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  1. Games Galore July 24th-26th (Founder's Day Weekend)!
  2. Experienced player looking for experienced groups/DM
  3. Looking to join a D&D Group
  4. Help posting an LFG
  5. Is anyone on this site ACTUALLY looking for REAL players???
  6. LFG Starfinder (Any night ET)
  7. LFG D&D 5e boiiii
  8. LFP - 5e - Weekly Greyhawk Saturday evening game from 6 pm CST to midnight.
  9. 2 GMs looking for a game where we can both be players (Evenings or Weekend)
  10. LFP 5e saturdays
  11. Old player seeking casual campaign
  12. Two players new to 5E LFG on weekends (Pacific Time Zone)
  13. LFM Pathfinder 2E FGU Ultimate Sundays 6pm CST (UTC-5)
  14. More dumb questions from Fantasy Grounds noob
  15. [5e] [Weekday] [EST] Player looking for game
  16. GM looking for players for Carrion Crown AP new parents welcome.
  17. Deadlands lFG
  18. EST player looking for 5E Weekend games.
  19. 2 TO 3 PLAYERS NEEDED! SKT Game in progress
  20. LFP Starfinder Introduction FG Ultimate License Thursday 30th July 19:30 BST (UTC +1)
  21. UK player LFG
  22. AU player LFG
  23. LFG 2nd edition/AD&D Darksun
  24. The Prospects of Thystra: LF DMs for a D&D 5e West Marches Style Campaign
  25. LFP need 1 more player for a campaign starting
  26. European new players game
  27. player based in east coast Australia looking for group
  28. LFG/DM - 2 players looking for new or existing 5E campaign - CST/EST Evenings
  29. Looking for players for currently run through of LMOP
  30. A Mulberry Forest of Ashes. LFP DND 5E. Ultimate Subscription.
  31. LFP - Rolemaster FRP on Wednesday nights 8.00pm AEST (Sydney Australia Time)
  32. LFP Dm seeking players for extended COS campaign.
  33. New Player LFG
  34. LFP:5E Fridays 8pm Eastern once a month.
  35. LFG 1 Player UTC -7:00 D&D 5E
  36. LFP Weekly 5e Campaign based around Saltmarsh
  37. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight or Weekend Game Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat EST US Time Zone prefer 5E
  38. Recruiting for SWADE one-shots
  39. Looking for 2-3 players for a 5e Fantasy Grounds game 7-10 PM Monday Nights
  40. EU player LFG - 5E or PF2 game after 17:30 CET (or weekends)
  41. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game EST US 7pm-? prefer 5E
  42. LFG +1 Any day after 9pm PDT (GMT -8) Some D&D and Pathfinder exp
  43. LFP - D&D 5e - 6:30pm CST Alternating Mondays and Tuesdays - Tegel Manor (1e feel)
  44. GenCon Online Pickup games
  45. Recruiting for Lost Mine of Phandelver + Dragon of Icespire Peak
  46. LFG 5e Looking to run a practise campaign Mondays 8pm GMT +1
  47. Interest in Mutants and Masterminds?
  48. Looking for a 5e DND game to join
  49. Just Joined looking for a group to play with on Weekends
  50. LFG 1 Player Sunday night 9 UTC prefereably, D&D prefer 2nd or 5th Ed.
  51. Just Joined Looking for Cyberpunks
  52. New Joiner LFG : 5e or other
  53. [UTC+2] [1P LFG] Beginner looking for group
  54. Let's Play "Mad Max in Hell' AKA Descent into Avernus
  55. Lfp d&d5e
  56. 2 PLAYERS NEEDED Lost Mine of Icespire Peak
  57. DM - LFP for new game
  58. LFDM 4-5 Players Fridays 6PM PST 5e ,Starfinder or PF2
  59. 2 dnd 5e players
  60. Veteran Player looking for 5e game to play in
  61. MGT2e LFP - Spinward Marches 1105
  62. 2 players LFG for Savage Worlds, Hellfrost or Weird Wars Rome campaign.
  63. LFP Starfinder FGC Standard License. Day & time is TBD. My timezone is EDT (UTC -4)
  64. Work too much to play in my own time zone. GMT-7 looking for a 5e night game.
  65. DM thinking of Starting Homebrew or Module Campaign
  66. Player Looking for a Group
  67. 2 experienced players LFG/DM for weeknights 7PM CST for 5E new or existing campaign.
  68. LFG - Your next Player
  69. No Silent Secret - Murder Mystery
  70. FG newb looking for a game (Preferably DnD5e)
  71. LFG 1 Player Weeknight Game Mon to Fri (after 6pm PST), D&D (Any) or Starfinder
  72. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Monday to Friday GMT 0 UK prefer D&D 5E
  73. LFG 1 Player Flexible Schedule (Weekday/Weeknight/Weekend) for almost any game
  74. Looking for 1-2 more players for a 'hardcore' game
  75. AL CCC 5e Players Needed, Every Wed 6pm - 10pm Chicago Time (CST)
  76. Newbie - 5E - Looking to join a game?
  77. LFG 1 Player LF Bi-Weekly DnD5e Pathfinder Game Mon Tue Wed Fri Sun EST US Time Zone
  78. LFG New Player LF Weekday and early afternoon MtnTime (UTC -6)
  79. LFG Pathfinder 2.0 (Possibly 2 players)
  80. LFG Traveller (Preferably Newer Version)
  81. Running Curse of Strahd need another player
  82. Looking for players for LMoP.
  83. LFG - Looking to connect
  84. LFG 1 Player - Thr-Sun 06:00-20:00 Central US - D&D or Pathfinder
  85. Looking for player. Saturdays 7pm Central, Details follow
  86. LFG 1 Player with flexible schedule looking for 10th level game with other players ES
  87. LFG Inexperienced player looking to play D&D, willing to learn any ruleset
  88. Old school/noobie looking for a Gm/FM game
  89. LFG New player looking to learn D&D
  90. Looking for Pathfinder 2e game to join.
  91. LFP 1 Spot Open for Fri Night 7PM EST USA 5E Forgotten Realms Starting 10th Level
  92. LF2P Pathfinder 1e Rise of the Runelords Sun 5-9 pm EST
  93. Deadlands or Starfinder
  94. Lfp/lfgm
  95. Two Different GMs LFP
  96. LFG brand new player - UK/Europe time zone
  97. LF2M for Active Campaign 3.5e
  98. [Suzerain-SWADE] Weekly Sessions, Wednesday 8pm EST, Friday 4pm EST
  99. LFG - Pathfinder 2 (Saturday or Sunday)
  100. just 2 newbs
  101. LFG 5E - 1 Player. Evening Preferred. CT
  102. PF2 Fall of Plaguestone
  103. Looking for new players with fantasy some fg experience
  104. Newb LFG Pathfinder 2e Western Europe
  105. LFP for a RP HEAVY D&D 5E Sandbox/Homebrew Campaign TEXT
  106. Looking for Players interested in DnD 5e and Pathfinder 2e!
  107. LFP D&D 4e Wed or Sun BST+1 7pm
  108. LFG 1 player pacific time looking for after 5pm Pacific time or Sunday evenings
  109. LFG 1 Player LF weekdays CET
  110. LFG Pathfinder 2E Central Time, late evening
  111. LFG 1 player for D&D 5E - Weekdays(except Wed) afternoon or evening EDT USA
  112. LFG Experienced player/dm looking to adventure as a player. Post 6pm CST Wed/Sunday
  113. LFG 1 Player (UTC -6:00) D&D 5E
  114. The Prospects of Thystra: A West Marches Campaign!
  115. LFP Call of Cthulhu One Shot
  116. Lfp for long term campaigns. (player wanted)
  117. LFG 1 PLAYER. mon-thur 6-10pm pst,or weekends
  118. LFG 1 Player LF Bi-Weekly Game Tue Wed or Thurs CST US Time Zone for Traveller
  119. Brand New Tabletop Player (and to FG) LFG
  120. LF2-3P, Pathfinder Homebrew Setting Longterm Campaign
  121. LFP 2-4 Players Wed or Thu 6PM EST USA Pathfinder 1e Living Varisian Campaign
  122. LFG, P2e, I have FG demo and ultimate FGU
  123. LFG 1P 5E New player looking to learn. [-4 utc]
  124. LFG: New player looking for a group to play with
  125. LFG-1 Player-DnD5e-UTC+1
  126. LFG 1 player Monday, Wednesday, or Thursdays CST evenings
  127. LFG Pathfinder 2E To learn 2E UK Player (GMT) Friday, Saturday Sunday
  128. LF 1-2 Players for long standing 5e campaign set in the Isles of Moonshae.
  129. Experienced Gm/dm looking to play in a Pathfinder 2e game.
  130. Savage Friday Nights - Irregular Fridays @ 7PM East
  131. LFG 1 Player Looking for Weeknight 5e (or CoC) Game EST
  132. It's been a while .....
  133. LF pathfinder or 5e. Want to play not DM for once lol
  134. DCC RPG Looking for a couple of players
  135. Let's Learn Pathfinder 2E
  136. LFG as a player - 5E - UK time zone
  137. LFG-1 Player-Vampire V5-UTC+1
  138. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Mon - Thurs PST
  139. [LFG] [PF1e] [Free] Looking for any AP or homebrew
  140. Lfg d&d 2e
  141. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Game Sunday or Monday CST US Time Zone Prefer 5E DND
  142. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game M-F , CST US Time Zone prefer 5E
  143. LFG 1 Player D&D 5e or Pathfinder 2e
  144. LFG 1 Player Saturday Game/Some Sundays available
  145. D&D Forgotten Realms Looking for Players
  146. LFP: +2 Players for a long-term horror campaign (Wed 6-9 PST/9-12EST)
  147. LFP - Pathfinder 1st Ed - Rise of the Runelords & FG 1st timer SUN 7 CST
  148. LFG New(ish) to 5e
  149. LFG 1 player LF D & D 5e game Fri eve, Sat all day, Sun morn or afternoon EST USA
  150. An On Going Campaign Looking For More Players
  151. Group looking for DM for Icewind Dale on Fantasy Grounds
  152. LFG 1 Player looking for 5e game
  153. Interest Check - Black Crusade
  154. LFG 3-5 Players LF Sunday Game EST US Time Zone, prefer PF 1, 2, Savage Worlds or 5e
  155. LFP 5e Classic Sunday Nights 6 PM Central Saltmarsh Begin Level 4
  156. LFP 1 more player for a home brew campaign. Please read my post.
  157. Battlefield LA. Genefunk 2090
  158. LFG - DCC, oD&D, LotFP, Mothership or other interesting games
  159. LFP - 5-6 players for new 5E campaign, UTC-4, Mon-Tues 22:00 (American EST 10PM)
  160. LFG 1 Player, pref us pacific 6-7pm start weeknight med sessions (4-6hr)
  161. LFG 5e dnd gmt+1 weekdays all day availability until late, inexperienced player
  162. [Online], [Home-brew], [PF1e], [Bi-weekly Fridays],[Friendly for all groups] [18+] [5
  163. Looking to hire an experienced DM for a play session.
  164. LFP 5e Tyranny of Dragons Friday 7pm EST Newbies FGU
  165. Looking for a Group
  166. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight or weekend Game US central time zone prefer 5e
  167. Long-Term Open-World 5e - Play D&D like an MMORPG
  168. Rusty AD&D2E GM Relearning, Possible Long Term Group
  169. New DM looking for Exp FG to for a one shot.
  170. LFG 1 Player | Any Time | Sunday | CST US Time Zone | PF 2E | Investigator!
  171. [5E][Online][AEST] Friendly group looking for DM for Icewind Dale
  172. LFM: D&D 5E, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
  173. LF 5 Players
  174. LF1M for a Wednesday Night game D&D 5e
  175. LFP Want 5 Players West Marches Style (Elantris Excavation) Usually M/W or F at 6 PM
  176. 5E Eberron Campaign LF1-2M for ongoing campaign
  177. LFG: 1p for D&D 5e
  178. [Online][Pathfinder 1e PFSRD][Weekly, Fridays 6:30pm - 9:30pm (GMT -5) Central Sessio
  179. New to FG, looking for Sunday 5E game
  180. LFP for a 2 month min 5E GMT every Tuesday time can be discussed saltmarsh/homebrew
  181. [LFG] [D&D 5e] Player on the hunt for a Thursday or Friday night game.
  182. LFGM 3 players to play PF2E
  183. [LFG] [DnD5e] Monday or Wednesday evenings
  184. DnD 5E - Isekai/Video game adventure (Interest check)
  185. Age of Ashes Adventure Path
  186. LFG: Any D&D 5E groups looking for a player?
  187. [LFG] [D&D 5e] one player
  188. LFP - Starfinder: Attack of the Swarm: Huskworld (Part 3/6 AP)
  189. Weekly Friday D&D 5E, 7:30 PM - 12:30 AM Pacific (UTC -8 ) Need 1 Player
  190. Deleted
  191. LFG 1 Player
  192. LFP Low Fantasy Gaming RPG
  193. Tomb Of Annihilation - [AUS] Weeknight Time slot
  194. LFG 1 player (5e) - time flexible
  195. looking for 4 more players
  196. Looking for 1 player D&D 5E for Monday Night 7-10 EST
  197. Call of Cthulhu Gaslight 1890s starting point game
  198. LFP for text based campaign in Moonshae Isles
  199. [LFG][Online][AEST] Newbie Looking to Learn Any System
  200. LFG New Player looking for VTM 5th edition game
  201. LFP Storm Kings Thunder 5e D&D
  202. 1 Player LFG D&D 5E CST (During school hours or after "bedtime")
  203. LFG 1 Player | Tue, Wed, Fri, or Sat EST US | D&D 5E
  204. LFG. looking for a weekend day game est
  205. LFG 1 Player LF Game Sun Mon or Tue CST US Time Zone prefer 5E
  206. Looking for 3-5 Players -- Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlathotep
  207. First time played looking for tutorial game
  208. LFP(1-2) to join DND 5E campaign every Saturday night (PST) (FGU).
  209. LFG 1 Player, Weeknight Tue, Wed, Thurs or Sun CST US Time Zone prefer PF1e/2e or 5E
  210. Looking for a group to play Starfinder
  211. LF Pathfinder 1st Edition Group
  212. LFG 2 Players, Weeknight Wed, Thurs EST US Time Zone PF2e
  213. LFG 1 Player DnD 5E Mon-Fri 6-10pm CST or Weekends
  214. LFG 1 Player LF Game Tue-Sun, Weekdays Evening only GMT +2
  215. LFG 1 Player LF Weekday or Weeknight Game EST US Time Zone prefer 5E
  216. Looking for players. Friday evening games (EST). Nautical theme mini-adventure.
  217. LFG Experienced players (2) 5e/PF2 RP - M/Tu/Th Evening Sa/Su EDT
  218. Looking for 2 players for Lost mines of Phandelver
  219. The Barking Spider VTT RPG Discord Server is looking for players and DMs!
  220. LFP wanting to start a Campaign Saturdays 3-6:00p.m. PST
  221. LFG D&D 5e in Atlantic Timezone
  222. Star Trek
  223. LFG 1 Player LF Game Any Weeknight or Sundays GMT UK Time Zone prefer 5E
  224. Player lfg 5e (cest/gmt+2)
  225. Player LFG D&D 5E Thursday nights 7-8PM till 10-11PM EST weekly
  226. LFG DnD 2e,3.5e, or 5e. Weekdays after 2 cst or Weekends anytime.
  227. LFP for 1-2 female players
  228. LFP: Simple, Character Driven Campaign - D&D 5th Edition (Sat 2-5 pm Central US)
  229. LFP Need one more to join a campaign on Session 46 and counting 5E
  230. LFP Looking for 2-4 players Sat Sep 12 1:30-5:30 EDT GMT +4 for starting a5e campaign
  231. Support for superhero gamng?
  232. LFG 1 player FG Standard Classic Lic. Willing to play PF and 5e Weekday and Evenings
  233. LFG Pathfinder 2e
  234. Seeking a long haul campaign for a good cause - and a bit of celebration!
  235. Looking for a long term group that is willing to play with a noob
  236. LFG 1 Player Evening Tue,Thurs,Fri,Sat or maybe Sunday GMT+10 Pathfinder 2e
  237. LF 1 player DnD 5e Tuesdays 6-10pm central US
  238. 1 player LFG, evenings ~9:00PM EST or weekends.
  239. anyone interested in DM'ing the last part of COS? see inside for more
  240. Game MatchUp or Calendars or Game Listings LFP LFG
  241. LFG: Sundays - Tuesdays Evenings, (CST) Preferably a D&D 5e campaign.
  242. LFP: 2 Players needed for Starfinder group every other Sun 2pm-6pm Central US time
  243. Looking for 5e games with voice and possibly video...
  244. LFG - D&D 5e Weekends EST Timezone
  245. LFG Symbaroum UTC+1 Looking to create a new Symbaroum group for FGU
  246. LFG - New player, New to DnD
  247. DCC adventure awaits
  248. LFG: New to FG but not to RPG - Mature, Consistent Player for D&D, PF1
  249. Group looking for 2 Players
  250. New to app not D&D looking for active group to play with