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  1. Issues with D20 Modern Ruleset.
  2. Error popup when rolling a crit manually with lots of dice
  3. Extension help
  4. super noob question - character sheet
  5. Question about Sneak Attack and Divine Smite
  6. Savetovault?
  7. extensionstate Error
  8. Store error?
  9. Had a player not able to see maps images
  10. Help please ... Ahhhh!
  11. Is this possible? - DM and player on same computer
  12. Die Rolls Not Showing Sum
  13. Story Editing Question
  14. cleric needed to help me with getting my players connected
  15. Hoard of the Dragon Queen Error?
  16. Players Wants To DM - License Upgrade?
  17. Can i DM on my friends system.
  18. Can Demo/free players play 5e?
  19. Cannot make purchases in the store
  20. Ruleset Bugs
  21. 5E Effect - ADVINIT Bug?
  22. Consolidate Modules?
  23. Story links pointing to incorrect images.
  24. Panda Free Antivirus
  25. Port Forwarding Issue...
  26. encumbrance not working?
  27. Custom class hit die in 5E
  28. Wiki Link broken
  29. My users are unable to update to my version
  30. Issues Running Fantasy Grounds
  31. free player connection issue
  32. Player connection issues
  33. Cannot join on local network
  34. can you go back a version
  35. Monster manual acting funny after patch
  36. Problem bringing in items with the latest update
  37. Runtime Error: Bad Allocation
  38. How do my demo license users create their characters?
  39. Error Transferring Items from Library to Campaign
  40. Dimensions and Overflow [3.1.0]
  41. Issue with using my Ultimate Key from a few years back.
  42. Campaign Not Saving
  43. Arbitrary Dice No Longer Working
  44. PC Actions not populating in Combat Tracker
  45. Unusual Module Behavior
  46. Unable to drag and drop the Dragonborn race in v. 5
  47. Ammo Change Bug
  48. Weapon Die Incorrect
  49. License Issue
  50. Cut and paste issues with steam
  51. Hot Keys Edit Label
  52. DM from another computer
  53. Error: Bad Allocation - After connecting with second instance of FG
  54. Characters Disappear
  55. I bought two maps and they're not showing up in the program.
  56. Cant finish patch for reinstall
  57. Unidentified Weapon Issue
  58. Maps too large for FG to properly run
  59. Official theme’s
  60. Can't connect to host
  61. Crashing when connecting to a specific game.
  62. Image pins dont have shortcuts??
  63. PCs won't populate in Combat Tracker!
  64. Campaigns no longer visible and available for loading
  65. Problems Transferring to New Computer
  66. Port Forwarding - Any Suggestions (not Hamachi)?
  67. Losing character data between sessions
  68. Transfer purchased module
  69. who can i contact about a store purchase that isn't working?
  70. Assign Speaker not working
  71. Help Please, downloaded and viewed LMoP Saturday morning, by Sat night I cannot load
  72. Not able to host
  73. Placing Trinkets into 5e Character Sheets
  74. Combat Subsection not activating in Combat Tracker on NPC turn
  75. Savage worlds ruleset bugging after update.
  76. Can't reply to my own thread
  77. Does Complete Monster Pack update Lost Mines Monsters?
  78. 5e D&D Hellish Rebuke
  79. [5e] XP issues
  80. How to change the decal/background?
  81. Game starting error
  82. Server Keeps crashing
  83. Multiple licenses questions...
  84. Issue with Core Class Pack
  85. Help with uninstalling and hosting
  86. Castles & Crusades error 154
  87. 5e Ammunition Bug
  88. Portforwarding my Wireless Laptop
  89. Another connection issue
  90. Fantasy Grounds not opening with Steam (Mac OS X)
  91. Local Characters
  92. [3.5E/PFRPG v3.1.1] Miss chance doesn't cancel critical multiplier
  93. Issues with connection over the same network
  94. Image Files not showing up ...
  95. Unable to install on my new Windows 8.1 PC.
  96. Fantasy grounds opps
  97. Fantasy grounds hosting a game gives runtime error
  98. Half Damage Vs Immune to damage type.
  99. Bought modules not showing up
  100. Issues with the size of the Token Name and Heath indicator
  101. DirectX
  102. Player cannot see library module
  103. Can't load my maps into Images & Maps
  104. Installing FG on Mac - Not As Easy As I Thought
  105. Non-English Characters/Letters
  106. Problem with 5e tokens and portraits.
  107. Module maps
  108. Error trying to export character sheets
  109. Dropping Damage On Token Not Working
  110. Memory Problem
  111. Slow load times.
  112. Recovering Campaign From Players Files
  113. Can't drag and drop images into Images & Maps (Windows 8/D&D5 ruleset)
  114. token placement on export
  115. Lethal Nontlethal Modifiers
  116. FG Teamspeak is down! Please help!
  117. Forum Text Color hard to see, is there a setting for that?
  118. Campaign Data Vanishing - Maps, NPCs, etc.
  119. Transferring a table to my other campaings
  120. Increasing INT or WIS in 3.5e doesn't increase spell DC
  121. How can I find out what I purchased?
  122. Advanced Bestiary Statblock Import for Pathfinder errors - CMB and Weaknesses parsing
  123. Issues Editing Posts
  124. Team Speak server
  125. Teamspeak, FG and losing mouse focus
  126. D&D Complete Core Class Pack - Steam + Mac
  127. Character Sheet Skill List Oddity
  128. "CopyVaultFile" Error using FG Updater
  129. connection test question
  130. db.xml BLANK
  131. Help Pls using class modules
  132. Instructions for hosting and joining a a game
  133. Blank db.xml file and database backup was an older version :(
  134. Mod export question
  135. Drag and Drop Script Error
  136. Macbook - Can't connect to host
  137. A player have blank image
  138. New to FG- Cannot add Race or Class to Character Sheet
  139. Assign IP
  140. D&D 5E does not seem to have downloaded.
  141. Princes of the Apocalypse Module causing major issues as a player
  142. Using a Mac Steam license on FG using VMWare Fusion?
  143. Sky Hub - UK - Opening the 1802 port
  144. Saving/Character problems
  145. Numenera Ruleset Monster Damage
  146. Ready to Play
  147. Trouble with Permissions, D&D 5e
  148. DM Die rolling silhouette
  149. update available, now my licence dosent work
  150. Problems Hosting Players sometimes don't connect
  151. Can not host game
  152. Fantasy Grounds.exe Error on Loading Game
  153. Problem updating FG v3.1.2
  154. Update Problem
  155. Ghosting of Tokens on Map
  156. Missing DM text in Phandelver 5e module
  157. How do i uninstall FG II on Win7?
  158. Location of Official Module Images?
  159. Mouse clicks in chat input window
  160. D&D 3.5 e - how do I add damage dice to a weapon that only fire on crits
  161. Missing special abilities post-import
  162. How to add to Official Wish List
  163. Logic Flaw in Effects
  164. Connection Test Failed
  165. Steam MAC help
  166. Any issues upgrading OSX Maverick to Yosemite in FG?
  167. Transferring 5e Licenses to a different computer
  168. Forum Functionality
  169. Which license do I need?
  170. [5e] Effect - STR: 5
  171. Can't share items in 5e
  172. Map not loading for players
  173. Windows 10 Issue I had Might be related to a Static IP
  174. Connection Failure
  175. Adding a Password to an Existing Campaign
  176. Wonky Behavior
  177. Activating ruleset purchased from DriveThruRPG
  178. tutorials and how-to's
  179. Unable to Export due to Missing Tokens
  180. Changing the token directory location that pops up using OS X?
  181. Re: "Could not initialize graphics system" error
  182. Can't access Core and Monster Manual DLC
  183. Spell Slots don't reset
  184. Wiki Effects Questions
  185. Managing Local Server Characters not saving
  186. Is it possible to put names on character tokens.
  187. Renaming hot keys (5E ruleset)
  188. Ability Damage and Ability Penalties
  189. 3.5e: DR Limitation or Bug? Damage Passing Unresisted
  190. A host in need of help!
  191. ADD Module problem
  192. PFRPG - Wrath of the Orc God incorrect creature used
  193. Installation issue
  194. Client Freezing
  195. [Demo Version & Steam, too]CreateDevice Failed - Could not initialize graphics system
  196. Hexagonal Snap to Grid Off bug
  197. 5E - DMGTYPE effect not working when base damage is untyped
  198. how do i install this 5E Conditions module
  199. This File doesn't have a program associated with it...
  200. Problems with multiple Resist effects
  201. FG Battlemaps Underdark links
  202. Is there any phone number for support?
  203. Script Error
  204. Random Table in another ruleset
  205. .mod files showing up for players that neither the gm or the player have
  206. Themes Extensions Don't Show Up?
  207. Updater stopped working
  208. Missing RMC rules set
  209. Core Ruleset using Fudge Dice
  210. Ability Scores Bubble (Unwanted Modifier, cannot fix!)
  211. Question about exporting adventure and importing in another ruleset.
  212. Calendar Module Time Issue
  213. Database Error: extensionstate.xml - Error document empty
  214. FG connection issue
  215. Just bought, can't connect - Resolved
  216. Story Chapters
  217. Can't Connect After Windows 10 Upgrade?
  218. Load Ruleset Error
  219. does the "dat file trick" still work in 3.5 FG ?
  220. Updater stalling
  221. Lost Pins
  222. Linked Ruleset issue 5E
  223. Problems with new table creation
  224. Unable to connect or host
  225. Missing shortcuts on exported module
  226. cannot update to version 3.1.2
  227. Can't Load Campaigns in Demo Mode
  228. Cannot connect to host after initial connection.
  229. Moving the dice tower in 5e
  230. Purchased Module...but where is it?
  231. can't load without error
  232. Fantasy Grounds Interface Partial Lockup [Confused]
  233. OneDrive Backups.
  234. Error with players connecting to me. Unable to create directory / ruleset errors
  235. Will FG ever run natively on Mac? Or is it always going to be via WineBottle/WineSkin
  236. Adult Green Dragon
  237. Subscription issues.
  238. Not Updating
  239. Effect Names and the Combat Tracker
  240. Player's screens freeze, uploading images take forever
  241. Feature Request: Effect Names Only in the Combat Tracker
  242. Transcription Errors with PHB Core Class Pack & Hard Copy Printed Material
  243. any one know if out of the abyse will be released for fg on same day as hard cover?
  244. PF 3.5 Wounds will not automatically update.
  245. PF 3.5 Caster Level Check, and Spell Save or Failure
  246. Good ol connection issues :)
  247. Combat Tracker Overload...help please
  248. Need help with many issues [Ruleset 2E]
  249. Connection Stopped Working
  250. Characters in Client Cache?