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  1. LFP - 5e, 5Players
  2. LFG 1 Player LF weeknight game wed or thurs AEST UTC+10 prefer 5e
  3. 1 Player LFG for D&D 5e Sunday Evenings only.
  4. [LFP][Gmt-6][Discord] 3/26 8pm Adventures of Asfalorn one shot
  5. LFP 1-3 Fri Night 10PM CST USA 5E Storm King's Thunder
  6. LFG Out of the Abyss 5E
  7. New DM, LFP to help learn FG, have "Homebrew" ready to go!
  8. Looking for Players
  9. [LFP] Need 5 players 5e D&D NEW Tomb of Horrors TONIGHT! Are you brave enough?
  10. LFG - Looking for 5e Lvl 1 group
  11. LFG 5E Friday Night - Sunday Night Standard License, Core +Wizard 1 Shot or Campaign.
  12. LFG, New Player, 5e
  13. Harp Open Space for Players
  14. Player looking for D&D 5E game to join, start, play.
  15. LFG DnD 5e weekdays before noon until 3pm CST.
  16. New player lfg for 5e. Any day from 6pm 1am. GMT +1
  17. LFPs for Lost Mine of Phandelver; Mondays or Wednesdays 8-12 PDT
  18. 2e AD&D game
  19. [LFP] Need 4-5 for D&D 5E Sunday Dungeon Crawl Series - Weekly 9 PM MDT (GMT -6)
  20. Looking for a group for FFG Star Wars
  21. [LFG] Available all days 10:30 pm-7 am CT DnD and PF preferred
  22. LFP 1 player for rise of runelords 5e modified
  23. SrB's One-Off Pathfinder Mondays
  24. [LFP]Pathfinder: The Chronicles of Almeron (Homebrew setting) Seeking Mature players!
  25. Anybody Running Games??
  26. player LFG - weekly wednesday game PATHFINDER or 5E
  27. LFP: D&D 5th Edition, A Few New (or fairly new) Players Needed
  28. LFP 1 (Need Healer/Tank) Tales of the Yawning Portal Campaign Tues 5PM-8PM PDT
  29. LFP +1. 5e Hoard of the Dragon Queen with some Homebrew 19:30 GMT.
  30. Lfp running oota, I have an ultimate license so anyone can apply.
  31. Brand new player - looking for a game
  32. Looking for Rise of the Runelords
  33. A new player want to play D&D (swedish)
  34. LFG New to FG
  35. Looking for new 5e group
  36. LFG 1 Player-EU Timezone- Evenings / Night Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday
  37. LFG Friday Nights 5E
  38. LFG 1 New Player- EU Evenings/Nights Weekdays 5E
  39. LFG 2 Players - Cant Make Tues Wed(Maybe Sat) - LF 3.5,5e,PF - LF Late afternoon PST
  40. LFG 1 Veteran gamer coming out of RPG retirement (very flexible schedule)
  41. D&d 5e
  42. LFG: D&D 5E, Flexible Times (EDT)
  43. Adult Player for Adult D&D 5e
  44. DM Looking for New Players
  45. LFG, 1 player, Fri or Sat evenings, PST.
  46. LFP need 4-6 players Sundays PST noonish 5E homebrew world
  47. Longtime Group Looking for 1 More
  48. DM Looking for players
  49. LFG - 5th ed, Tuesdays?
  50. Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Sunday Afternoons- GM has Ultimate License
  51. LFP - D&D 5e, 5:30 PM CDT, Monday 4/3
  52. Looking for a 5e Group
  53. [LFP] 5E - Trail of the Apprentice (AUS/Sun 8pm/wkly) Timezone AEST or GMT/UTC+10:00
  54. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Mon-Wed Preferred JST Japan prefer 5E
  55. LFG 1 Player LF Evening(Sun,Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri) MDT US Time Zone
  56. Rusty D&D player looking for a 5E group to pick up playing again
  57. LFG : Mutants and Masterminds
  58. Interest and availability check for Kingmaker, a Pathfinder AP.
  59. Looking for D&D 5e group
  60. LFG Returning player looking for a long term group.
  61. LFP Need 2-3 Players Saturday 9:30 AM GMT - HEAVY Homebrew Campaign!
  62. 2 players LFG, 5E campaign
  63. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight/Weekend Game Sat Sun Wed Fri AEST Aus Time Zone prefer 5E
  64. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Game Friday Saturday or Sunday UTC Central Time Prefer 5E
  65. LFG; DND 5E; EST; NJ, United States
  66. LFG Pathfinder US central time
  67. LFG 1 Player LF Fri, Sat Sunday Day or Night GMT+8 or AUS timezone (New Player)
  68. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Sat UTC +2 20:00 prefer 5E
  69. LFG anyday except Thursday and Saturday. (Mainly 5e)
  70. [LFG][5e] 1 Player, DM'ed enough and would like to play
  71. LFGM Pathfinder 1:10pm-8:00pm Saturdays, 6:00 CMT
  72. LFP - 5E Lost Mines of Phandelver - Demo clients and new D&D players welcome!
  73. LFG 5E, 3.5, or Pathfinder, Savage world (Fairly experienced player, its been awhile)
  74. LFG (DCC or AFF2E)
  75. Beginner looking for a teacher
  76. Looking for a Game! Forgotten Realms 5e
  77. LFG - 2 players - reliable mature guys - 7p-12a weekly (but flexible) EST
  78. LFG 5E 1 Player LF Weeknight or weekends games CST Time Zone
  79. [LFG] 2players, LF weekly game, SMT-T-S
  80. New player LFG
  81. LFP - 5E Lost Mines of Phandelver. Demo clients welcome! Second group forming!
  82. Gauging Interest: Savage Worlds Six-Guns and Sorcery Homebrew PST/UTC-8?
  83. The Wild Hunt - 5e Sword Coast - Wed 4/12 6:00 PM CDT
  84. LFG! LF GM! A few RL friends were hoping to join or start a game.
  85. GM Looking for 2 Players- pathfinder tuesday
  86. New player looking to learn DnD 5 and FG software
  87. LFG weekday/weeknight
  88. UK player LFG - willing to try something new
  89. West Marches style game! Multiple Dm's, multiple time zones!
  90. LFG Experienced Pathfinder seeks Tuesday Adventure
  91. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Tue Wed Thurs or Fri CST US Time Zone prefer D&D
  92. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Mon Thurs Fri Sun Weekday Mon-Fri EST Prefer 5E
  93. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game wed thur fri EST US Time Zone prefer star wars
  94. Looking for Players, Princes of the Apocalypse, 5E
  95. [LFG] [1 Player] Any Day Any Time GMT (Night Owl) Prefer 5E or Pathfinder
  96. LFG Long time gamer frist time VVT looking for 5e
  97. Pulp Cthulhu - The Two-Headed Serpent - UK Timezone
  98. [Pathfinder][available any night 7:00-12:00 est][lfg]experianced player
  99. LFG - Pathfinder Adventure Path - Experienced player - PST Looking for Sundays?
  100. Group of 3 players LFG/LFGM 5e available most days CST/EST
  101. LF 1 player Tales of the Yawning portal 5e lvl 3, happening now! find me on Discord!
  102. LFP Thursday Nights, 7:30 to 10:30 CST
  103. StarWars EotE or Saga Looking to start a new group
  104. LFG 1 Player LF Game Tue or Wed CST US Time Zone prefer 5E
  105. LF1-2P Sunday 8PM Mountain Time 5e Homebrew
  106. [LFG](1Player) Night Owl Newbie 5E Campaign
  107. Building a homebrew campaign but looking for 5e play first
  108. i'm looking for a group
  109. LF 1 to 2 Players for long 5e campaign.
  110. Looking for DM for a group of new D&D players. (5E preferably)
  111. LFP Savage Tide - Text only campaign on saturday
  112. The Wild Hunt
  113. Long time D&D player looking fer a 5e game Sat or Sun
  114. LFP - 5E Strom King's Thunder Sat. evenings GMT+9 (Japan)
  115. [DCC RPG] Sailors on the Starless Sea 0-Level Funnel for 3+ Players
  116. LFP Rolemaster Forgotten Realms
  117. LF3-5P / Hoard of the Dragon Queen D&D5E / Late night GMT Friday, Weekly
  118. LFP - 5E Lost Mines of Phandelver. Demo clients and New D&Ders welcome!
  119. LFP, Forgotten Realms, 5e, PST DM. Saturdays, Sundays...
  120. Curse of Strahd
  121. Lfg Cthulhu related rpg
  122. LFM - Curse of Strahd
  123. LFM - Curse of Strahd
  124. LFG Pathfinder or DD5.0(never done yet)
  125. 2 Players LFG - D&D 5e
  126. AD&D: Against the Giants
  127. Champions 4th Edition Campaign
  128. New Player LFG Weekends Afternoon of Evening EDT Prefer 5e
  129. LFG 1 Player LF Weekends or Weeknights CST 5E
  130. Looking for one more Saturday 10 PM CST - Pathfinder
  131. Are you a 5e DnD Rogue? We have one opening left to fill for Saturday Afternoons CST!
  132. LFG Savage Worlds
  133. Need 2 players hotdq Sunday night 1030pm+ central 5e
  134. LFG, NEW to FG, Player
  135. LFG - Prefer Savage Worlds - New to tabletop!
  136. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknights/Weekends EST US Prefer 5E
  137. LFG - 1 Player - Fridays, Most Evenings (Not Thur/Sat) UTC +9:30 (South Australia)
  138. 3 P LFG 5E Today/Night
  139. LFG - 3 Players - LF Saturday night if possible - CST US Time Zone for us - prefer 5E
  140. New DM looking for new players for Lost Mines of Phandelver
  141. LFG 1 Player LF Evening Game Wed or Sat/Sun AUSSIE Times (or EU mornings) only 5E
  142. LFG 1 Player LF Game any day of the week after 6:30 pm PST US Time Zone prefer 5E
  143. LFP (1) to join a regular group Friday nights
  144. LFG for game today (04/27)
  145. LFP - 4 Players - Friday & Saturday - D&D 5e!
  146. LFG: CoC mostly but interestd in any. MTZ (+7GMT) Weekends
  147. Terrorists, Aliens, Megacorps, Politicians - A New Campaign Of An Old Classic
  148. New DM Looking for 5 New Players every other Thursday Night 8:00pm Mtn Time US - 5E
  149. LFP Need 1 Player Sat Morn 10AM CST USA 5E 2nd-Ed-FR/Sandbox/Dark Souls-inspired
  150. LFG e5 Friday or sunday starting around 4-6pm CST
  151. LFP D&D 5e lost mines of phandelver New players welcome!
  152. PAHTFINDER Homebrew GM looking for players
  153. LFP 1 - The Curse of the Crimson Throne - Pathfinder Campaign
  154. Interest Check Savage Worlds Necessary Evil Thursday Nights from 6:-9:30 CST
  155. LFP: Gauging Interest - Wednesday/Sunday Every 2 Weeks
  156. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Game Fri night, Sat and Sun Anytime MST US Time Zone 5E
  157. Lfg
  158. LFG- New GM, Playing though Lost mines of Phandelver Sunday evenings.
  159. LFP 1-3 Tue Night 9PM CDT USA 5E Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  160. The Wild Hunt Campaign 5e, 6:00 PM CDT Wednesday
  161. LFG, 1 Player, CDT Weeknights after 7pm or any time Sat and Sun, 5e
  162. New Player LFG for Pathfinder or 5e
  163. Looking for group DnD 5e
  164. In-Progress D&D 5th Edition Curse of Strahd Game Looking for Players
  165. Group LF DM 5e, Friday Nights 7pm EST
  166. Rappan Athuk : The Dungeon of Graves
  167. LFP Pathfinder Shattered Star (Monday Nights)
  168. Looking for Player for 5e Saturdays (mornings/afternoons), Just starting group! Help!
  169. LFG 1 Player LF Evening Game (Flexible) EST US - Prefer 5e
  170. Attention, Help Wanted: Paladins (Order of the Gauntlet), we need you!
  171. Tuesday Group LF 1 or 2 DM/Player
  172. Newish (to Fantasy Grounds) LFG Pathfinder, 3.5, or 5th Edition
  173. 5e GMT +0 Established group looking for a healer - HotDQ
  174. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Saturday Evenings North American Eastern
  175. Middle-earth (5th Ed) GMT 0
  176. LFG: Adventures in Middle Earth, CST
  177. Rolemaster / Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path (Paizo) 2 Players wanted
  178. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight/Weekend Game (sans-Thursday) PST Time Zone prefer 5E/PF
  179. LMoP DM is LFM for game on Sunday, May 7 2017
  180. LFG - 1 Player - Weekly (preferably weekends) night, MST
  181. Quick Hello
  182. LFG, 1 player, EST, Available Weekdays and Weekends
  183. GM Looking for 1 Player- pathfinder tuesday
  184. Star wars - Force and Destiny, Looking to learn
  185. LFP - Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  186. LFP Need 4-5 Players Sun (21 May) 11am-4pm EDT/GMT-4, D&D 5e, The Sunless Citadel
  187. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Monday GMT, 5E D&D
  188. LFP (3-4) 5E D&D Campaign in GMT +8/+9
  189. LFG DnD 5e Returning Player
  190. LFG 1 Player LF Weekly Game Sun-Fri EST U.S. Player
  191. D&D 5th Edition - Monday Evenings EDT/EST - Webcam Required for Streaming
  192. D&D 5th age (Science fiction 5th edition conversion) need co-dm and players
  193. UK Player required for 5e HotdQ campaign Fridays GMT+0
  194. Wed night D&D 5e group with room for 1-2 more
  195. Recruiting: Kingmaker Thursday Evening Campaign
  196. LFG-1 player, pathfinder and D&d 5e
  197. Forgotten Realms 5e Open World Campaign (4 Players Max)
  198. LFG- 1 Player Most Days and times Available Except early afternoon sundays
  199. LFP 5E D&D Tues. or Sat. evenings GMT+9 (Japan)
  200. Looking for a 5e D&D game
  201. LFG 1 Player LF Game to jump in on this weekend 5/13 CST US Time Zone (Anytime) 5e
  202. LF2M Players for a Homebrew Campaign (Hopefully tonight)
  203. 1 PLG weekends
  204. LFP Rogue Trader (WH40K)
  205. LFG DM With 25+ Years of Experience Looking to NOT DM FOR A CHANGE!!!
  206. LFP (1-2 PCs + DM) for D&D 5e
  207. LFG 1 Player LF Game to jump in on 5/14 CST US Time Zone (Anytime) 5e
  208. Dark Sun 4e. Looking for a few brave souls
  209. LFG Regular Game Pathfinder Monday or Wednesday CST
  210. LFG - 1 player looking for 5e game on tue-fri evening - gmt+1
  211. LEG Pathfinder Tuesday Afternoon Pacific
  212. LMoP PDT starting 5/27
  213. LFP for D&D 5e Rage of Demons
  214. [LFG] Tues/Wed/Thurs. DnD 5e/Pathfinder/etc.
  215. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Mon-Fri Sun Weekday Mon-Fri EST 5E/Pathfinder
  216. Looking for group Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  217. Paladin, still needed....
  218. LF Players Tuesday Nights PST Rise of the Runelords
  219. LFG- Star Wars Saga Edition
  220. LFP - SUPER HEROES, Savage worlds w/super companion.
  221. PC LF 5e Group : Please Read! :D
  222. New Player LFG in a Savage Worlds Campaign
  223. LFG 2 Players for D&D 5E on Fridays
  224. D&D 5e - Dragonlance setting
  225. LFG 1 Player LF Game to jump in on 5/17 CST US Time Zone (Anytime) 5e or any D&D
  226. 5E Homebrew Wednesdays LF 1 Player for ongoing campaign
  227. Interest Check: Numenera One-Shot?
  228. Interest check: D&D 5E Assault on Castle Ravenloft one-shot Friday May 19
  229. Interest Check - Iron Gods 5E
  230. LFG 1 Player-All week-GMT/GMT+1 (UK) 5thED
  231. 3-4 Players LFG or LFDM for Monday or Thursday nights 8pm MST. 5e
  232. LFP 4-5 Assault on Castle Ravenloft D&D 5E one-shot Friday May 19 Time TBD
  233. looking for currently active players for Forge of the Dawn Titan, Lair Assault;
  234. LFG 1PC, Horde of the Dragon Queen, Friday or Sunday AEST
  235. LFP 5E Tuesday Nights (Storm Kings Thunder)
  236. LFG 4E/5E/Shadowrun/Non-D&D Everyday but Friday 6pm to 11pm CST
  237. Group of 4 players LFP/LFGM 5e Fridays 6pm EST
  238. 1 LFG 5E Friday Night - Sunday Night Standard License, Core +Wizard/cleric packs.
  239. LF any SW SCI FI games
  240. Old school gamer looking for weekly group (Forgotten Realms pref)
  241. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight GAme Mon or Friday UTC-08:00 5e DDAL4-01 Suits of the Mists
  242. Looking for New Players to FG - Monday night 5/22 5e one-shot (6:30 pm MST until ??)
  243. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Game Sat/Sun Arizona time zone(MST) 5E
  244. Hells Rebels: Pathfinder AP looking for players
  245. America Central Time/ The Yawning Portal/ Need help DMing
  246. LFG Monday or Wednesday 5 pm CST to 9 or 10 CST Pathfinder
  247. LF a 5e Group that plays Weekly / Bi-Weekly Friday or Saturday Nights
  248. LFG 1 Player Monday, Tuesday, Wensday Australian Time Zone +10 gmt.
  249. Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed - Campaign Starting
  250. LFG Weeknights EST US for 5e