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  1. Database Error: A XML parse error occurred processing file db.xml - Error on line 672
  2. Connection failure
  3. Levelling up fighter class
  4. Bug in CoC Char Sheet makes some rolls report as being another character or creature
  5. Connection failure
  6. Error when trying to access image
  7. Connection Failure
  8. Sword Coast Adventurers Guide Missing Content
  9. My Ubee Router EVW3226-UPC Interface shows no Port Forwarding Option
  10. Questions regarding module customization
  11. Looking for some assistance on getting two players to join
  12. Using Image Masks and Mask Files
  13. Calendar Bug
  14. Disappearing mouse in wine.
  15. Unable to connect to the DM as a new player.
  16. Maps and images for players
  17. Public Networks
  18. Mutants and Masterminds - Library is Empty
  19. Signature Not Displaying
  20. An odd question...
  21. How i do activate extra ini buttens in Core RPG?
  22. My laptop is not my PC!
  23. Lost my module!
  24. Can't Transfer License to different computer?
  25. port forward 1802 done, BUT still getting FAILURE result. pls help
  26. Using PUTTY to bypass a complicated firewall or regional blocking
  27. Installing on a Mac
  28. SRD vs. module question
  29. SW Arcane Backgrounds not dragging to character sheet
  30. Preloading maps
  31. Another connection test failure
  32. Holy damage as a damage type
  33. Missing Default Tokens
  34. Internet Newbie here, Please Help
  35. FG crashing - regular issue
  36. UpdaterEngine.exe missing message
  37. Error with Savage Worlds Adventure Deck
  38. Where are my modules ?
  39. Could not connect to the host.
  40. Did not get Tokens
  41. Connection issues
  42. Desactivate critical damage
  43. Problem with IFT Effect in 3.5e
  44. Assign Owner to a note
  45. Add-ons for Mac version purchased on Steam?
  46. Player can't attack but can deal damage
  47. A00: Crow’s Rest Island - Can't Figure out Characters
  48. The text on effects for some of the cleric spells in 5e have some funky syntax
  49. Archive old story/NPC entires
  50. Adding Fudge/Fate Dice to the PF ruleset
  51. Odd Bug in PFRPG/3.5..
  52. Not Enough Memory?
  53. Game suddendly won't allow connections
  54. Issues connecting a Free version to an Ultimate version
  55. Multiple Connect Attempts
  56. Can't host on fantasy grounds.
  57. Steam versus Client purchases
  58. Script Error when trying to draw map grid
  59. Savage worlds issues
  60. Party Sheet with wrong font size
  61. Odd issue, random people connecting to my client
  62. GM Connection Issues, New User Help Please
  63. Not all options for 5e displaying in Options list
  64. Can't Log in into My Own Adventure
  65. What happened to my profile page?
  66. 3.5E bug: Missing Feat Text
  67. Trying to cancel subscription b/c I want to by License
  68. Move everything out of AppData
  69. Licence Key is invalid....
  70. Inconsistent measures on pointers
  71. Newbie: Ultimate Subscription, not getting all of the content though
  72. Ultimate Subscription - Can't Edit Magic Items and Any Other Items
  73. Prismatic Breath
  74. Recieving "Runtime Error"
  75. number of attack dice is wrong
  76. Running 2 groups in same campaign setting
  77. My players cant activate the modules?
  78. Map Views
  79. Map limitations?
  80. Characters being automatically wiped in 'Manage Characters'
  81. Step by Step Guide for configuring GM machine
  82. Problems Targeting Tokens
  83. spam group
  84. Bug reports? Map images and CPU usage
  85. Localhost connection no longer working
  86. So frusturated i may quit -GM Cannot connect-failure- i want to start a game but cant
  87. Some Clients Unable to Connect
  88. Now having issues in Savage Worlds
  89. more of cant connect i know you see it alot
  90. Older Savage worlds Installs
  91. single mac running two instances under wine, license key conflict
  92. Site issue and server connection issues
  93. In Person Game with Laptops
  94. Retrieving a License
  95. Players Cant Connect after a Microfoft patch?
  96. Found Advanced bestiary template bug when replacing hit dice
  97. Error in FantasyGrounds Updater - update fails and stops everything following
  98. Giving players access to their content
  99. Trying to set up hamachi need help
  100. PF: Untrained Skill Checks
  101. Recommendations for VPN / VLAN
  102. Campaign info vanished
  103. Error - GetProducts: Network: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
  104. Missing links(pins) in module
  105. How can i get a name in the signet of a module i just create
  106. Connection failure despite setting up forwarding.
  107. Sigh more issues.
  108. "The host is running an incompatible program version. Update and try again."
  109. Anyone available to help?
  110. Redraw Fog of War
  111. Help with DLC and finding created character for 5E
  112. Extreme lag and locking up
  113. How to redeem a Gift Certificate
  114. Map issue: Empty white map file and Script Error
  115. No Images in the DnD Complete Core Monster Pack
  116. Dice Seed
  117. Old Licenses
  118. Updating Error Checking Package files
  119. Emailing Pak files
  120. How do I Cancel my Subscription
  121. [4e] GRANTCA issues
  122. Nighthawk AC1900 hates Port 1802
  123. Erroneous calculation...
  124. Unconscious effect ??
  125. Crow's Rest Island - Adventure
  126. Connectivity Issues
  127. NPC tokens on map may give spoilers
  128. Fiddly map scaling tied to map window size
  129. Connectivity problems
  130. Migrated to a new computer, campaign disappeared
  131. Blurry Fantasy Grounds on new 2560x1440 monitor
  132. DnD5e Monster Core Pack
  133. Problem with damage types
  134. I can't get a backround feature to load right
  135. Installation Setup - No Campaign Rulesets
  136. Didnt get my Code
  137. Recovering License
  138. Helping a new player apply a license
  139. How do I stop a link list in a story?
  140. How do i show maps in multiplayer games?
  141. Settings Issue
  142. Token shared to players
  143. Connection Issues
  144. New Console Errors
  145. Purchasing "Curse of Strahd" in the store...
  146. Replacing maps in Lost Mines of Phandelver
  147. Issues with seeing maps and other things.
  148. botched a module purchase, need a hand
  149. Laggy Dice
  150. Is there anyway around the "Network error during host license check"?
  151. New Modem... Connection test
  152. Add attack to monster in module...
  153. Missing spells in 5e
  154. Module corrupts on close
  155. Connection test failure
  156. Using Hamachi -Works Great except for my players on a laptop (macbook)
  157. ETU can't add "Pre-generated characters" THE WILD CHILD
  158. Trouble with failing connection test...
  159. ...connection test failure ...
  160. Windows Focus Switch Problem
  161. Image Frame Link
  162. FG host port override not working
  163. FG connection issues
  164. No modules appearing for the new D&D Tokens Volume 1/2 packs
  165. Connection issues damned hope you are out there
  166. Price issues in the 5th ed DMG
  167. Port already in use
  168. fantasygrounds.exe has stoped working
  169. Tokens folder?
  170. I downloaded Lost Mine of Phandelver and it's not showing in "Load Campaign" list.
  171. DnD5e Encounter Map Problem
  172. Falling Chat Links
  173. Resolution issues?
  174. Game Calendar - APL Issue.
  175. Getting Adv Bestiary to work?
  176. Small Bug with Item Identify option in 5e
  177. Story and Characters gone
  178. FG on second device queries
  179. Player can't re-install FG
  180. Encounter Placement Problem
  181. Game Calendar issue
  182. Idea Informer idea Creation
  183. Adventure League
  184. Returning to FG after a LONG Hiatus
  185. License Key After Format
  186. Override FG Port
  187. lua maths
  188. Free client not drawing custom pointers
  189. Hosting games on a computer using an Android phone for a hot spot
  190. Fantasy Grounds and Parallels and port forwarding
  191. Syrinscape and TeamSpeak on Mac
  192. Struggling with Second Wind for Fighter
  193. Plz add a simpler way to connect and host.
  194. Connection issues
  195. PFRPG - ALIGN (evil) Conditional Check
  196. reverting to the full license when cancelling subscription
  197. Missing Character converter XML databases (Solved)
  198. Install FG twice, once as demo, once as ultimate.
  199. Owner's name length
  200. I've been having trouble with the mouse disappearing on macs.
  201. Port 1802 MAC Setup
  202. Connection Issues..
  203. A0: Crow's Rest - no pregen characters?
  204. Port Forwarding Issues
  205. Missing data from exported module.
  206. Issues Trying to Run a second instance of FG on Mac for Testing
  207. I'm a GM and a travel quite a bit
  208. Connection Test Fails on Windows 10
  209. syrinscape in FG question
  210. Desktop host, laptop player in same house not connecting
  211. Unable to Edit Forum Post
  212. Campaign Calendar post link not working
  213. savage world crashes
  214. Problem with Deadlands: Blood Drive
  215. Local Player Can't Connect / Remote Players Can Connect
  216. How do you target on a mac?
  217. Online User Guide Errors
  218. FG won't persist update
  219. Resize map
  220. Editing the same campaign from multiple computers
  221. 8/15/16 Windows 10 Update Version 1607
  222. just purchased ultiamte upgrade, how activate?
  223. One weapon, multiple damage rolls
  224. Standard Licence DM/GM question.
  225. Combat Encounters with different tokens now broken
  226. Bought DM Guide and Monster pack on the wrong account.
  227. Troubles port forwarding on Zoom router
  228. Unable to load external IP or Load Server; FG is broken
  229. Auto-Rolling for a List of Items
  230. Ultimate License - Only one user can connect
  231. So I my campaign will not save
  232. A refresh client function for inconsistencies?
  233. Update-suggestions where?
  234. PC's Can't Use Weapons in the Combat Tracker... Imported From Herolab...
  235. update error
  236. Friend cannot connect
  237. Large PCs Not Getting Large Tokens
  238. Mass Import or Creation of Items
  239. Fantasy grounds wont save characters locally
  240. Constant crash, suspected memory leak? 4e ruleset only.
  241. A better way to store images?
  242. Map token scale problem
  243. Question regarding lighting in 5e options
  244. Power supply on my PC crashed while loading the campaign, now my campaign won't load.
  245. Ultimate License Only Allowing One Player to Connect
  246. Extracting Item List
  247. FG and Steam
  248. yet another failed connection test question
  249. Player connection issues
  250. Slow Down