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  1. Tokens & Game Speed in General
  2. License question
  3. Ultimate NPCs Skullduggery PF Problem
  4. Barbarians of Lemuria automation...bug? PEBKAC? Plus bonus comments/questions!
  5. Dead laptop
  6. Is /reload Safe Again?
  7. ERROR - GetPackageFiles: Network HTTP/1.1 403
  8. Pricing Question
  9. Mandatory administrator privileges
  10. New Installation of FG
  11. FG via Steam not updating on two devices?
  12. DMG causing massive memory overflow for connected players
  13. Need Help
  14. Links to Images in Purchased Modules Not Working
  15. Super NPC Frustration for Pathfinder...
  16. Shadow dice help
  17. New Install - Unable to Update or Launch
  18. Cross over on mac and multiple monitors?
  19. Encounters Error > Can't drop NPCs in Encounter
  20. Hamachi stopped working
  21. Problem with the store?
  22. Unidentified item problem
  23. FG stopped working after update
  24. Fantasy Grounds Crashing (twice in one day, never happened before)
  25. Where are my tokens? Just bought ultimate licence subscription, no tokens
  26. Modules not showing up in FG
  27. Ultimate Subscription didn't show up in my email or order history
  28. How many URLs are allowed?
  29. Event-Based Adventure Framework Template
  30. unable to save any campaigns plus connection issues
  31. GM tokens visibilty issue
  32. Fantasy grounds 3.1.7... will not update to newest version
  33. Weapon creation fail
  34. Problems Loading or Creating a Campaign
  35. Images and items default to unidentified even when identification option is off
  36. A deal for Mac users looking to use Crossover
  37. UI Glitching
  38. Images missing from NPC entries, but only in one campaign
  39. HOTDQ Greenest (Player) Map
  40. Modules I purchased quite some time ago are not showing in my Libarry
  41. New install will not run
  42. Alternative port number
  43. Player can connect and download files, but they do not execute
  44. Action types not filing properly on NPC sheet (4E).
  45. Slow Responsiveness/Lag Issue
  46. Been getting these Database error messages, Help please
  47. Image upside down
  48. 4e Ruleset, NPC actions are borked
  49. Image: Invalid file
  50. Cannot get port 1802 open
  51. Error in 5e DMG Table "50 gp Gemstones"
  52. Image Links get switched and loose all the edits on the Image (Notes, Pins, Masks)
  53. Hosting Network Issue
  54. How to back up AppData folder to OneDrive automatically?
  55. Console error after update
  56. Can't load campaign after update
  57. Encumbrance/Weight with Bag of Holding
  58. 4e Ruleset, Conditional modifier not working "[TRGT: xxxx]"
  59. Random Die rolls not too random
  60. NPCs with spells take a long time to load
  61. Effects icon overlap a larger portion of the avatar as the map is zoomed out
  62. D&D 3.5 e ruleset - character sheet actions tab - weapons attacks disappear
  63. Update to CrossOver v16 broke window resizing
  64. Is there a 64 bit version of FG?
  65. Help for brand new FG user - Lost Mines of Phandelver
  66. Screen resizing issue last night
  67. i cant install fantasy grounds pls help
  68. Newly Bought Modules "File Not Loaded"
  69. Players getting disconnected after approximately 10 minutes
  70. Token Placement in Folders
  71. Version Purchase questions.
  72. Problem with players connecting to GM (first time users).
  73. Multiple monitor and new database entries.
  74. can not edit npcs
  75. Rams Question about the rams...
  76. Got a friend to connect but now modules will load?
  77. Using Ultimate License on two computers
  78. Shrink from Full Screen to window?
  79. Client Crashing On Connection To Remote Host
  80. Image quality after grid and demasking.
  81. Launch steam version without Steam?
  82. Unable to install
  83. Ultimate license upgrade.
  84. My Steam DLC Campaigns are not there.
  85. Encounter token placement issues
  86. Timezone issue on game calendar.
  87. How to download FG DLC steam on MacBook?
  88. Connection issues playing on a LAN
  89. Error when attempting to open some images in PotA
  90. Trying to get test connection to work
  91. Importing Characters
  92. Massive memory spikes causes PCs being unable to play
  93. Lost all campaigns and characters, help?
  94. Need Help With Purchase
  95. Savage Worlds Deadlands Reloaded - Can't edit NPCs
  96. The Library and Reloading
  97. Issues with image resizing in Core ruleset (V3.2.1)
  98. Login failed on store purchases in FG
  99. Can't See discussion board post in campaign page?
  100. Did the custom desktop extension get removed?
  101. Run time errors
  102. Help!
  103. Tome of Beasts/Adult Cave Dragon bite damage
  104. [Mac] Purchased Module Through Steam, Not Appearing In Game?
  105. Help with creating Module
  106. Connection Issues on a MAC
  107. Modules not activating in DLR
  108. Constantly having to relogin
  109. Error message: Database Error: image: Invalid file (images/bulette.jpg)
  110. Manual on the FG side of Modules?
  111. Missing D And D 5E Complete Core Class Pack from Library
  112. Connection failure after playing for a time
  113. Some can connect, others cannot
  114. Adventure Player Maps - ALL Secret Doors visible ?!?!
  115. problem with activation...
  116. Silly question about Images & Maps...
  117. Appears to install, but created campaigns are empty
  118. Token Bags and token storage
  119. Error when we try open DMG
  120. Laggy Dice
  121. Sorry for dupe question - connecting to own Campaign
  122. Add Encounter Error
  123. Demo user limit exceeded error?
  124. Player Cannot Connect
  125. Masked Maps visible to player
  126. Making a Raft Float on a Map
  127. Help, just got subscription and missing packs
  128. Saving Foes on Map
  129. I cant remove maps from my games?
  130. How Can I Integrat Syrinscape and Fantasy Grounds for Online D&D 5E?
  131. Connectivity Test: Failure!
  132. Map Links
  133. After reinstall reference inside some modules appear to be broken
  134. Crazy version number glitch
  135. After emptying inbox, it says 106 messages are stored
  136. Stupid Port Question
  137. Connection help please
  138. GM Connection issues....Have HMA...but not working anymore
  139. Measurement Resolution Settings exist?
  140. 3.2.2 Bug Report Thread
  141. D&D5e Spell Pips
  142. Error when clicking the "chat bubble icon" on a character sheet
  143. Script Errors unless updating before starting FG
  144. Script Error???
  145. A Wild Script Error Appears! Deadlands Reloaded.
  146. Steam Purchases
  147. 3.2.2 Problem
  148. Need help opening up port 1802 on computer
  149. Mapm toolbar is missing
  150. Script Error: [string "ct/scripts/minitracker_combatant.lua"]:119:
  151. Image name showing as New Drawing in Dungeon Master Guide
  152. What I am missing? GM - Players cannot connect!
  153. Manage characters - Still broken (2 years and counting)
  154. No More Unidentified Images?
  155. Help! Port forwarding no longer working after changing ISPs
  156. SRD for 5e nowhere to be found
  157. Steam Module Purchase - Can't find it
  158. running time errors
  159. 5e modules not loading
  160. Is there a way to stop half square movement?
  161. Safe to Delete db.script and db.session Files?
  162. Fonts problem > shows banner glyphs / unable to install purchased extensions
  163. Last night patched and Macbook FG not able to resize/move
  164. Connection Test Failure
  165. Problem dragging links to images & maps?
  166. Adding pips???
  167. Script Error Help
  168. Making all my files public at start up
  169. PlayOnLinux; FG v3.2.2/3.2.0 error
  170. Issues running homebrew modules.
  171. CoreRPG v3.2.2 Player side SnapToGrid
  172. Getting an error access a module
  173. How to import an existing campaign into a new install of FG?
  174. Re: v3.2.x - Issues/Problems after updating. Random script errors, etc..
  175. Extended Shutdown Time
  176. Missing Grid controls
  177. .pak Files Not Editing...
  178. What to do if you are experiencing connection test fails
  179. 5e. Tables causing errors, and not loading information
  180. Token that follows a character's token movement
  181. Dragging spells to character sheets; A pain in my side - a true story!
  182. Step-by-Step Mac Hosting Guide?
  183. Application Non-Responsive During Module Loading
  184. Ad Hoc Network?
  185. Players connecting but not loading
  186. Ui and Images flash in and out on mouse over
  187. Dice Tower and 3.2.3; 3.5 ruleset
  188. Dice Tower doesn't show after update 3.2.3
  189. Groups
  190. [Bug] Player tokens disappeared
  191. "Reading" a module as DM
  192. Tooltips not showing up on mouseover after update 3.2.3
  193. The <imagesettings> tag
  194. Help With Port 1802?
  195. Custom Images Added to Purchased Module "Sorting"
  196. Adding Armor Error
  197. Please let me know where all files are windows to uninstalling all FG data
  198. Had to Uninstall, Can't Get License to Activate
  199. Can't Drag and Drop Certain Items Onto Character Sheet
  200. unshare sheet
  201. Blog Spam
  202. Chat window client cannot type
  203. FG refuses to activate on Win 10.
  204. 5E armor class issue
  205. Using AM on game calender
  206. Templates
  207. 5e - Export an edited purchased module question.
  208. Impossible to play with poeple
  209. Mods/calendars don't appear in library
  210. Need Help
  211. Just installed the new update...and i can no longer play
  212. Connection Test Failed
  213. Forgotten Realms Player's Guide Issue
  214. Request - Portable runtime client option for players
  215. Possible to locally test "player" view?
  216. Bug Images stopped working
  217. Savage Worlds Modifiers and Effects?
  218. Can't Update to version 3.2.3
  219. Change of e-mail not working
  220. Coin Flip Function?
  221. noob player, why did I spend money on this?
  222. Having trouble with connection test
  223. 5e class level up?
  224. Arcana Evolved - Monsters not loading
  225. Password a Campaign
  226. Error Message....
  227. Steam Client Unavailable unable to access steam library?
  228. Bug, Maybe. . .
  229. Load Campaign Error..
  230. Friend having issues with subscription
  231. Missing Dice Tower
  232. Migrating Campaign to a New PC
  233. Spells/Skills/Races visibility for players
  234. Run 3 Games, Had 2 Crashes...
  235. Character Creation in Demo Version-Please Help
  236. Scrip Error 160 and 38
  237. Player with Runtime errors
  238. Approving Tokens As DM, Move Very Slowly
  239. Connection test failure
  240. Little help with map/tokens.
  241. Fantasy Grounds 2?
  242. Screen black except where my cursor is
  243. CreatureGen Extension Unexpacted
  244. Snap to Grid - not working?
  245. New ISP New Problems
  246. Client Crashing When Trying to Load 5e DMG
  247. Can't load 5e campaign
  248. Distance per square option?
  249. Taking a long time for the characters to load
  250. Network problem