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  1. My server is sending a random token to clients
  2. Having problem after today's update
  3. Default Ruleset
  4. How do I see 5E manuals
  5. Issues with a reinstall
  6. 5th ED and Dice Tower
  7. Small bug in the Call of Cthulhu ruleset
  8. Bug in 4th ruleset
  9. Where are the modules?
  10. Update issue downloading 5e.pak
  11. Port Forwarding problem
  12. Drag/Drop of quests in the party sheet doesn't work for 3.5E, PF, 4E and C&C rulesets
  13. Can't Get started
  14. License problem
  15. Missing Map in D&D 5e Out Of The Abyss
  16. request for user name change
  17. Upgrade Key not working
  18. Modules folder on a Mac
  19. Moving Data and License to New Computer
  20. Help adding implement to 4e character sheet
  21. Fantasy Grounds 5e
  22. Two Masters in the same house (changing port)
  23. Character sheets not saving.
  24. Cardstock Cowboys Issues
  25. Game Running Speed
  26. IPv6 Update?
  27. Source and <op> tag
  28. How do you run a character and DM at the same time
  29. port forwarding over wireless?
  30. Port Forwarding and Wireless/Windows/etc...
  31. Where's My License Keys?
  32. More stupid questions, sorry.
  33. Problem with new line
  34. Can't delete images [WINE/Linux]
  35. Join Game
  36. Reference to Fonts in Story Window
  37. License Moving Issue
  38. Will FG support card flipping?
  39. Issues activating steam copy with key
  40. Couple more questions...
  41. Can't prepare spells?
  42. Spell slots not expended automatically...?
  43. Problems with activation
  44. Connection Test failure
  45. Hard cap on number of die rolled?
  46. Click sticking in previous location? [Resolved]
  47. Everything just got deleted
  48. Forum notification won't clear
  49. Possible Character database corruption Error
  50. Map Pins not Saving
  51. UI Glitching when clicking around
  52. Help test my Connection
  53. Not Working on OSX (El Capitan)
  54. Internal IP vs Actual Internal IP Address (Connection Failure)
  55. Inconsistency in Hotkey handlers
  56. Update Credit Card Info for Subs
  57. Got an lua script error
  58. Massive Dimension Image Map
  59. Can't Connect to Fantasy Grounds
  60. Rage of Demons sharing item glitch
  61. ALL d&d 5e modules gone!
  62. Sudden connection Issues
  63. Automatic save doesn't...and sometimes manual doesn't (HotDQ campaign)
  64. Equipping Magical Weapon
  65. I've got this odd issue....
  66. PC Actions not showing up as links in the CT
  67. Using Fantasy Grounds on Multiple Monitors
  68. Failure to Update
  69. Multiple games using same server alias
  70. Oone's Add on not installing
  71. Phandelver Pregens contain data not accessible to players
  72. FG Online dependency
  73. Router Woes, need a heal
  74. Cannot Connect
  75. Player connects but can no longer see anything.
  76. Can't get a ping, can't be connected to.
  77. Email to support failing
  78. One client has wrong ruleset, while the rest have 5e! CONFUSED!
  79. I purchased a GM License but I can't seem to do anything.
  80. 5E Text boxes
  81. Problems with 4e Powers
  82. Player having slow connection to GM
  83. Where are the Tokens?
  84. Making Characters
  85. Characters Not Saving on Windows 10
  86. FG Keeps Crashing, Prompting me to Install Wineskin
  87. Anyone have a fix for running via an Asus at66u?
  88. Help removing mystery bonus to Initiative (D&D 5E ruleset)
  89. Demo version won't update to 3.1.3
  90. Can find or load the pre-gen'd PCs for Lost Mine of Phandelver
  91. Donated to Save the Children to get D&D Harried in Hillsfar
  92. Dice Tower
  93. College network beating the heck out of Tunngle and Hamachi...Halp
  94. 1802 is a hard to reach port for my proticals
  95. PFRPG IFT/Conditional effects issues
  96. Change Port 1802 to Port 8080, etc?
  97. 4e Scrolls in Fantasy Grounds
  98. Greetings From The Past (and a Stoopid Wiki Question)
  99. Assigning Speakers
  100. Spells Slots for Level 3 Ranger
  101. How do I cancel my subscription? Why is it so non-obvious?
  102. Modules gone after update
  103. Campaign data between 2 diff computers?
  104. Chat windows errors - Control(chatscroll) & Control(chatstatus)
  105. How do I add a guest to the chat applet
  106. Masking for 'Generic' Map and Drawing
  107. Connection Failure on WIN 10
  108. Error: Could not open POTA from Content Vault
  109. Spells/Spell Descriptions Not Loading in 5E
  110. Fresh install won't see old campaigns
  111. "New Drawing" appeared and two LMoP images turned into grey block
  112. Issue with demo license updating
  113. Connection Test Failure ATT Uverse
  114. Comodo Internet Security. How do I get past it?
  115. Cannot update to 3.0.13
  116. Cannot update to 3.0.13
  117. Lost Mine of Phandelver file location?
  118. Connection issues / play issues - D&D5 E
  119. Connection issues unless I use a VPN
  120. Virus on FGII 3.1.3 : "CXweb/OddDld-A" ???
  121. Missing Orders
  122. Force content icon missing
  123. When FG Gains Focus
  124. Multiple / Double Click Problem
  125. Pointer Circles Affected Squares
  126. Error open a Parcel
  127. 4E items on 5E
  128. 5e Monster Manual - Merged Actions
  129. Phandelver map pins not linked?
  130. Not getting license with 3.14
  131. Core Application Failure X11
  132. Help, Connection problems
  133. Cannot update DLC content with Steam on a Mac
  134. Update Available Stays Red
  135. Getting Started Help
  136. NPCs and Hero Labs
  137. 2 computers hosting different games at the same time
  138. Player can't get updates, or connect with different version
  139. How to get custom desktop extension to work for Numenera
  140. Some New Update on Steam Turned my version from Ultimate to Free
  141. New Update Removed All My Purchased Modules
  142. Urgent Help needed
  143. Purchased Modules will not show up on Steam!!
  144. Character converter error
  145. Connection Issues
  146. Creating New Campagin: Ruleset 5E Error References missing child ruleset(CoreRPG)
  147. Several issues
  148. Connection test working on laptop, failing on desktop
  149. What exactly is self.target?
  150. Changing Time on the Calendar in 5e
  151. Campaign Wont Save
  152. Not able to see player portraits in the upper left corner of FG
  153. Rolling dice in Managing Characters section doesn't work...
  154. No portraits for 5E purchase
  155. Problems Upgrading
  156. UpdaterEngine.exe doesn't work
  157. Maps and story pushed to players after update
  158. Encounter Refresh Button in Paid Premade Adventures
  159. Script Error: [string "scripts/LauncherProperties.lua"]:98: bad argument #2 to 'start
  160. IP address changing
  161. Error: Could not connect to the host. check the address and try again.
  162. Not allowing Background Info from Class pack to Character sheet.
  163. Campaign not saving
  164. The Woes of a Mac: GUI not scaling properly
  165. Dice Re-Arrangment
  166. Scheduling Play Times on Game Calendar
  167. Working on a new ruleset in french and stumble on a possible bug :confused:
  168. Party Sheet - Can't Roll Ability Checks in C&C
  169. Checksun for modules when updating.
  170. Parcel issues
  171. Images Not Loading
  172. chatwindow issue in 5e/CoreRPG
  173. Can a player share "modules" / Purchases rulebooks if they are not the GM
  174. Updater Error when attempting to download my purchases.
  175. Unable to receive connections to my hosted games unless I use Hamachi
  176. account upgrade
  177. Runtime Error: Exception: bad allocation (Castles & Crusades Rule-set)
  178. Players constantly losing and then regaining connection
  179. Database issue
  180. distances different in different directions.
  181. 3.5 bug - spell resistance incorrectly coded 3.5 monster module
  182. 3.5/PF: DR and Effect Damage
  183. I Just Couldn't Stop laughing!
  184. Fantasy Grounds running slow
  185. Fantasy Grounds wont launch
  186. 5E Item Issue
  187. Connection Issues (ports opened, firewals down, still won't connect)
  188. issues with installer
  189. Ranger Fighting Style
  190. Trying to run on a Hub at a tabletop and connect/disconnect constantly?
  191. Connection Problems
  192. Can't Download Updates
  193. Am I Able to Purchase and Redeem Multiple FG Gift Certs. for Myself
  194. Multi Damage bug
  195. Can't run any Pathfinder campaigns after update
  196. Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_tokenmarker.lua"]:118
  197. Connection test failure
  198. Parsing/Test/Formatting Problems
  199. Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  200. Transferring Campaigns from PC to iMac
  201. MAC Test Connection Failing
  202. Norton 360 blocking updaterengine.exe
  203. Having Video Issues with FG
  204. Handshake Server?
  205. probably wrong spot for this but any one know were the ts3 info is in the forams
  206. Players can't change dice color
  207. I can't seem to join a game. Can't connect to host.
  208. Return of the Connection Test Failure...
  209. replaced extension loading
  210. Modules are not downloading through steam.
  211. Quick question about font [CORE RPG]
  212. Can't Figure Out How To Use Gift Certificate
  213. Export PCs links/pins with module
  214. Colour Picker Problems
  215. Internet provider refuses to open port 1802...
  216. Looking for ways to send fantasy grounds data to players.
  217. Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_combat2.lua"] [5e]
  218. Issue with room hosting
  219. AT&T UVERSE port 1802 forwarding
  220. Question about Ultimate License and gamemasters
  221. Key not being used
  222. Can't install
  223. Please test new connection...
  224. PCs do not save?!?!
  225. Copy & Paste to FG on a Mac
  226. Multiple laptops thru a hub
  227. db is reverted to previous version on Hibernate
  228. 3.5 Character Generation
  229. Transferring maps isn't working
  230. ERROR Message when Updating
  231. Rolemaster campaign using Fantasy Grounds on an apple mac?
  232. Ruleset error at launch
  233. HandleFile - Unable to save file (modules/DD Basic Rules - DM.mod) to content vault.
  234. TWC Modem (Ubee)
  235. Saving custom stuff (Characters, maps, etc.)
  236. How do you uninstall FantasyGrounds with Windows 10?
  237. Gifted Steam DLC when not using Steam
  238. DM and player using same system, inquiry for possibility.
  239. Players Downloading Files When Joining Campaign
  240. Lost Data Restore
  241. 5E - Characters being mixed together
  242. Maximum Number of Targets for a Fireball spell can not be targeted in FG.
  243. Unable to add gifted DLC Ultimate license to steam
  244. Connecting...clueless...
  245. FG crashes before boot
  246. NPC Stats with paid version is inaccurate for the Zombie
  247. Connection Test Failure - Players Unable to Connect
  248. Updater locking on Monster Manual
  249. Player changed computers, can't connect.
  250. I bought one adventure and have gotten another