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  1. Updater locking on Monster Manual
  2. Player changed computers, can't connect.
  3. I bought one adventure and have gotten another
  4. d and d complete core class pack unavailable in manage characters area
  5. Connection Issue Win 10
  6. Missing Purchased Products from my Data Module Activation screen (Castles & Crusades)
  7. Disabled masking tool
  8. #SOLVED#Corrupted graphics / fonts using remote desktop on Windows Server 2008 R2
  9. Module Directory not opening properly
  10. Application Data Folder
  11. 5e Meteor swarm damage only rolls 30 of the 40 dice
  12. Images/Maps Greying out
  13. Bug: Identified items
  14. trouble with crating NPC's
  15. Player can't update to latest version.
  16. Shared notes?
  17. [PFRPG] Runtime error when opening Quest link
  18. Character Portrait
  19. GM Game Alias Access While Running
  20. Deleting Old Campaigns Question
  21. Image Crashing FG
  22. Can't Host game
  23. Steam Mac demo not working (for me)
  24. Fantasy Grounds causes my mouse to slow to a crawl
  25. Scroll Image will not load
  26. Custom NPCs not saving
  27. Encounter disappear
  28. Steam version Mac Book Air - does not work
  29. Demo
  30. Issue: Unable to Unshare images and formatted text links
  31. Just Updated Fantasy Grounds - Campaign now has Errors
  32. How do I get this product to work?
  33. Audio Files
  34. Language fonts
  35. Flicker Issue
  36. Blocking Players
  37. Missing something obvious?
  38. Bit of a Nightmare
  39. arris router port forwarding
  40. FG suddenly won't route anymore through my fire wall
  41. Steam only Allows One Instance of FG?
  42. No LOD?
  43. 5E Purchased Modules Issues
  44. I just got the game and can't get it to startup
  45. ATT Uverse NVG510 Port Forwarding
  46. Second version of FG/Initiative help/Maps bigger than 5' squares
  47. Connecting to Fantasy Grounds
  48. Pregen characters not showing up? ( Lost Mine of Phandelver)
  49. Update lagging @Bestiary.mod
  50. Running Fantasy Grounds while at College
  51. Issue loading images
  52. Error When Updating
  53. NPC spellcasting & purchased module content
  54. Thought I should post it here instead - having an issue with activating my license
  55. Issue with Fantasy Grounds Updater
  56. Advanced Bestiary Error...
  57. Import Error
  58. Module Export Issue
  59. Players cannot target enemies
  60. Can't Import Local Characters
  61. FG freezing / ctd
  62. Not FG itself - the Game Calendar on the forum - notifications?
  63. Can't make a 4e campaign
  64. My Update Keeps Failing
  65. Missing data entry
  66. Installation Error - DM.mod
  67. Unable to se shared maps in a campaign
  68. New Ultimate Edition purchase Issues: no tokens, no references, etc
  69. Two images as background
  70. How to get sneak to expire
  71. Port Forwarding
  72. Cannot select a player charactor
  73. Is there still any way to get 4e content now that DDI is archived?
  74. (Solved) No save?
  75. Grand fathered accounts.
  76. 1 x Hellfrost: The Dark Seed missing in modules withing library
  77. Help with potential purchase of Adventure Pack
  78. Connection Test Fails but verified port 1802 is open
  79. D&D 5e Dark One’s Blessing (if killed, killer gain tmp HP)
  80. Pins on the map
  81. Teamspeak.
  82. Suggestion: Non-clickable/detectable tokens
  83. Seeking Help with Port Forwarding/Hamachi
  84. Mage Armor not functioning in 5E game.
  85. Steam Ultimate Upgrade not working
  86. Help wanted on making masked parts of the map compeletly black
  87. Script Error: [string "scripts/LauncherProperties.lua"]:171: bad argument #1 to 'star
  88. [BUG] PFRPG: NPC sheet SQ field
  89. How do players log into my campaign?
  90. Can't get modules to show up in library
  91. Issue Adding "Free" Content to Cart
  92. Unable to Update
  93. Issue with images sent
  94. Error "HandleFile" Cannot install Harried at Hillsfar
  95. Items vanishing
  96. Cannot manually enter values for skill challenges
  97. Can't get FG to stay on a different monitor
  98. Newbie Question: How do you name groups?
  99. Paladin - Oath of Vengeance Spell Unavailable (Hunter's Mark)
  100. update fail on v3.1.3
  101. Enable / Disable the image toolbar
  102. FG will hope full make it easier for New people to connect
  103. Call of Cthulhu NPC racial template characteristics don't roll
  104. Before I buy...
  105. Campaign Details Issue
  106. Modules and rulebooks not showing up for players
  107. cant get a succsefull test on hosting
  108. Issue with a Full license owner joining my Ultimate license campaign...
  109. 3.5 monster manual
  110. Possible bug in CoreRPG Modifier Box onDrop code
  111. (5e) Dice tower
  112. Weird glitch is V3.1.6
  113. FG Running Slow and occasionally crashing
  114. What happened to Part 2 in the Reference Manual of the PHB Deluxe?
  115. Installation error for V.3.1.6.
  116. Ultimate license error in 3.1.6 (worked fine in 3.1.5)
  117. [4e] Pre-set Condition buttons don't work
  118. Advice: Collaborating with FG
  119. Help with "ERROR-GetProducts:Network:Connecting to Host retrying in 10 seconcds"
  120. had to wipe my comp now reinstalling fg and hit a snag
  121. Constant Crashing
  122. Crashes when my players attempt to open DMG or monster manual
  123. Is There a Way to Differentiate Between Two FG Windows (Class/EXE Name/Window Name?)
  124. Paypal not completing transactions?
  125. [Savage Worlds] Can't use fantasy companion from store
  126. Pathfinder ruleset not auto rolling critical damage
  127. 1802 forwarding
  128. Help with translating error messages
  129. Crash after reinstalling windows
  130. FG2 window always in front...
  131. Error on load
  132. Permission Denied?
  133. Please Help!! Fantasy Ground let me join a game!
  134. App won't launch.
  135. Game Table Not Saving Current State
  136. Question relating to external sales
  137. Error Message Keeps Popping Up
  138. Click on Settings and Fantasy Grounds went poof
  139. FG treating Hex Grid like Square Grid
  140. Not finding adventure module purchases from FG store
  141. Connection Test Failed, Not Sure why
  142. New modem, don't know if I can use FG anymore.
  143. App Launch Issue
  144. Question about what else I need to purchase.
  145. Steam issues
  146. What does "Cross-platform compatibility mode" do?
  147. FG and Teamspeak Overlay?
  148. Creating Categories
  149. HELP: DM/GM wants to set up FG over VPN to traverse NAT needs done by Feb 27 eve
  150. Constant Crashes part deux
  151. 5E - Combat Tracker
  152. CTRL-Click Map?
  153. OSX Plain Clip and Hotkey to Launch
  154. Beginner to using the interface...
  155. Building an random encounter table with xdx number of monsters?
  156. Is anyone on that might help me with a connection issue?
  157. Slow Down issue with Fantasy Grounds
  158. WotC 5E Theme + Combat Tracker open = poor video performance
  159. Characters Disappeared from PC list?
  160. FG Forum: Posts getting deleted when I try to edit them
  161. Game Calender
  162. Players can't connect
  163. Sluggish graphics performance on Surface Pro 3
  164. runtime error help
  165. Update Install Failing
  166. Fantasy grounds updater error for new update
  167. New Steam MAC User -- Bought DLC Content on Steam
  168. Setting a Map Grid Error
  169. Multi-Chapter Module Help
  170. White space added after formatting
  171. more bug report than support request
  172. Version number reverting to 3.1.5
  173. Problems with Fantasy Grounds automation and player interactions
  174. Shared links not exporting
  175. Automatically rolls crit damage
  176. Run Time Error with all admin permissions
  177. Error messages when updating or launching FG
  178. Health bars
  179. Updated to 3.1.7 but does not run
  180. Update finished, but now I can't load campaigns
  181. SW Archetype Error
  182. Memory Usage in FG
  183. HandleFile Unable to save file
  184. Player not able to see maps or modules
  185. Odd graphic "noise"/weirdness on Skills tab?
  186. Updaterenginer.exe And Norton's Internet Security
  187. char sheet inventory - assign location creates extra list entry
  188. How do I (or can I) remove old campaigns from "manage characters" launcher list?
  189. Constant Crashing for players connected to campaign - about to throw in the towel
  190. Where are my modules? (screenshots)
  191. Character Creation Missing A Few Calculations
  192. Princes of the Apocalypse Module Crashing Players
  193. Yellow numbers in the top left corner
  194. Help with license Fantasy Grounds
  195. Minor Technical Issues
  196. Multi-Target Selection mode not working?
  197. Not able to get Steam DLC
  198. Getting Numenera or Cypher in Games Systems
  199. Not a problem, just a quick technical question
  200. Yet another thread about connection issues...
  201. Can I get a steam key?
  202. FG2 on Linux with Wine overdrawing large map images.
  203. I hve about 5-6 players joining to my game and incredible slowness just for me.
  204. Win7/Steam/Full License/Not Responding
  205. Kaspersky reports network attacks when FG running
  206. Spells and Powers Only Showing a Roll of 10
  207. message in box asks me to reset cache on launch screen
  208. Steam Client update, Script Error, Ruleset Error
  209. Paypal issue, not sure why I cant buy
  210. Steam content failing to update
  211. A Problem with D&D 5E Backgrounds
  212. Can't refresh XP
  213. Gift Certificate
  214. New Alias
  215. Portrait Pack Not Installing
  216. Can anyone from the support team help? (I'm an idiot)
  217. Install FG twice
  218. Error on save every 5 minutes - New install
  219. Notes Recovery
  220. error port 1802
  221. Just bought Monster Manual deluxe pack
  222. Lost steam DLC after upgrading to ultimate
  223. Fantasy Grounds Theme
  224. Installation issues
  225. New to FG--Images Won't Upload
  226. I will be running FG as a GM with ultimate license from a hotel - Any adjustments?
  227. Horrified, Entire Campaign, Everything is Gone!!
  228. No Characters to Export
  229. How to hide combat tracker from players?
  230. Better highlightng for the Active Token?
  231. Hamachi/FG issues
  232. Grid secrets
  233. /reload not working
  234. Cannot open character sheet
  235. Settings menu problem
  236. Need to be abke to run from 2 devices, 1 in demo and other licensed mode and need hel
  237. RMC table 7-03 skill cost problems
  238. I have to pay to host a game?
  239. Not registering multple tags
  240. Windows file access issues - can't update, campaigns not saving, etc. Fix options.
  241. Can't Load Campaign
  242. Way To Add Manage Characters
  243. Fantasy Grounds Crashing on Startup
  244. Manage Characters using campaign cache crashes FG if the ruleset is not installed.
  245. Standard Subscription - Free 30 Day Trial - Connection Test FAILURE
  246. Missing Tokens
  247. Token Modules
  248. C++ Runtime Error When Joining Game
  249. wrong internal IP
  250. Load-times for character sheets and maps