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  1. One Action, ACTN
  2. Call of Cthulhu Ruleset - Script Error notesmall
  3. 4e library module
  4. Steam version problem...
  5. Would Like Assistance Testing Connection
  6. Savage Worlds / Rippers bugs!
  7. Tokens not loading from module correctly.
  8. 'Fantasygrounds.exe has stopped working' message and now can't start the program.
  9. Add weapons to "weapons/Implemensts" window
  10. My Dice Tower isn't showing up.
  11. NPC, note, etc data not saving upon exit....please help!
  12. How to Hide Characters in the Character List - 3.5E...
  13. Full License Questions...
  14. Can't Uninstall
  15. Something happened (with port forwarding) I need some input/Help
  16. FG as a gift
  17. Steam does not re-download the Mac OS X version of Fantasy Grounds
  18. Notes Groups...
  19. How do I unset the delete confirm flag?
  20. Macro Buttons Not Updating
  21. Serial key problems
  22. Images not loading for specific player.
  23. Port Forward Help
  24. Importing (4E) characters
  25. Installing Fantasy Grounds on Linux / Wine
  26. CheckDeviceType Error code 16
  27. Unidentified Weapons Unusable in PF and 3.5
  28. How to get rebate (Support email was unresponsive)
  29. Minimum size for Thumb on Scrollbars
  30. Simple question
  31. Copy and paste
  32. Pasting into Story replaces and other punctuation quotes with ?
  33. Where can I find the application data on a Mac under Steam?
  34. Minimizing the FG2 Main Window...
  35. We hates it forever precious! Run test epic fail! - FIXED
  36. Graphics Errors
  37. Skill Point Update on Delete Skill - 3.5E
  38. problem with greek characters
  39. Adventure downloadet from the store!
  40. 3.0.4/3.5E - Attack Modifiers on New Weapon Pop-Up...
  41. NPC Threat Range and Critical Damage
  42. Sharing NPCs...
  43. Port Forwarding (with video) - FIXED
  44. 3.5E/3.0.4: Deleting NPCs from Combat Table Throws Token Error
  45. Editing Critters in Modules...
  46. setmetatable
  47. Rng
  48. Rectangular Grids...
  49. Could not share the Maps for other players
  50. 3.0.4/3.5E Token Vanishing Bug...
  51. Help with theme creation
  52. Transfering Player Characters
  53. Hero Lab Import into Pathfinder not showing Weapon Attributes in 3.0.4 ...concerning
  54. FG site does not load properly on firefox 29.0.1
  55. D&D 3.5/PFRPG Spell caster bugs on character open and CT drop
  56. Problem with Targeted Healing...
  57. Character Manager Roll Tab.
  58. v.3.0.4 crash on loading any campaign
  59. World of Darkness ruleset no longer works for us.
  60. 3.5E - Damage Resistance (DR) with "or" or "and" clause ignores all DR.
  61. Possible for DMs to edit player characters?
  62. FG does not support dice rolls for ability damage or boost
  63. Players keep disconnecting
  64. 4e Dragging "Tool Tips" (?) to Chat
  65. 3.5E - Effect targeting not working?
  66. My steam purchased Fantasy Ground does not recognize pak file rule sets
  67. "FGSteamLauncher: Unable to start Fantasg grounds updater"
  68. Triage Trouble Shooting
  69. Fantasy Grounds - Hosting Game failure
  70. Bug: 3.5E Weapon Damage is Incorrect
  71. Bug: 3.5E Ruleset - Can't re-add weapons
  72. Bugs in 3.0.5..
  73. 4e Targetting Issues
  74. Token Status Issue...
  75. Issues getting FG to connect
  76. Recovering store content... Please help.
  77. Bug: 3.5E Targeted Effects Do Not Stack Correctly If The Value is the Same...
  78. Damage Type in a NPC Attack Line
  79. Cannot find characters for BRP
  80. Nil Value Error when attempting to delete a character from the Combat Tracker
  81. Lack of Pagination on Party Chat/Scheduling Pages...
  82. CoC: Problem with Monsters in Library
  83. Downgrading subscription question
  84. Minimum Damage with Successful Attack?
  85. Error opening Inventory on player sheets
  86. Tool tips missing on extensions?
  87. Enabling Armor Modifiers Does Not Modify Skill Rolls...
  88. Bug (3.5): Damage bonuses do not update with ability score changes
  89. Bug (3.5E): Incorrect Negative Decimal Values in Speed Misc. Mod. on CS Combat Tab
  90. Dice Tower Visibility Logic...
  91. Can't install, update FG and can't connect to a Host
  92. The end of free Hamachi
  93. Connection problem
  94. Turning Off Window Speckles...
  95. 3.06 & FG crashing
  96. CT health highlights
  97. Weapons don't appear in Combat Tracker
  98. Updating issue: Getting package listing. Error!
  99. [3.5E/PFRPG] Party sheet skills show 0 for knowledge
  100. Campaign Wiped
  101. Shared Combat Tracker doesn't display enemies
  102. Error in CoreRPG Character Sheet
  103. Downloaded and installed an Adventure, but there is no sign of it.
  104. Combat Tracker 3.5E Bugs...
  105. Feature Request: Combat Tracker Needs NPC Multi-Select and Delete
  106. New purchases not downloading with the updater
  107. crit dice doesn't pull properly form the monster sheet.
  108. Bug: 3.5E Crasher - Remote Client Stops Functioning - Erasing Images...
  109. Usability Issue: Drawing Tool Lag...
  110. Mass Token Visibility After Placement - 3.5E
  111. Bug (3.5E): Health Dots Do Not Draw Correctly...
  112. Bug (3.5E): Actions Do Not Correctly Target When Executed by Dragging to Chat Window.
  113. [Forum] Missing the advanced text editor features.
  114. Port forwarding problems - tried almost everything!
  115. Map resizing
  116. Issues?
  117. Targeting semi-problem
  118. Demo: Won't save campaign
  119. Missing information in character sheet?
  120. Updater fails to launch
  121. Little problem with targeting.
  122. Fantasy Grounds Purchase via Steam
  123. Bought game, says I only have the Demo.
  124. Damage Reduction: There is no overcoming it
  125. Error after install
  126. Mini not showing Spells
  127. Nature Abhors a Hexagon
  128. I have a mac and want to run this program. Is it worth the trouble?
  129. Grid Size is Zero?
  130. Cannot Paste within Fantasy Grounds (Mac osx)
  131. Can't distribute XP via party sheet
  132. Question. How do I retrieve my password and such so I can put FG on a new computer?
  133. Can connect to FG fine but cannot host games
  134. Don't get emails from forum.
  135. Fiery dragons token question
  136. Modules not loading
  137. Call of Cthulhu: Crack'd and Cook'd Manse for Fantasy Grounds II
  138. FG Font Size
  139. Cannot Export my Adventure as a mod
  140. Creating Tokens/Portraits. What's the difference?
  141. Savage Worlds Revert Library
  142. Savage Worlds Library Gear entries
  143. No Dragons showing up in the 3.5e Monsters list
  144. onDragEnd is not invoked if any other mouse button is clicked while dragging
  145. Can I make targeting lines visible for client if targeter is not modifiable?
  146. BUG REPORT - unregisterResultHandler() in manager_actions.lua
  147. How to re download FG and C&C
  148. Attempt to call 'onTokenDelete' (a nil value) error
  149. 5E BUG REPORT - Passive perception control not calculating double proficiency
  150. Odd Token loading issue
  151. FG Voice server is down
  152. Dices gone missing
  153. Pre Assign Speaker not working for me!
  154. Website/Forum access
  155. Heroes Feast effect not working
  156. Store Purchase
  157. Can not create new campaigns
  158. Paid for upgrade, nothing changed.
  159. Preloading
  160. Need to know some obscure GM things.
  161. Steam pipes, Keys, and direct downloads
  162. C&C Targeting Misery/Bug Report
  163. Suddenly not connecting
  164. Images not exporting into modules
  165. Problems Creating Monster Module
  166. module tokens
  167. Drag/Drop questions
  168. Problem loading images?
  169. Free products in the store
  170. No Shared Folder?
  171. Module Organization Question (and possibly suggestion)
  172. Area effect spells in pathfinder question
  173. Ruleset Error running 5E Campaign
  174. Table & Party Sheet Help
  175. Is there a way to install fantasy grounds onto iPad Air ?
  176. First startup of Fantasy Grounds (via Steam)
  177. icons absent in spell lists from PFRPG ruleset
  178. Are 'free' players limited in the way they can import character data? (e.g. Hero Lab)
  179. Local Module Data
  180. "Half-Orcs Token and Portrait Pack" purchased. Portraits show, tokens don't...
  181. Ultimate Licence Upgrade Problem via Steam
  182. Runtime Error for Monsters
  183. Can I install FG2 on two computers ?
  184. Trouble connecting to a friend's game - windows 7?
  185. Players cannot connect - unable to download rule set - even using core rpg
  186. Damage without dice doesn't apply damage type
  187. Noob question: map resizing/map rotation
  188. Replaced .mod file in appdata\roaming\FG\modules and now it's missing
  189. can't paste with ctrl+v
  190. Portraits Window Blank
  191. Forum Problem: Can't Post when using Firefox!
  192. Cant post the time on game calendar
  193. Can't drag and drop?
  194. FG Problems last night? (Sunday 10/12/2014)
  195. Cyrillic support
  196. Before FG Con V
  197. Newbie questions for a GM at some point in time.
  198. conection issues
  199. Client update from 3.0.3 tp 3.0.8
  200. Connection Problems
  201. Map synchronisation broken
  202. New to FG and have a few questions
  203. XML structure for Exporting to FG?
  204. HP Remaining?
  205. PC Weapon/Action Not Showing in CT
  206. FG on Windows 8, parts of screen goling black
  207. That annoying double spacing when Coping from PDFs...
  208. Change Theme?
  209. Combat Tracker
  210. Effects in 5e
  211. How to 'unshare' something
  212. Roll on Table - Return a Chat frame?
  213. Working within FG - now getting 'License Key Conflict'
  214. Initiative Tracker - Perform End of Turn Actions problem in WFRPv3 Ruleset
  215. Bleeding hollow module
  216. Portraits/Images error
  217. Tech retarded newbie needs help getting set up
  218. Problem moving mouse off of windows, sections go black.
  219. Problem with health bars, dots and names
  220. problem with map pack
  221. Orient me: creating a Blessing of Fervor
  222. Critical Confirms
  223. network error during host license check
  224. Fantasy Grounds in Ubuntu/Linux/WINE
  225. Pathfinder: Skills Check Boxes
  226. Will there ever be proper Hero Lab support?
  227. Map units
  228. Fate Core crashing FG
  229. Damage Type Bug
  230. Armour class missing from pit fiend
  231. Cannot install new Adventure?
  232. Connecting and License key error
  233. Login servers up?
  234. Getting connected to Fantasy Grounds with Hamachi
  235. 2 Problems with 5th edition set
  236. Module book opens buts module never appears
  237. Targeting inside Combat Tracker
  238. PCs Can Roll at Any Time?
  239. Fate Core localization and files
  240. Token pack not showing up
  241. pathfinder combat tracker
  242. using a laptop to create a campaign
  243. Ordered license , email problem
  244. Formatting weirdness
  245. Fantasy Grounds settings never saving.
  246. touch screen 2 in 1 laptop
  247. bizarre connection to website / server problems
  248. 3 quick questions about combat tracker/map
  249. More connection issues/advice/ESET antivirus
  250. Using 3.0.9 Ultimate - Ran a small update - all data gone!