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  1. Steam purchase does not appear in my library
  2. 3.3.2 5E NPC Spellcaster spell save DC problem
  3. Fantasy Grounds slow to close menus
  4. Install stopping at installing fantasygrounds.exe
  5. 3.3.2 [5E] Concentration checks not rolling for NPCs
  6. 3.3.2 CT formatting
  7. Script Error
  8. 5e Templates listing wrong information
  9. Update to v3.3.2 ruined MoreCore
  10. extension problems after last update
  11. Updater Client will not accept credentials
  12. getting errors
  13. Players getting script error
  14. Table Trouble
  15. mummy's mask 2 not showing in modules
  16. Players cannot see if they hit or miss
  17. trouble loading maps these last two weeks
  18. Alias is advertised/duplicated?
  19. Carrying capacity issue in pathfinder/3.5
  20. Modules not starting as loaded for players
  21. Mac Settings
  22. Players Unable to Connect / Connection Test Failure
  23. Update not working
  24. New install 3.3.2 - Unable to load ruleset file (base.xml)
  25. Is there a way to make a rectangular grid?
  26. Full Screen Mode
  27. SW Player's Module not available new version
  28. hide monster saving throws
  29. Download errors as client connecting and during 5e game session.
  30. Theme stuck in joined campaign?
  31. Gaaaakkkk!!!!!
  32. Hex Grid Not Lining Up
  33. Tons of errors since updating to 3.3.2
  34. No images after update
  35. CT Sorting Bug
  36. Reaching out
  37. Masking and game state save (5e)
  38. Downgraded to Free
  39. Alias
  40. v3.3.2 - 3.5e Character Encumbrance values can no longer be modified
  41. Phandelver pre-gens
  42. Word Wrap Gone Wonky
  43. License and user data
  44. Windows 10 - problem with connections
  45. Weird Bugs With Maelstorm Ruleset (Duplicate button, stuff not working, etc.)
  46. Linux and v3.3.2
  47. Volo's Guide to Monsters not showing up
  48. Game Calendar question
  49. Graphical issues with 3.3.2
  50. hosting games at school
  51. Invisible Numbers in NPC's entries?
  52. Missing child ruleset (3.5E) and no(base.xml) V 3.3.3
  53. WTF Happend to upgrade notifications
  54. Dice are smaller in v3.3.3
  55. Hide Map Names To Players
  56. Portraits not showing up for players?
  57. Is it just me or is HMA not working anymore
  58. Problems with Update
  59. Tried to update, FG has self-destructed
  60. error loading campaign after update
  61. Hero Lab Character Converter
  62. DLC disappeared
  63. program crashes when import new chars [New 5E Campaing/5E modules only/no extensions]
  64. Just updated and all the modules I bought are gone!!
  65. FGUpdaterEngine.exe - Application Error
  66. Time for change at FG
  67. Missing content from Monster Manual
  68. Port Forwarding is going to be the Death of FG for Me
  69. WOW Lets close threads we dont like
  70. Wow
  71. I can't seem to access The Tortle Package
  72. Relocate Dice
  73. Complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau
  74. Ruleset error after latest update
  75. Error with damage button on created trap (pathfinder)
  76. Need help from developers - Chat text writen from Right to Left?
  77. Mac keyboard unresponsive
  78. DOE - Sounds Thriggers?
  79. Modules from Paizo not Loading
  80. Certain WOTC modules not updating
  81. 5E errors after update
  82. Table Questions
  83. Windows Defender Detection
  84. Encounter enemy/ally not applying
  85. No update 3.3.3 found (but available on other clients)
  86. Cannot Add User Created Maps to User Created Groups
  87. Clients get disconnected And need to change username before they can reconnect
  88. FG Crashing When Importing Characters
  89. bad allocation on pfrpg - got around that now stuff wont save (that did before)
  90. Unable to connect to Host's game
  91. Graphics Help!
  92. C&C Errors & Content Inadequacies
  93. Too ugly to use on a Mac - is there a trick?
  94. Wish list HYPE
  95. Out of focus and blurry
  96. PureVPN Question
  97. Savage Worlds Horror Companion no more extention in 4.5
  98. Find server info without exiting campaign
  99. Connection Test Failing
  100. Pointers , arrows , squares and such
  101. Effects not working for Individual Weapon Entries
  102. Can't download links/attachments in posts
  103. N.E.W. (WOiN) not showing up in available rulesets when creating new campaign
  104. Difficulty Exporting Character
  105. Cannot Activate on Steam
  106. Updating issue
  107. XML issue - error on line 7, error reading end tag
  108. Bugs In Some Savage Worlds Products.
  109. New to FG couple of questions 1) About Chargen, 2) Game rules (CoC 7E and WOIN)
  110. My GM's and my connection test now failure
  111. Curse of Strahd Issues
  112. Restore a deleted NPC
  113. The Eye of Kilquato Savage World Adventure Missing Text In The Credits Item
  114. FG client is being wierd
  115. Problem to host a game
  116. No vertical anchor defined for control, console error
  117. Can't join my game over LAN
  118. PHB Delux dissapeared...
  119. Trouble with Map Packs
  120. Missing Content from Steam?
  121. where do i put my piazo partner activation code
  122. Unwanted Connections to Fantasy Grounds Session
  123. More Savage World Product Bugs/Problems
  124. No luck hosting a campaign
  125. Error on applying an effect
  126. Help Runtime Error
  127. Updater Errors
  128. Question about Hero Lab Exported .hlfg files
  129. Connection Issues with a CUJO Firewall
  130. Fantasy ground Effect
  131. test connection issue
  132. Networking Issues are the death of me.
  133. Fantasy Grounds subscription, download link not working.
  134. Xanathar's Bugs
  135. Disconnect/Reconnect Weirdness
  136. Error when opening an image from purchased product
  137. Steam 5e DLC
  138. New computer/same license
  139. Missing Forge Domain spells in Xanathar's Guide
  140. Sunless Citadel Player Map
  141. Looking for help
  142. Memory Leak on Windows 10
  143. Network timeout
  144. Questions about ports (not the pirate kind)
  145. 5e - Script Error: ... at2.lua"]:316: attempt to call field 'evalAction'(a nil value)
  146. Since 3.3.3: Runtime Error: Exception: Bad Allocation
  147. Key Bindings
  148. Setup issues
  149. not able to update (not steam version)
  150. Critical and Fumble tables not found
  151. FG Not Starting on Mac After Upgrade to High Sierra
  152. Steam synchronization erased everything I've made in my campaign
  153. Interface Question - Missing Blue tabs
  154. Alias not working properly, players logging on to wrong game!
  155. Missing Window Header
  156. Test connection: FAILURE
  157. mumm'y mask
  158. Question about tokens
  159. Missing Calendar Module
  160. Test Connection Failure. Is there some who can help?
  161. Script Error (a nil value) - no extensions running
  162. Problems both updating FG and connecting to games with friends
  163. Trying to run on ipad
  164. Slight Request for the Launcher
  165. Stuck on v. 3.3.1
  166. missing dice Tower
  167. Image trubel
  168. Add a grid to "diagonal" map from ToA
  169. Have Ultimate license, lost code
  170. One of my players cannot connect
  171. Loading Speed
  172. Product Sync Confusion
  173. Launching two FG Instances on same computer despite Steam...
  174. Only the Life Domain???
  175. Have FG through Steam, DLC not showing in program
  176. New Computer - Can't open copied campaigns
  177. Can't run the program!
  178. Static IP and Port Forwarding?
  179. DDEX3-1 maps all changed?
  180. Bug: Token Scramble
  181. Unable to access Pathfinder Core Rules DLC
  182. Managing Campaign Files
  183. Strange GUI behavior
  184. Memory and Processing Problems (high consumption) and system slowdown
  185. How to Load Lost mine of Phandelver?
  186. Virtual Machine and Port Forwarding
  187. Image Identification and Player Modules
  188. Module Backup?
  189. Change Password for Forum Account
  190. Issues
  191. New computer - now what?
  192. FG running super slow and difficulty connecting
  193. Tips for running Fantasy Grounds on low end machines
  194. Port Forwarding through a mobile hotspot
  195. OneDrive and the Data Directory.
  196. Help with error message
  197. Port Forwarding is hard
  198. Problem with images after formatting
  199. Rippers Companion New Facilities Links Go To Blank Sections
  200. PC Tokens (borderless/transparent)
  201. Connection failure
  202. Tokens on Party Sheet Order tab
  203. ETU Savage Worlds missing entry in table
  204. Ghost tokens
  205. FG Disconnects?
  206. Not Saving!!!
  207. Can't unlock maps? To set mask's or edit content for my campaigns
  208. corrupted character file
  209. Minor inconvenience: Campaign Setup Show on Load
  210. Facing Arrows are huge
  211. Can't activate license, can't update properly
  212. Manual dice
  213. FG starting up slower
  214. Wierd sharing bug
  215. pc setup for gm
  216. Problem with Alagoran's Gem module - Grid spacing
  217. Effect Disabled Issue
  218. Cache issues
  219. New Backgrounds, Tables for a new Character
  220. Calendar Log Entries Missing!
  221. "This user is not allowed to join Groups"
  222. Newbie question: Export to PDF
  223. Is there a way to remove canned modules?
  224. Unable to Add effects
  225. Linking Treasure Table to Number of Enemies generated on Random Encounter Table
  226. Obviously stuffed something up here
  227. Dedicated Server
  228. Connection test failure
  229. Xanathar tables problem
  230. Linking FG to Steam i seem to have lost a few things.
  231. weird bonus to fortitude save in Pathfinder game
  232. Duplicate item entries
  233. Connection Test Failure
  234. trouble with IFT conditional
  235. highlight character
  236. Replicate Campaigns across computers
  237. Light version of FG, DND Beyond, or export from one app into FG
  238. Noob here, can't get game to completly download.
  239. Trying to HOST and GM, Player(s) cannot connect.
  240. Runtime Error:unable to save file (c:/programdata/fantasygrounds/globalregistry.lua)
  241. Mixing Text and Images in Story Content
  242. Issues creating magic item using magic item forge
  243. Cannot connect -
  244. Weird UI Scaling issues
  245. Steam or Website Version
  246. Unable to update
  247. Script Error
  248. Creating new classes in pathfinder
  249. 5E Ruleset - Regen effect bug?
  250. unable to load base.xml