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  1. Can't hot a game, I've tried everything
  2. Fresh Install Issues
  3. I couldnt post in old thread.
  4. Issues with Hosting FG Session (Still need help!)
  5. No ruleset
  6. Problem with "small image" button accross all rulesets
  7. Targeting Issues
  8. login failed trying to use PHB from steam
  9. Connection test failed
  10. Problem: While hosting guest dice rolls and chat stops working/I cant connect as a gu
  11. FG Data Folder on Mac
  12. What did I Just Buy?
  13. Cannot Re-install
  14. Log In Issues When Server Up for a While
  15. Demo client not connecting to Host
  16. Dev. Support
  17. Token rotation while locked?
  18. 12 Hours trying to solve port 1802! PLEASE HELP!
  19. Help! DM has 1GB connection, Player Client DL Extremely Slow
  20. Cant Sync Standard edition with Steam
  21. Castles and Crusades NPC Character Mode Issue
  22. Purchased all on Steam - DnD Modules not Loading
  23. Can I use my FG account on my PC and on my Laptop?
  24. Fantasy grounds running sluggish on new computer
  25. Is it possible to import sunless xml to pathfinder game? (Solved)
  26. One Player Takes Forever From Launcher to In-Game
  27. starfinder map adjust pc token size to large
  28. Issue with PCs tab not loading right
  29. Linking Information to Other Players in Chat Box Issue
  30. Purchased D&D Players Handbook, Monster Manual and DM Guide, but modules not showing
  31. updater error
  32. Game Update
  33. Cache transfer issues and background image?
  34. Don't Understand Error Message when exporting module
  35. 4e Module
  36. Game Window Positioning Help
  37. Hot key issues
  38. Map Building
  39. Security issues: Sandbox
  40. Critical Double Damage?
  41. Udate Licence question
  42. D&D 5e - Ranger character not getting attack/damage bonuses correctly
  43. FG not working with GPU
  44. Script Error
  45. rulesets have disappeared
  46. Character Recover from client after campaign data lost?
  47. Connection Test failure
  48. Missing Child Ruleset
  49. Does FG time out if unused?
  50. Waterdeep Dragon's Heist Player's Maps missing sections of Waterdeep
  51. Unable to see PC, post to chat and exit game
  52. Resuming a campaign on a previously used computer
  53. One box at a time
  54. Cant add PC to party List
  55. Module Editing on the go!
  56. Player cannot view information on races, classes or skill in the character sheet
  57. Combat tracker trouble
  58. Transferring FG to new laptop (windows)
  59. Issue with players accessing all of XGTE (Players)
  60. PureVPN Hosting Trouble
  61. CTD on launch
  62. Chat window and Dice Tower locations not saved
  63. unable to load rule set file (Base.xml)
  64. Steam Key
  65. Exporting NPC Encounter token placement
  66. Runtime Error: D3DXCreate Texture failed - D3DPOOL_MANAGED
  67. Unable to award XP via the party sheet tab XP.
  68. FG ui not saving
  69. Intermittent mouse misalignment
  70. Having problems with the site.
  71. Snap dragon processor support
  72. Manually setting grid size and origin?
  73. Need help with hosting (port forwarding) please
  74. table rows creating a formatted story entry
  75. Unable to access purchased content/campaign characters since I cancelled my sub
  76. 5e Silver Weapon Item property not added to dmg type
  77. Going from my old laptop to my new tower
  78. New User attempting to load Adventure Module
  79. Connecting to Logmein Hamachi and FG
  80. Switching ruleset, keeping story entries?
  81. Got Blurred
  82. [Savage Worlds] Target icons not showing in CT for some players
  83. Bought Ravnica. But can't see it.
  84. Alias issues
  85. Sharing campaign materials with players
  86. Opening modules??
  87. Connection difficulties
  88. FG wont update, can't reinstall
  89. Update wiped out my entire campaigns folder
  90. Missing ruleset
  91. Custom token folders, (bags), not showing up in application
  92. Concentration for 5E Spells PHB
  93. Ultimate License displaying PLAYER
  94. Yet another Port-Forwarding Thread
  95. Hard Computer Crash
  96. Connection Test Failure
  97. Connection Problems
  98. Connection issues on Mac
  99. 'visible" deprecated?
  100. FG crashes when try updating of going into settings, Mac OS
  101. Ruleset Error Pop Up windows
  102. Can not connect to host
  103. License Conflict Only with Hamachi
  104. can't get a simple effect right...
  105. Minimised Character Sheets displaying their portrait/token - how?
  106. Can't Unsubscribe
  107. Encounter not going to combat tracker from home made module.
  108. Removing Ultimate licenses off old PC
  109. Having error messages
  110. Savage Worlds 5.0 and B&B theme error
  111. Missing Savage Worlds Module after update
  112. Does It End Before It Begins? Run Test: Failure
  113. Pathfinder Core Rules - missing item
  114. How to restore from db.backup
  115. Unknown, unwanted player logging into my game
  116. Items Tab crashes my game
  117. How do I setup FG Ultimate License on different computer permanently?
  118. Extra blank spaces in Story entries names are removed after save/load of campaign
  119. Strange behavior
  120. Serial number Problems whit reinstall of Fantasy Grounds
  121. Mac Install Error
  122. Licence is showing as player even though I have ultimate
  123. Phandelver pre made characters not loading
  124. Pointer measure WAY-OFF
  125. Error loading data
  126. Missing Extension Beasts & Barbarians
  127. I just can't install this app.
  128. Maps showing up gray
  129. Installation and tutorials all good - Porting an issue
  130. Tokens missing from package
  131. Missing Xanathar's guide to everything
  132. Cannot "buy" free supplement in store
  133. How to use FG with a TV for face-to-face gaming
  134. Issue using mac FG with license brought via steam
  135. Cannot Click pins on map
  136. Maps with functions
  137. Advance Turn Question/Bug?
  138. Could use some help connecting
  139. Minor UI confusion?
  140. trouble with accessing pregens from module
  141. Unable to connect with PureVPN
  142. Gifted Module not loading
  143. Using Portmap.io to Host a Fantasy Grounds Game
  144. Getting a range weapon attack error from npcs (5e)
  145. Custom Details on Character Sheet
  146. Reducing player load times
  147. Item descriptions and details disappeared.
  148. Concatenating output from multiple table rolls in chat
  149. Morecore dice string help
  150. Cant share maps
  151. Installing Death Knights Squire
  152. Fantasy grounds crashes
  153. Black map screen when sharing image with player
  154. How to Use DOE: Sound Extension to trigger Sounds in Syrinscape on a Mac
  155. Are you using Xfinity?
  156. Updating updater forbidden?
  157. Story Entry Table display bug
  158. I'm unable to Load a Purchased Campaign
  159. WOTC Tactical Map Pack not showing as a module to load in the library
  160. Win 10 Steam Install Failure: UpdaterEngine Unable to Restart FantasyGrounds.exe
  161. Can't drag/drop tokens into FG
  162. Haha. Pheal the phorce Luk!
  163. Artefacts on Character Sheet (MoreCore)
  164. Infuriating Port Forwarding Problem
  165. Cannot Connect as a Player via Mobile Wi-Fi Tether
  166. Table output to Encounters not working properly.
  167. Modules not appearing
  168. Fantasy Grounds Unlimited License and Demo License
  169. Local LAN Connection Issue
  170. How to remove a calendar?
  171. Multiple monitors
  172. Custom Images Auto-Share (5E)
  173. Connection Problems with One User
  174. Can't connect - 2 computers on the same network
  175. Sudden Connection Issues
  176. Connection Failure
  177. question about purchases made on steam.
  178. Error on console 0
  179. Other problems
  180. Can I place links withing cells of a table?
  181. Party connection continues to drop under 10 minutes
  182. Port 1802 on an ASUS RT-AC68U
  183. Repeated XML Parse Errors
  184. How does "completing a bundle" work?
  185. Dice rolls laggy as heck while any FG windows are open (maps, etc).
  186. Metronet and Port Forwarding
  187. How do I change my username here in the forum and the store?
  188. I just bought the Ultiamte License yesterday and I am curretnly trying to download
  189. Campaign.xml issues
  190. [5E] Script Error (scripts/manager_string.lua)
  191. SPECIFIC players disconnecting & reconnecting multiple times going back over 1 year
  192. game calendar
  193. Error!
  194. need help player has hotspot as internet
  195. Steam purchase key
  196. New computer and I need my campaigns!
  197. Wireless PC Mouse Recommendations for Fantasy Grounds
  198. Heal, temporary hit points etc...
  199. Lost all my notes and characters
  200. Ethernet only?
  201. Error in Fantasy Grounds Updater
  202. Load Modules in Character Manager as Demo Player
  203. Fantasy Grounds Unity - will we still be able to use "old" Fantasy Grounds license?
  204. Can no longer connect to host while others are able to
  205. Must Clear Campaign Cache Before Connecting
  206. Dice lag
  207. best practice making story changes to official products + benifitting from updates?
  208. Installation seems to be failing?
  209. Multiple licenses on one account.
  210. Unable to Install Fantasy Grounds
  211. FGU Ultimate
  212. adding spell slots
  213. Token Question
  214. Connection Test Failure.
  215. Reinstalled FG, now consistently get errors on campaign startup, among other things
  216. Spelling Errors in content
  217. Fantasy Grounds Screen freez
  218. UI Scaling and the Background
  219. Trying to email support
  220. Player cant connect to me (DM) but can connect to other server
  221. Token Storage
  222. Princes of the Apocalypse and Elemental Evil Player's Companion
  223. Lost Sounds In Fantasy Grounds
  224. Updates of D&D 5e contents too slow
  225. Support address bouncing emails
  226. Tokens Not Scaling to Gridded Map
  227. Issues installing Error 1223
  228. PF-Naval Combat extension - Script error
  229. Loading problems and Confusion
  230. Slow Files Download
  231. Text on PC Titles/Names is tiny tiny tiny
  232. Crashes on Startup?
  233. What are the file locations when running via Steam on Linux?
  234. New Computer
  235. Script Error: [string "ct/scripts/ct_entry.lua"]:61
  236. Library Load Error
  237. Force a different external ip.
  238. Having Issues with Fantasy Grounds, Need Help ASAP
  239. FG freezes when loosing focus
  240. Tomb of Annihilation Bug / wrong link
  241. Account Sync Discount
  242. IP Hyperoptic Port Forwarding Issues
  243. Exported Class Module
  244. Character Tokens Disappear
  245. Need Help! Port Forwarding just stopped working
  246. Starfinder SRO (small) race
  247. "Error While Loading Campaign Database"
  248. Anyone manage to run through a mobile hot spot device?
  249. Unable to Upgrade License
  250. Crashing When People Are Joined To My Server