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  1. Zoomed Launcher Needs Scrollbars
  2. Questions about NPC Portaits
  3. Weird thing when exporting
  4. blurry launcher and tabletop
  5. Questions about extending Combat Tracker in ruleset extending CoreRPG
  6. Licence Key Conflict
  7. ERROR - GetProducts: Network: resolving hostname
  8. Script error on test server
  9. problem connecting to host - comcast
  10. bandwidth question :)
  11. customer service - accounts
  12. how to install community content on Steam / Mac version
  13. [SOLVED] Hosting a Game Requires Connetion to FG Central Server
  14. FG connection problems
  15. More Mac Questions and Troubles - Help Pretty Please
  16. 5E conditional effects don't apply for advantage/disadvantage results
  17. Request for the uninstall routine.
  18. GM icon has gone missing.
  19. Fantasy Grounds network failure
  20. Reinstall
  21. Angry pin.
  22. Can't Connect
  23. Disconnected with Host Reconnected with Host
  24. Unable to create a campaign in Steam
  25. Port Forwarding Issue
  26. DR / Resist for players?
  27. Trouble with the server? 1/8/15
  28. MacBook Troubles
  29. Edited gamelements, repacked the file, and rulset fails to load
  30. Custom Tables
  31. Poor performance
  32. D20 Modern spell caster trouble
  33. Code Problem
  34. Pentagon Web
  35. Strange Black Flickering
  36. Launch Second Client with a Steam install
  37. GM portraits for PCs
  38. Basic magic items help
  39. 3.5E/PF type attribute not parsing
  40. Party Sheet and Modifiers
  41. Image links wrong
  42. Forum PM Addressee Limits...
  43. Problems Installing Adventures
  44. Trouble installing token packs
  45. Script Error: [string "ct/scripts/minitracker_combatant.lua"]:140:
  46. Total Network Novice - HELP!
  47. Last update "Error : References missing child ruleset (Core RPG)"
  48. Script Error: [string"desktop/scripts/modifierstack.lua"]:241:
  49. How to totally uninstall FG
  50. FYI: Game Calendar Voting Tip...
  51. Connection Test Fails, Players Can't Connect
  52. Export Notes?
  53. Manager_action_save busted after update for 5e
  54. Problem Creating Module in new Savage Worlds
  55. Errors with the C&C Items.
  56. Link from Fantasy Grounds website to the Fantasy Grounds 3.5E User Guide
  57. How to configure?
  58. PFRPG Ruleset problem
  59. Export module with placed tokens
  60. Character Portraits for Daring Tales of the Space Lanes
  61. Portrait and Token Update Failure
  62. Connection Test Failure
  63. Server failure on laptop
  64. Fantasy Grounds Token Folder
  65. How does assign speaker work?
  66. Is there a list of known broken things?
  67. Numenera ruleset Script Error
  68. Combat Tracker not showing attack values
  69. Connection Problem...still
  70. upgrade from Gm license to Uktimate
  71. Client drawing not seen by other clients or host
  72. Adventure Module Fails to Install
  73. All images disappeared and will not load now.
  74. Stabilization doesn't work [v 3.0.10]
  75. edited. fixed
  76. FG picks the wrong internal NIC with multiple NIC's installed
  77. NPC Maker Extension Not On Tool Bar
  78. Avoiding Script Error
  79. Location not available
  80. Incorporeal Effect
  81. Networking issues
  82. [3.5E v3.0.10] Single target not removed on successful save
  83. Can you export tables?
  84. Restricting Network Access to Campaigns While Working - Is this possible?
  85. Start up Fantasy Grounds without loading licence?
  86. Token Tool Tips
  87. Maps and Images
  88. Cut and Paste and Text Box
  89. Can't find Coc Ruleset bought on Steam for Mac OS
  90. 5e AC calculation
  91. IFT working or not for 3.5 PFRPG?
  92. Test failing w/ unable to find base.xml
  93. Everything Deleted
  94. Bought a DLC for FGII on Steam - Cannot access it
  95. Glitch when minimizing/maximizing FGII GUI under Wineskin for Macintosh
  96. BUG - Call of Cthuhu - Race NPCs don't apply the ability roll to the CT record
  97. How do I install community ruleset
  98. Graphics Issues...
  99. Exporting Modules for player load in low bandwidth situations
  100. FG Not Connecting on New Computer
  101. Player getting login errors?
  102. D&D5 Ruleset: bug with Skill test via Party Sheet?
  103. Trying to load FG web Install.exe on my mac using WineBottler
  104. [4e] Having problems with negative modifiers
  105. Right Click Not Working Suddenly on Mac OSX
  106. help with table manipulation
  107. Nonlethal broken?
  108. Sitting at Connection History
  109. Rolemaster Classic Rules Set will not create campaign.
  110. D20 Modern
  111. Bug? Calendar window does not update when changing year.
  112. Token health indicators very large
  113. Can't update FG
  114. I can't get fantasygrounds.exe to open at all.
  115. FG won't open (different than the other guy)
  116. Mac - Steam - no overlay - Half screen - Cant full screen
  117. Trying to Install FGII on OSX 10.10.2 / Winebottler 1.3.6
  118. Help please!
  119. Problem with display
  120. Token title, health dot too minute to see
  121. Steam overlay issue...
  122. Help / advice needed with the export function
  123. Latest update broke my game
  124. Crashing Problem
  125. Clear all my alias's
  126. Finally worked, but now 5e ruleset doesn't show up.
  127. App Won't Launch
  128. Raise Calculator/ParryTN Issues
  129. pointer location error
  130. New theme and races in the D&D 5E Basic Rules?
  131. 5E PHB Deluxe is great, just a few things I noticed
  132. Desktop Decal
  133. FGII Lite License able to purchase content?
  134. Lost Mine of Phandelver + Complete Core Class Pack (Pregens)
  135. 5E Theme Script Errors
  136. Issues with D&D Complete Core Class Pack
  137. Purchased on Stream, can't seem to link my license
  138. Can't figure out how to add an image file
  139. Advantage script error in 5e ruleset
  140. Unable to Update 5E modules
  141. giving players access to the character portraits and pogs
  142. Adding text to a map
  143. Errors in pregenerated characters that come with the Lost Mine of Phandelver package
  144. PF Dying Condition
  145. How do I associate my old FG license with Steam?
  146. Urchin Background in 5E Core Pack
  147. Errors in 5e content
  148. Game hosted on server instead of my PC?
  149. Custom theme issue since the Official 5e update.
  150. Weird Mouse Behaviour
  151. Did I already loose my 1 month license after paying only a few hours ago?
  152. Modifier Box not expending
  153. Odd - After update to 3.012, cannot connect or be connected to
  154. Immovable FG window using Macbook Air
  155. Rolling d100
  156. Map resolution and rendering
  157. What happened to FG?
  158. Item Drag and Drop Issue
  159. Problems Hosting as a GM
  160. FG keeps putting a dragon logo on all my games!
  161. Armor on 5e character sheet and target selection for combat tracker
  162. Error: References missing child ruleset (CoreRPG)
  163. ID item bug
  164. Locking Map Window?
  165. Just did an update and have no campaign info
  166. Error installing base modules - new install
  167. Laggy Dice
  168. steam_api.dll Cannot install Fantasy Grounds via Updater
  169. Can't host a game from a hotel room
  170. Signature question
  171. Masked Images Issue
  172. Help with 3.5 and Pathfinder Character Creation modules.
  173. Alias / IP address Question
  174. Updated to Ultimate for FG CON VI and now keep failing Connection Test
  175. Port Forwarding on a Verizon Router
  176. Cannot find recent purchases in FG
  177. Fantasy grounds keeps crashing
  178. Level adj seems to do nothing
  179. Ability Effect Questions for 3.5/Pathfinder
  180. FG con TS channel deletions
  181. Mac trackpad scrolling issue
  182. Error on Startup and Crash
  183. Crashes
  184. Module Export file location?
  185. anyone else having trouble updating?
  186. Player gets Error: Unable to load ruleset file (base.xml)
  187. Pay Pal required for all purchases?
  188. Bought monthly via paypal link. where do i get key?
  189. No skill descriptions on 5E skills?
  190. Really weird connection problem
  191. Purchased Unlimted but cannot find "Host a Game as Gamemaster" on launcher
  192. Bug report. Zoomed Opening Screen
  193. Cannot update 5E DLC purchased through Steam
  194. How do I know what version I am running?
  195. Gm license show how player only
  196. Alias not working
  197. Max HP keeps getting set to 0 for Phandelver pregen characters
  198. How do I export a character I rolled up offline with the new 5e pack from WoTC?
  199. Since the update..
  200. Purchasing through DriveThru RPG
  201. Player Connect Hangs at "Downloading Files"
  202. Home PC and Laptop
  203. Help with Token Please
  204. CoreRPG issue with GM releasing PCs - layoutControls() doesn't operate correctly
  205. PFRPG Road to Revolution not in my data folder
  206. 3.5E/PFRPG - "all" keyword not working for RESIST or IMMUNE effects.
  207. Handle File: Unable to save file (module/3.5E-magicitems.mod)
  208. A Campaign Story entry dragged (a 'short cut') to a Module Map is not saved correctly
  209. Issue with Pasting into FG
  210. cant seems to open port 1802
  211. maps
  212. B19: Tower of Screaming Sands
  213. 5E Offical LMoP module - Error when loading encounters into combat tracker
  214. No NPC images
  215. So here's a question
  216. Maps will not load when shared by the DM
  217. mm Module missing
  218. 5E Crit damage in Tower bug
  219. Would it be possible to use Thread Prefixes here?
  220. Data missing out of Wizards of the Coast DD PHB Deluxe
  221. Pathfinder certain skills are missing
  222. Port 1802 is Open! Yay. Still can't connect. Boo.
  223. Steam + OS X = No New Rules?
  224. Grey Screen when loading large images.
  225. Character Token Disappeared
  226. Module not appearing in library
  227. Token Folders Don't exist
  228. 5E modules not in library
  229. Accidently purchased Customization pack when I wanted full phb. Return?
  230. mod wont install
  231. Targeting & Movement
  232. Redirected data folder not working
  233. Connection problems - even on local network
  234. Engine updater missing
  235. Unauthorized Copy Error
  236. XP issues
  237. Modules not loading to player library
  238. Can't buy Steam DLC after purchasing Subscription Version
  239. How do I view or edit a character once its complete?
  240. PF: Half Damage Button
  241. 3.5E/PFRPG - Multiple damage types not applied if dragged from chat window
  242. Tomb of the shadow king not installing correctly.
  243. Cyrillic err
  244. Image Export Issue
  245. Purchased Castles and Crusades DGA045 but unable to create new campaign
  246. Players have requested permission to load module (DD PHB Deluxe)
  247. Update Issues
  248. Hosting Demo players
  249. Maps not showing for some players
  250. Help with update ASAP please