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  1. Anyone up for a quickie?
  2. Help testing connection?
  3. Anyone up for a quickie - Part Deux
  4. Bought the proggy; time to play!
  5. d20books - Fantasy Grounds Campaign
  6. In Search of 3.5 Game (Eberron would be nice)
  7. New DM seeks test subjects...errr...players
  8. Demo games
  9. Burning Plague - Sat, January 8th 2005 - 8pm EST
  10. The Shadows Rise - a New Forgotten Realms campaign
  11. Anyone here from Europe?
  12. To find a server.
  13. Temple of Elemental Evil
  14. Australian gamers?
  15. Europe: Thinking of running a game.
  16. Fantasy Grounds Connections
  17. Looking for people to help me test my setup.
  18. West Coast Players?
  19. Alternate places to find Fantasy Grounds games
  20. New Player Seeking Game
  21. Player LFG
  22. Looking for a group/game to show me the ropes.
  23. GM's needed
  24. The Time Has Come: Star Wars game starting soon...
  25. This Saturday Night (March 11th, 9pm EST): A One-Shot
  26. New To FG..Is Anyone Starting A D&D 3.5 Eberron Campaign
  27. European Timezone Game
  28. New group forming for Friday nights
  29. Newbie wants to try software before buying =)
  30. The Crypt of Ra'Lim'Ka'Anar - Sat. Mar. 19th at 9PM EST
  31. n00b DM starts one shot game on 25th of march
  33. Sorry to rant but...
  34. game on!
  35. New Player looking for game 1st or 3rd ed. D&D
  36. Eberron: (Official) Unofficial DDO Forums Community Campaign
  37. New to FG looking for players for the weekdays PST
  38. Eberron Campaign
  39. C&C Campaign Beginning Soon
  40. Looking for another player to play a wizard
  41. New Game
  42. Whos got a game near Australia
  43. New player looking for game
  44. Howdy, new to FG and looking for someone to play with
  45. Searching For 1st Level D&D 3.5 DM & Playas
  46. Bought Fantasy Grounds!
  47. New to FG looking to play
  48. 3.5 player lookihng for DM
  49. Looking for a game
  50. Games Scheduling like Neverwinter Connections
  51. Looking for game GMT times
  52. Looking for GM and players for game!
  53. DM Guild - approved players?
  54. Profile Suggestion...
  55. Player LF - Eberron
  56. looking for a demo game
  57. Looking for a late-night game
  58. DMing an Eberron Campaign
  59. novice. looking for a game in Europe
  60. Game Scheduling to a wider base of players
  61. Looking to Start a Campaign
  62. Looking for Interest in a d20 Call of Cthulhu game
  63. Player looking for 3.5e Game - Eberron Pref.
  64. Gathering a few players to start long term campaign
  65. Looking for a game now
  66. New user looking for a one-shot this weekend
  67. Looking for people for the demo game
  68. Co-DM to add to long term campaign
  69. New FG Player looking for a game
  70. Campaign info posted over at Adventuresome Dreams
  71. Theme Campaign
  72. Demo
  73. Seeking the Arcane
  74. Soon to start an Eberron campaign
  75. D&D Classics Game - The Sunless Citadel [GMT +0]
  76. Looking for role-players - roll players need not apply
  77. Hard Time Finding Games
  78. New Game for the "Roll-Player"
  79. SWP Seeks DM
  80. Tournament in the works
  81. europian group
  82. Looking for a few additional players.
  83. Warhammer Fantasy Role Play
  84. Noob Looking for people for a classic game
  85. Total noob looking for group
  86. Living Greyhawk only
  87. New to FG, Looking for a game
  88. anyone gotta a demo game
  89. You got game?
  90. Yet another player looking to join a game thread :)
  91. New to FG, exp 3.5 player looking for game
  92. Need one player for Eberron game
  93. Looking for one or two to join ours - Eberron based
  94. Dedicated Player LFG long term
  95. Seeking players for long-term campaign
  96. Looking for up to 4 players for an Eberron game
  97. just dove in head-first and got the full version
  98. Looking for any game
  99. Try Logging on.
  100. Looking to join a mature group
  101. D20 DND game - Sydney Australia Time zone - EVENING
  102. Online Tavern
  103. Looking for a group to play DEMO
  104. Looking to play in a game...East Coast USA
  105. 2 mature (late 20s) players seek 3.5 game Monday evenings
  106. Looking for game! (details within)
  107. Looking for a game, GM or Player
  108. Looking for a Game
  109. new game (3rd) coming soon to a computer near you
  110. A tournament for all the new players?
  111. Connections....
  112. Forgotten Realms Campaign (In the works)
  113. Looking for player for WFRP v2
  114. I Would Like to find a campaign!
  115. New player
  116. Ok - another new player here looking for a game
  117. Demo Game for all Demo Users
  118. Seeking More Players
  119. Game needs one or two more players
  120. Roleplayer looking for a game (Preferably Eberron)
  121. Looking for a game
  122. games in +2 GMT
  123. Looking for game
  124. New to FG looking for a game.
  125. Qabbal Campaign schedule
  126. Experienced Gamer looking for a game...
  127. Freeport Trilogy Looking for a Player
  128. New player looking for home.
  129. In search of Living Greyhawk Game
  130. D&D 3.5 player looking for group
  131. Looking for a game
  132. Looking for game
  133. Experienced gamer, inexperienced FG user, looking for a game
  134. Polling for Interest
  135. Living Greyhawk -- Atonement this week (8/29-9/2)
  136. Qabbal Campaign schedule
  137. Living Greyhawk -- Atonement, today 8/31 @ 11 am ET (GMT -5)
  138. Looking to join a game
  139. Looking for a game
  140. Victorian era d20: Mondays at 7pm CST
  141. Considering hosting a late-night game [cancelled]
  142. Looking for a game thats near GMT -8
  143. Planescape Campaign
  144. Shield Forthcoming: A Villainous Tale
  145. Another gamer looking for a game
  146. Any Interest in 3.5 gameage.
  147. D&D FR Game
  148. Sci-fi Campaign Starting, Looking for Players
  149. Anyone willing to run a 30 min game?
  150. 3.5 Campaign for East and West coast Players All Full Thanks
  151. L5R 3rd Edition (2-4 players wanted)
  152. New player looking for games: European
  153. Starting new Eberron campaign
  154. Looking for Dedicated Player base.
  155. Fishing for interest...
  156. The Broken Mountains
  157. Looking for a European Game
  158. New Users Looking to Experiment?
  159. Looking for a few players
  160. Game Session
  161. Ravenloft Campaign begining!
  162. Need testers for Fantasy Grounds website!
  163. Eberron Campaign Beginning
  164. Shadows of Sharn: Another Ebberon Campaign is begining
  165. Been out of DnD for a long time...
  166. USA Gamer looking For North American Games!
  167. European Gamer looking for group
  168. Ravenloft Campaign at 9 pm EST
  169. Just a reminder
  170. Experienced Player Looking For Serious Gameplay
  171. Looking for Players - Saturday evenings 9pm EST
  172. Dutch speaking players
  173. Qabbal - second group starting
  174. Long time rp'er.. new FG'er looking for an east coast game
  175. US Gamer looking for late night North American gaming.
  176. GMT +5 (EST) Player looking for a game, experienced
  177. I will be running a small, home cooked module
  178. FG and v3.5 noob lookin for a start.
  179. Qabbal game schedule
  180. New Game for New Players
  181. Hard to Find a Game?
  182. Looking for a tester
  183. Qabbal Friday Group vacancies
  184. Looking for a Sunday evening game PST
  185. Seeking Eberron Game PST
  186. Game tonight
  187. Game tonight (9th october) 9pm gmt+1
  188. Okay, I think my ISP has this thing fixed.
  189. Yost's Sunday Night Game
  190. Need more for Eberron and Mark of Heroes games.
  191. Looking for a game
  192. *heavy sigh*
  193. I made a fine pot of coffee this morning!
  194. New FG user looking for a game
  195. Looking for players (GMT+12) - Places filled thanks
  196. East Coast Gamers
  197. Looking for UK game
  198. New to FG? Want to see how it works?
  199. New player LFG Australia\Aisa or Compatible US Time
  200. Mark of Heros
  201. New to FG looking for demo trial
  202. Experienced D&D, New to FG, looking for a game
  203. GMT +2 or South African Players & DM's wanted
  204. Anyone cater for d&d newbies?
  205. Scarred Lands campaign
  206. demo
  207. Another New Game for New Players
  208. New Player to 3.5 and FG looking for group...
  209. FG Newbie Seeking Game
  210. Mistwell Melodies: The Tomgale Talisman
  211. Long in experience with D&D. newbie in FG. looking for
  212. Two Players Looking for a Weeknight Group
  213. European Game Vacancy (Friday)
  214. Friday Night 7:30pm Mountain time
  215. ShadowRun?
  216. Just a test...
  217. Sunday night slum
  218. Getting Into A Game
  219. GMT+1 or near game
  220. Game on Friday 23rd, sat. 24th
  221. newbe looking for a group to join.
  222. Making the jump, looking for a game...
  223. game today in 1.5 hours... 2pm GMT-8
  224. Player looking for a eberron campian.
  225. oriental (or asianesque) campaign
  226. Weapons of the Gods Campaign in development
  227. Prince Bertram's Wednesday Night Game
  228. Volunteers for a game tonight ?
  229. Looking for a game .
  230. Australian new FG player...
  231. If anyone wants to test it....
  232. I want to join a Game
  233. I bought FG but it looks like there is no games out here??
  234. In search of a game
  235. Player Openings available!
  236. A couple of Games to Consider...
  237. European Game Vacancy (Friday)
  238. New FG user available as player
  239. FG Newbie looking for a game
  240. The Game Calendar
  241. New fields in the Calendar
  242. Game Calendar Feature request: Allow GM to add players to campaign
  243. EXTREME newbie looking for game in CET
  244. lookin for a game
  245. Est Player Looking For Game Asap
  246. I sure would like to sit in on a game tonight!
  247. new to FG
  248. New half dragon
  249. Any support for WOT campaign?
  250. Game Openings ...