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  1. Gauging Interest: LMoP -> ToD or PoA every other Sunday? Let me know!
  2. [5e] Red Hand of Doom - Tuesdays, 1900 GMT+1 (UK)
  3. Looking for players for Princes of the Apocalypse 5e
  4. Homebrew 5E Campaign / Friday 9:00 PM CST / Beginner Friendly
  5. Any Interest in Rolemaster?
  6. [LFG] Two players looking for a committed group
  7. 5E Starter campaign
  8. [Savage Worlds One Shot] Scooby Doo Unleashed- The Mystery of the Haunted Mansion
  9. Seeing if anyone's interested
  10. Looking for 5e group.
  11. looking for 2 players to join the building of a world for a 5e campaign
  12. Friday D&D 5E, 7:30 PM - 12:30 AM Pacific (UTC -8 )
  13. New player looking for a begginer campaign
  14. [Numenera] Ninth World (Science-Fantasy)
  15. New dedicated thread?
  16. AEST - Saturday Nights 830pm-1230am - Looking for Player
  17. Roll Raiderz Ride, Looking for some new blood.
  18. New Demo Player
  19. Sunday Evening European 5E
  20. Looking for Group 5e MST Zone
  21. Player looking for 3.5 ed meduim to long term play
  22. Looking for a Wed. AL games & LF West Coast Rage of Demons group
  23. Any one running GURPS
  24. D&D 5E Vault of Mages[Slight home-brew, will teach beginners]
  25. Pathfinder Beginner Box - Interest Check
  26. Fate System RPG
  27. Looking for 5E Homebrew players
  28. Can't post gametime in my adventure calendar
  29. Player Looking For Group
  30. Looking for Wfrp 3 ed group
  31. lfg tonight meets on Friday
  32. Looking for players DnD 5e
  33. [The A-Team] Children of Origin One Shot for FGDaze- Need one more
  34. Party of three looking for 5e DM
  35. Looking for 5e Group
  36. [5E] Looking for 1-2 more players for Princes of the Apocalypse
  37. 5e - short encounters
  38. [LFP] Spirit of '77 - Powered by the Apocalypse
  39. [Savage Worlds] War of the Dead- Reno or Bust
  40. New 5E Player Looking for Group
  41. Inexperienced, Looking for Star Wars EotE or DnD 5e
  42. New GM running 5e cult of dragon rise of Tiamat. Looking for a player.
  43. Pathfinder Open Campaign Looking For Player(s)
  44. Any DM's or newer DM"S wish to run a DM+1 campaign?
  45. Looking to try out a small game!
  46. Reliable player looking for group
  47. Looking for a Group to play with
  48. [D&D 5E: LMoP and Beyond] Forgotten Realms Crusades
  49. Looking to play with group in GMT/CET zones
  50. Looking for beginner game; Pathfinder Beginner Box or other low-level entry game
  51. WFRP 3 (Warhammer Fantasy Role Play) campaign with opening for new player
  52. Requesting a Black Crusade
  53. Looking for a Couple of Players: D&D 5E, LMoP and Beyond
  54. New player LF DnD group
  55. Newer-ish Player looking for Weekday DnD5e Game
  56. Iron Kingdoms Campaign (new system)
  57. [LFP] Interface Zero 2.0 - From Gaza With Love
  58. Pair of gamers looking for a 4e Game to play in...
  59. (A!C) Acthung! Cthulhu - Savage Worlds - Horror-themed WW2 Oneshot
  60. looking for players for late night Horde of the DQ/Rise of Tiamat
  61. Looking for players - Home-made Call of Cthullhu campaign
  62. Need one player!!!
  63. Elf Ranger LFG
  64. Fading Suns Campaign Looking for Players
  65. new player LFG for 3.5 or 5ed D&D
  66. Two Players Looking for Weekly Tuesday Game - EST Time Zone
  67. 5e LMoP - one shot for new players
  68. New FG Player Looking for PFRPG and/or 5E Group
  69. LFG - 5e D&D
  70. EU players
  71. LFG for prince of appcolypse
  72. Brazil Players
  73. Looking for GM with Ultimate
  74. New FG lfg 5e
  75. Template for Player(s) Looking for Group Listings
  76. [Savage Worlds] Resistance: Roman Britain
  77. Thursday Evening (MST) Princes of the Apocalypse
  78. LFG 1 player (possibly more if needed) LF weeknight late EST game
  79. Calendar refine
  80. Friday Night Princes of the Apocalypse (Greyhawk). 7PM CST
  81. LFG 1 Player CET Time Zone (GMT+1) prefer PFRPG and Fighter Class. Ultimate License
  82. 5E GMT running HotDQ
  83. LFG 5E game
  84. Player Looking for 5e D&D Group
  85. LFG D&D 5e
  86. WAR OF GRUDGES D&D 5E Homebrew Sandbox Game looking for players
  87. LFG 1 Player LF Sunday Morn to Evening EST USe 5E D&D (prefer Forgotten Realms)
  88. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight/Weekend Game (ANY DAY/TIME) (PST) US Time Zone (prefer 5E)
  89. LFG 1 Player
  90. LFG 1 Player New to FG, LF Wednesday and/or Thursday games Time Zone EST prefer 5e
  91. LFG 1 player
  92. Na (pst) lfg
  93. LFG D&D 5E west coast
  94. LFG 1 Player Any night 5pm - 10pm EST/No Wednesdays. Prefer Pathfinder
  95. LFG 1 Player : Weeknight Game ANY CST prefer 5E
  96. New Game LFP: The Slumbering Tsar
  97. Player LFG, Sundays anytime on Sunday (5E)
  98. LFG 1 Player Monday or sunday anytime; Long-term campaign, prefered D&D 4e/pathfinder
  99. LFPlayers 5e
  100. Looking for group in my time zone
  101. [Savage Worlds] Pendragon Reborn
  102. LFG 1 Player LF evening Game Thu or Fri GMT Time Zone prefer 5E/35E/PF
  103. Jason's Tavern [Spots Open]
  104. D&D 5e - Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  105. LFG D&D 5E (LMoP / HotDQ / PotA)
  106. Player LFG for Tue or Wed or Thur or Sat after 11:30 pm EST
  107. LFG 1 Player, experienced in D&D, newish to 5e, LF Weekly group EST
  108. The Black Tower 5E One Shot. Saturday! 2:30PM EST
  109. DM Teknykk and the Elemental Evil (Lost Mine of Phandelver-Princes of the Apocalypse)
  110. Way of the Wicked: Chapter 1 looking for players
  111. LFG 1 Player, AKST, but time zone doesn't matter, prefer [Savage Worlds] Any setting
  112. Looking for group - 5th Edition
  113. LFG 1 Player New: LF Thursday games Time Zone EST: Prefer 5e
  114. LFG 1 Player 5e
  115. LFG Out of the Abyss
  116. LFG 2 Players LF Anyday PST US Time Zone prefer after 6:00pm
  117. Possible Saturday Morning Game
  118. LFG for any 5e games
  119. LF 5th ed game
  120. LFG for noobs!
  121. LFG D&D (Return Player), or Other
  122. LFG: Pathfinder, Shadowrun 5e, and/or DnD 5e
  123. Looking for a reliable game
  124. Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path forming
  125. New to FG. Looking to play
  126. LFG 1 Player All nights EST Us Time Zone No preferance
  127. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Mon Tue or Wed EST US Time Zone prefer 5E
  128. LFG 1 Player 5E any day any time
  129. [BRP] Star Trek - Stranded
  130. Pirates wanted! (PF Skull and Shackles)
  131. The A-Team- Children of Origin One Shot
  132. Lost Mines of Phandelver - Starting September 26, 2015 (U.S. dates)
  133. [5e] Princes of the Apocalypse campaign
  134. LFG 1 New Player GMT
  135. LFP: 1-2 Needed for Friday evening Castles & Crusades game in Central Time Zone
  136. Curse of the Crimson Throne
  137. looking for group, call of Cthulhu
  138. LF DM D&D 5E (LMoP)
  139. LFG 1 player LF evening game (any besides Tues), EST Time Zone, Shadowrun or SW D6
  140. Games for GMD MVP Tournament! Seats available get involved!
  141. LFG Mutant: Year Zero
  142. LFG 5e D&D (3 players)
  143. LFG 1 Player LF Game all week Mon-Thur Availible 4pm-11pm or 9am-1am Fri-Sun CST 5e!
  144. Looking to form a group of 4-6 rotating PF GMs
  145. LFG 1 Player Very newb to FG and Pen and paper
  146. One shots next friday 9-18 (6:30 central usa) forgotten realms 5e
  147. lfm HOTDQ campaign midway - late night
  148. Hell on Earth Reloaded - The Worms' Turn
  149. Sunday Night Prince of the Apocalypse
  150. LFG 1 Player LF 5E Weeknight Game Mon Tue or Thurs, Time GMT + 8 but kinda flexible
  151. [Savage Worlds] Hellfrost: Novice - GM in -9 GMT flexible time, prefer Sunday
  152. LFG 1 Player evening, Fri, Sat, Sun, PST D&D 3.5 Gestalt
  153. I am looking for a Game!
  154. LFG 1Player LF Weeknight (Monday-Thursday) CST Prefer 5E
  155. [Savage Worlds] Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Fist full of Credits
  156. D&D 5E - Two possibly three players looking for a campaign.
  157. Dungeon World Fantasy RPG One Shot
  158. Friday D&D 5E, 7:30 PM - 12:30 AM Pacific (UTC -8 )
  159. Skull and Shackles Friday night
  160. Spaces available for Call of Cthulhu this weekend
  161. Two Cool Dudes looking for a story game.
  162. New Player LFG for Tuesday night
  163. New to RPGs LFG to play D&D5e or Pathfinder on Friday evenings after 6pm UK time
  164. LF Players - One-Shot Mini Adventure for 4-6 3rd Level Characters
  165. Anyone up for a 5e one-shot this Saturday (19th) @ 8pm Central (DM or Player)
  166. New DM/ Tabletop gamer LFG 4-6 players any time after 9:30pm Pacific Time
  167. LFG 1 Player Saturday and Sunday CET prefer Pathfinder
  168. 4E anyone?
  169. One Shot Fantasy Game Saturday Morning
  170. Mummy's Mask
  171. Lets start a beginners game!
  172. Tuesday Nights AEST Out of the Abyss Adventure.
  173. LFG 1 Player Night time game after 8PST prefer 3.5e but will try 5e as well
  174. Group of three looking for 5e game
  175. LFG 1 player, Sunday 4pm+ Pacific time zone, and I bring goodies!
  176. Cleric Sorceror Build LFG
  177. LFG 1 Player Late Night 5e EST
  178. LFP - One shot Harried in Hillsfar - 10/2/15 Noon Pacific
  179. LFG 1 Player LF any day of the week. CST US Time Zone Prefer 5E
  180. looking for 2 players- Pathfinder- Way of the Wicked Mon 8amPDT
  181. 1 Experienced Player LFG 5E.
  182. LFG 5e
  183. 5 Players Needed - Arrr Pirates! - 5e Campaign
  184. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Gameplay MST US Timezone Only prefer DnD5E also accept 2E+3E
  185. 5E Homebrew Campaign
  186. Lfg 5e
  187. Aussie looking for Pathfinder group
  188. new to Fg and d&d 5e looking for a group
  189. Out of the Abyss 5e Campaign needs 2 additional players!
  190. 2 New Players Looking to Get Started
  191. D&D 5e Fantasy Grounds: Lost Mine of Phandelver. Looking for players UTC +1
  192. Toaster Strudel! LFG weekly 11am-4pm/8pm-3am EST (GMT -4) 5e or pathfinder non evil
  193. Looking for DM in Puerto Rico or at least Spanish speaking group
  194. GMD October MVP tournament starting soon! Get involved!
  195. Hey, I Need A Bunch Of Excellent Players For Multiple Amazing 5E D&D Games!
  196. Player looking for Group/DM (Savage Worlds or D&D 5e)
  197. Been Looking for months for a game
  198. LFG: Pathfinder All day Sundays or Saturday Evenings EST/GMT-5
  199. Veteran DM Looking to Play for a Change
  200. LF Players [5e][Every Friday 9pm EST] Ravens Coast Adventure
  201. Deadlands Reloaded?
  202. Lfg
  203. Fresh DM looking to host 5E campaigns
  204. Looking to be a player again [EDT] [Sunday]
  205. Late Game Heroes looking for players
  206. [FG CON 7] Savage Worlds- Scooby Doo Unleashed- The Mystery of the Haunted Mansion
  207. The Black Tower D&D 5E/Tuesday October 6th 7:30 PM Eastern/Recruiting for Campaign
  208. LFP- D&D 5e Out of the Abyss Module
  209. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Game CST US Timezone
  210. D&D 5E -- looking for one player -- Sunday GMT+9 (East Asia), 8:00 - 11:00 p.m.
  211. LFG-1 Player LF Sunday Night Game EDT prefer 5e
  212. LFP (4-6) The Assimilation Strain DnD 5e Sundays 7 PM EST
  213. [LFG] 2 Players LF 5e Weeknight Game Mon-Thurs EST (USA)
  214. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Saturday Mountain Standard Time Zone prefer 5E
  215. NEW! ShadowRun 4.0E Game [Need Players]
  216. LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Mon Tue Wed or Thur Central Timezone pref Pathfinder
  217. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend/Weeknight Game EST US Time Zone prefer 4E - can try others
  218. Looking For a Group EST 7-8 Wed or Thur Ash'mans Return
  219. LFG 5E 1 Player Thurs Nights 7:00 PM CST or later US Time Zone
  220. Pathfinder / MGE Campaign Looking for Players
  221. New Pathfinder CotCT Adventure Path Forming
  222. LFG D&D 5E (I'm looking for a group not for people for a group)
  223. LFG Warhammer 3rd, WFRP3
  224. Newbie - I want to learn/play Pathfinder via Fantasy Grounds :)
  225. Lfg- 5th ed. D&d
  226. LFG 1 Player LF Weekend Game MDT US Time Zone prefer pathfinder
  227. Looking for a couple players for long term campaign (5th edition)
  228. I am a DM or a player. I can do either
  229. LFG- Out of the Abyss
  230. LFP - Poison of the Soul - Pathfinder Homebrew - 4 Players - Weekly Sunday 6pm-10pm
  231. Player and/or dm looking (I am willing to do either)
  232. LFG 1 Player LFG Sat Night EST (UTC -5), any game
  233. LFP 5E Out of the Abyss, Sunday 8 p.m. GMT+9
  234. I am looking for a group to play with
  235. LFG Pathfinder totally new to both FG and Pathfinder
  236. Player Looking for a 5e D&D Group - Mon/Tues/Thurs
  237. Mondays Savage Worlds Game - Flame of the Avatar 19:00 - 22:30 UK Times [+0 GMT]
  238. LFG D&D. (yes...another one) 5e Perferred
  239. Phandelver by Kilgore
  240. Savage Star Wars looking for 3 players this Wednesday 19:00 to 22:30 [+0 GMT]
  241. [DCC RPG] LFP 2015 Halloween Module - Sun 10/25 8:30 pm ET (GMT -4)
  242. New to FG - LFG to Experience FG
  243. LFP for two Parties GMT+3 (soon to be GMT+2)
  244. Newbie to FG.
  245. Zeitgeist - The Gears of Revolution 4e level 1-30 campaign Text only.
  246. LFP 5E Princes of the Apocalypse, Tuesday 5:30 PM PST
  247. Looking for players for Savage Worlds 1960's Spy vs. Paranormal Game
  248. Savage Worlds Zombie Apocalypse - End of DayZ Fridays @ 19:00 to 22:30 +0 GMT
  249. GMT (UK) player LFG - DnD5e, PF, SR5th, SW(FFG), WFRP 1&2, CP2020
  250. [LFG] New to FG! Wondering if there are any newbie friendly groups.