruleset??
  20. How do I enter complete full screen mode?
  21. Status color on the map
  22. Warlock Raven Queen Patron
  23. 7th Ed Call of Cthulhu. Starting skill values
  24. Will Fantasy Grounds (non Unity version) support macOS Catalina?
  25. Mark impassable and difficult terrain on map
  26. Exporting The Hot Keys
  27. Canít access Steam purchased module
  28. Leveling a specialist wizard in PF
  29. Unable to find ruleset file (base.xml)
  30. Getting my FG campaigns into the Steam version
  31. cant share modules
  32. MM modules not updating, error saving to vault.
  33. Port-issues...
  34. Fantasy Grounds Lost Connection Host / Reconnect to Host - Multiple Times
  35. Targeting issues within the system.
  36. Map Grid Scaling Incorrectly with Zoom Level
  37. Dice query and CT query
  38. Fantasy Grounds - Pathfinder, Advanced Bestiary, NPC Factory
  39. Correct text for Class Creation traits
  40. Localhost Not Showing The Map Properly
  41. Fort Powarding: A Port Forwarding Issue Saga.
  42. Storm King's Thunder module name change after release update
  43. Threat Range / Reach Not Displaying Properly
  44. exporting/importing module
  45. Can't connect to FG game as host (localhost)
  46. Players cannot connect to my hosted game, and Connection test failure
  47. Players can't log in anymore
  48. Constantly Losing connection
  49. Installing on Steam cannot find FantasyGrounds.exe
  50. Module not showing up in library
  51. Bought everything on steam but can't get the DLC to download
  52. Custom NPC's and notes become public at each launch
  53. Game Calendar issue
  54. Basics - even more basic than basic maybe
  55. CoreRPG Console Errors
  56. Game Calendar not working
  57. Unsure how to solve connection issues
  58. Fantasy Grounds Crashing when I try to Load a Campaign
  59. Ok Put my in the idiot section...
  60. Connection failure
  61. Faulty DST?
  62. Cleaning Up a Module Mess
  63. Radial Menu- Link Functionality
  64. Very large Statis Icons
  65. Cancel subscription problems
  66. New problem with the game calendar?
  67. Issues with players seeing Map
  68. Fantasy Grounds Crashing When Loading Any Campaign
  69. Error Importing Character
  70. Playing in the same location?
  71. Limit on number of demo accounts connecting in your home?
  72. Need help. content is not load. Suppose to play in 40 mins :(
  73. Update Issues
  74. What exactly do I need?
  75. Token problems
  76. Targeting reticle not visible
  77. Installation Issues
  78. Fixing default map
  79. Help with Hotels
  80. FG currently broken on macOS 10.15
  81. Update or 2?
  82. Pathfinder 2e Attack bonus
  83. Cant see Pathfinder 2 module
  84. Website note and request.
  85. Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment Issue
  86. Library error: "bad argument #-1 to 'getModuleInfo' (string expected, got nil)
  87. Help w/library set up for my players
  88. Module export failed
  89. License Conflict
  90. Token Issue
  91. Issues connecting / creating new campaign
  92. Pointers losing control
  93. Connection issue
  94. Power outage destroyed my campaign...
  95. Internet Connection Sharing Service, port 1802, and Windows 10
  96. Blurry fonts on LInux and everything is small (images look fine) - DPI issue?
  97. Bug with inventory in PF1
  98. Mobs on map but not on Combat Tracker for Players
  99. Issue: Players Repeatedly Disconnecting / Reconnecting
  100. FG slowing down
  101. Issue with Extension - Savage Worlds
  102. Where are the modules?
  103. Wiki: Developer Guide/S Issue
  104. Question about a Paizo hardcover Lost Omens purchase.
  105. Friends cannot connect
  106. Connecting to my GM - starts downloading then stops
  107. Odd connection issue/question
  108. Another connection issue thread... sorry
  109. Lost Key
  110. Infinite loading
  111. Character Management
  112. Fantasy Grounds running at a snail's pace.
  113. FG update 9/8 Script error, manager_string.lua 81: attempt to get length of local 'se
  114. Ultimate Combat no sync
  115. Missing Reference manuals in the modules
  116. Script error in 5E
  117. Web Shop Updates needed
  118. Possible to collapse player sidebar?
  119. Unsubscribing with no Paypal?
  120. portforwording
  121. I think my campaign data was corrupted. Can I recover it?
  122. Can't Connect to Game Anymore
  123. Cannot download from a friend's server - at wit's end
  124. Changing from Win 8 to Win 10
  125. Hide my external IP address from players
  126. Latest September 21, 2019 Update Removed Monster Manual from all campaigns
  127. Facing Arrows Size Issue
  128. update issue
  129. Maps, Map Masking, Tokens, and Images not displaying for players
  130. Player stuck downloading files
  131. FG Website Calendar Issue
  132. Player's can't see anything?
  133. Token Movement
  134. Party sheet imported characters showing incorrect scores
  135. Update wiped all data from campaign.
  136. Need a VPN to update FG
  137. lets me connect for a bit then fails
  138. macOS Catalina breaks FG!!! Help!
  139. FG really bad lag and crashing (lots)
  140. trouble installing
  141. Game crashing issues
  142. Module Went MISSING! (SWADE) - base.xml error
  143. FG won't show any images, nothing will download, but connecting seems to work fine
  144. Possible Video Issue
  145. Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment Guide not loading
  146. Only records which you own can be shared error?
  147. Random disconnects and reconnects for player on same LAN
  148. Connection failure again
  149. Map won't load
  150. Not able to connection to host
  151. FG causing full computer crash
  152. Missing Icons (top left corner) and dice rolls not showing!
  153. setTokenOrientationCount
  154. Symbaroum Show-stopper Bug
  155. How to create a hyperlink in FG
  156. Newbie Question - Random Avatar on GM background
  157. Updating issue Loading Pathfinder 2 Lost Omen World Guide
  158. Hosting Game issues/ Failure when checking connection
  159. Troubleshooting FGC to Syrinscape Fantasy Player
  160. Catalina + Parallels
  161. Problems moving PCs on a map with a small grid
  162. dropping connections
  163. Guide: How to run FG on ChromeOS via Crossover
  164. FG 3.8 and 21:9 Monitor at 3440 x 1440
  165. get package error
  166. How to Report Issues, Bugs, and Problems
  167. PSA: Fantasy Grounds and Dropbox Don't Play Nice Together
  168. Alias Not Working on Local Network
  169. Fantasy Grounds Halloween Extension Acting Strange
  170. License recovery
  171. Fantasy Ground crashes under wine 4.18
  172. cancel monthly charge
  173. Map issues with players (PC's)
  174. Exporting part of a Player Module
  175. SWADE License issues
  176. Overpay for books
  177. (Solved) Download timeout issues with Adaware Pro and Win 10
  178. Bug Report: Deadlands Extension in SWADE
  179. FG Classic Running and can see on taskbar... but where is it?
  180. Unarmed Strike Monk
  181. Tokens Out of "Sync" on Map - since 10/28 FGC weekly update
  182. Fantasy Grounds unable to connect
  183. Sudden Issues with Connections after Year+ playing with the same group
  184. Problems checking out from Store
  185. Event 1000 Application Error on Windows 10 Pro 1903
  186. Script Error dropping parcel on party tracker Inventory
  187. Graphic Issue FG Sliding with Mouse Movement
  188. Yet... port forwarding
  189. Devin Night Token Pack #119
  190. Lost Campaign Data
  191. DnD 5e Data module activation loading not working on player side
  192. problem loading the PF2 ruleset
  193. Install issue
  194. Players Can't Access Library Modules - Savage Worlds
  195. Loading old game and game notes files
  196. v3.3.9 install issue
  197. Castle Naerytar map issue
  198. search question
  199. FG v3.3.9 Gregorian Calendar issue with changing timestamp
  200. Character Ownership Issues
  201. Latest Update broke search
  202. Players unable to join
  203. Issue with Attacks/Saves/Damage Against Multiple Creatures as of 3.3.9 Update (5E)
  204. Info button on images (top/left) produces an error
  205. 5e problem after 3.3.9 Ultimate update
  206. Problems with searching in 3.3.9 (mac)
  207. Effect Removal?
  208. Newest update
  209. Trying to Upgrade a 2nd Standard license to ultimate license
  210. Do I need to cancel my sub if I purchased the license and if so how?
  211. DD Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Players module name is misspelled.
  212. Testing on two different machines
  213. macOS 10.15 Catalina support
  214. Forum Search Issue / DCC
  215. Any way to use Steam keys in the non Steam version or Unity?
  216. Not Connecting after Update to 3.3.9
  217. Unable to Join a game
  218. .mod vs .dat module files. /modules vs /vault folders.
  219. Trouble hosting. Verizon Smarthub issue???
  220. fg key?
  221. Not your average savetovault issue.
  222. Choppy 3d dice
  223. Connection Test is no longer working for FG
  224. v3.3.9 - CoreRPG: Issues/Problems to create player token
  225. Error with re-installing FG and accessing existing campaign data
  226. Loading issues?
  227. 5e Chat in character languages questions - can not get it to work
  228. Unable to load ruleset file
  229. unable to install fantasy grounds at all
  230. New Update causing errors with Advanced Bestiary
  231. ERROR While downloading.
  232. Fantasy Grounds Hex Grid not snapping tokens correctly
  233. Very slow transfer speed on local network
  234. Fantasy Grounds Main Window size
  235. Formatted Table Rendering bug
  236. Issues with players in different timezone connecting to my game
  237. Script Errors
  238. Creating items that allow spellcasting D&D 5e
  239. Demo client image loading fails
  240. 2 instances of FG problem
  241. Can't connect to host
  242. db.session files very big??
  243. FG Freezing
  244. Map not loading properly
  245. Xanthar's Guide to Everything Error Faerie Dragon
  246. Mutants and Masterminds
  247. Script error creating class for Starfinder ruleset
  248. Connection problems
  249. Steam linkage to FG not showing as owned in FG store
  250. SFRPG custom class creation issue workaround