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  1. Need DM for ready-to-go 6 player party (Pathfinder)
  2. Mid-Week Castles & Crusades Campaign - Players New to FG Welcome
  3. Recruiting ~ Several Games
  4. Sundays - Old Player, Newish Face.
  5. LFG (Pathfinder) anytime Tuesday or Thursday
  6. Looking for 1 (maybe 2) people for Friday Night Pathfinder (9PM EST- 12/1AM EST)
  7. New player to FG looking for first game!
  8. Looking for group!!!
  9. Savage Pirates Zombies and Dinosaurs!
  10. New to Fantasy Grounds
  11. Looking to start a one shot adventure today at noon EST
  12. Player looking for 3rd game...
  13. Castles and Crusades campaign
  14. New player looking for game
  15. Player LFG Shadowrun or Pathfinder
  16. Experienced player, rather new with FG looking for campaign [pref pathfinder or dnd]
  17. Current player looking for a game group to play on Sundays or Weekdays after 7 PM CST
  18. Looking for a Storyteller/GM for a custom WoD Campaign
  19. New D&D 5e campaign.
  20. Friday D&D 5E, 7:30 PM - 12:30 AM Pacific (UTC -8 )
  21. Another new player looking to be blooded!
  22. Multiple Games looking for multiple players! (Pathfinder x2, Star Wars FFG x 1)
  23. Cthulhu M/T/W Evenings GMT
  24. Gauging Interest
  25. A little help for a new campaign?
  26. looking for a Friday or Saturday pathfinder game
  27. Brand Spanking new to FG
  28. looking for 5e game.
  29. Lost man - Looking for group.
  30. LFG: Pathfinder AP
  31. Looking for Pathfinder Group please
  32. Experience player looking for D&D 5e
  33. Bored GM wanting to playtest a homebrew game
  34. Numenera - Devil's Spine (East Coast USA 7PM Sunday Evenings)
  35. 5E Hoard of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat
  36. Anyone willing to run a Call of Cthulhu one shot?
  37. Will of the Gods ( Looking for players ) 5th Ed.
  38. New and looking for a group
  39. Looking For Game!!
  40. looking for players to join our pathfinder game
  41. Looking for a 5e game.
  42. Player(s) wanted for a Rolemaster Game (UK time) - new players to RM welcome
  43. New player Europe
  44. Looking for players for D&D 3.5
  45. Player looking for pathfinder campaign
  46. New player interested in giving FG a run
  47. Star Wars Age of Rebellion Beginner Box this Sunday 1-11-15, who's down?
  48. New Player Interested in Text Only Shadowrun 5E Game
  49. Saturday Morning Pathfinder Game Looking for Players
  50. Hey People!
  51. Seeking 1 Player for a 5e Campaign
  52. Homebrew 5E, Text Chat Only Game
  53. White Plume Mountain 5e conversion 8.15 16/1/2015 8.15pm GMT
  54. Keep on the borderlands for 5e campaign starting
  55. Saturday night Pathfinder? 9PM-12AM EST [ TEAMSPEAK ]
  56. Looking to 5e Lurk...
  57. Let's play 5e Lost Mines of Phandelver
  58. Seeking five or six for a 3.5 Forgotten Realms game, details within.
  59. Going to try hosting games.
  60. 5e Hoard of the Draqon Queen and Tyranny of Dragons Long Term Campaign
  61. WFRP (2nd Edition) 1 Slot Open (GMT-0 Ireland/UK)
  62. An enthusiastic yet new adventurer seeking group willing to help teach the ropes.
  63. Looking for a Weeknight Game.
  64. Player looking for a D&D 3.5 , 5th ; Pathfinder Or WH40K Rogue Trader Game
  65. Looking to play Pathfinder w/ Path of War classes
  66. Carrion Crown AP - Starting Sunday Feb 8 7pm EST
  67. The Heroes Path
  68. a few new players needed for a on going 5e game
  69. Any Sci-Fi Based Games?
  70. Looking for a weeknight game
  71. Any WFRP 2E games need a player?
  72. Been FOREVER since I played a tabletop game.. time for a change
  73. Want to try 5e? Now's the time!
  74. Zeitgeist - A non-Golarion steampunk AP for PFRPG
  75. Looking to play a few games to get back into D&D (5e plz)
  76. Player needed for 5e campaign!
  77. [Interest Check] The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse
  78. Looking to join a game
  79. Just two guys looking for a Friday or Saturday group to play in.
  80. IRON GODS: Friday Night, 9PM EST [TeamSpeak 3]
  81. LFG: Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  82. Interest Check Savage Worlds Fantasy
  83. Rogue Trader - 40k
  84. Savage Worlds Slipstream Interest Check
  85. Noob looking to play Savage Worlds
  86. Recruiting:Mightier than the sword (7th Sea)
  87. Anyone looking to run the Accursed setting for Savage Worlds?
  88. D&D 3.5 Gestalt, please.
  89. Gauging Interest for a Castle & Crusades Game
  90. Mutants and Masterminds - Looking for players
  91. Looking for a game
  92. Looking to Join a Campaign.
  93. LFG: Lost Mines of Phandelver (5e)
  94. Looking for a healer for 3.5 Sunday 6:00 GMT+1 (CET)
  95. Rogue Trader SAT Game Sessions
  96. Voyage on the Sea of Destiny!! 2nd Edition AD&D Fun and Excitement!! Contact me!!
  97. Wednesday Night 5E
  98. Sunday Night Pathfinder (EST)(GMT-5)
  99. Pathfinder RPG - Player looking for a regular group, preferably a week night.
  100. Intellestellar wars, gurps, looking for players.
  101. Gauging Interest for Rogues Thursday Night Throwdown
  102. I am Looking for people to play-test my own system, Lands of Lin!
  103. Looking for a PF group.
  104. LFP (2) - 5E Lost Mines using Adventurers League rules. Mondays 1000-1330 MDT USA
  105. LFP (3) 5E Lost Mines using Adventurers League rules. Tuedays 1930-2230 MDT USA
  106. Player Looking For D&D 4E
  107. Player looking for late night 5e or Pathfinder games
  108. Experienced RPGer Looking for 5E Group
  109. Keep on the Borderlands 5e Dungeon Crawl
  110. New player looking for any kind of game
  111. Gauging Interest: [Pathfinder] Age of Worms Thursdays {22:00 UTC-5}
  112. Ive decided to take the plunge
  113. FG Con VI - AaW top rated scenario B20 - For Rent, Lease or Conquest
  114. The Heroes Path Wednesday
  115. Registering Interest: Second Darkness AP
  116. Savage Worlds - Wednesdays 7pm British Time (GMT) - Looking for Players
  117. Looking to play 3.5e
  118. Player looking for 3.5e
  119. looking for OSRIC or Labyrinth Lord GM
  120. Looking for a Game
  121. Recruiting for a game
  122. Seeking a game, new here..
  123. (D&D 5e) Looking for 1 more for HotDQ/TRoT
  124. 2 people looking for a 4E game on Sunday Nights
  125. Looking for brazilians (Procurando por brasileiros)
  126. LFG new to FG
  127. Looking for one person for Marvel Super heroes
  128. Looking for a game of C&C
  129. LFG AD&D, 2E, 3.5E, Pathfinder, or 5E
  130. Traveller: The New Era Game Forming
  131. Gauging interest for 1-2 player 3.5 d&d game, weekly/bi weekly
  132. Shadow of gods LF players
  133. LFG 2E, 5E, DCC (veteran tabletop, newbie online)
  134. Noob looking for a friendly and patient group to get started with D&D stuff.
  135. LFG for Mutants and Masterminds 3E
  136. New Pathfinder game needs players
  137. Thursday Night 5E Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (Recruiting!)
  138. Still recruiting for C & C game on friday nights
  139. Seeking 5e DM!
  140. looking for a game
  141. Let's Play Tyranny of Dragons!
  142. Pathfinder 1-2 Player (level 1) module now accepting applications
  143. Looking for 5E Game.
  144. Looking for 5e campaign as player
  145. LFG 5e for weekdays
  146. New to FG looking to get into a 3.5e/Pathfinder campaign.
  147. LFG Sundays 3pm GMT onwards - Any Ruleset or Theme
  148. FG Con Needs You!
  149. Recruiting for Carrion Crown
  150. Kingmaker - 5E, Ultimate License. Need a healer
  151. DCC RPG Tower Out of Time (FG Con) - Fri Apr 17 8:30 pm EDT (GMT -4)
  152. Pathfinder - Iron Gods AP intrest
  153. LFG: 5th Edition D&D, Weekdays
  154. GMT LFG Savage Worlds - Campaign or One Shot
  155. New to FG looking for game
  156. Looking for a Group
  157. Player looking to play evening
  158. game
  159. Player LFG D&D 5e
  160. Let's Play Savage Worlds Slipstream
  161. Gm curremtly looking for one or two players
  162. Established 5e Campaign Looking for 1 More
  163. Hey, uhm, anyone wanna play anything?
  164. Player LFG for 5e (any campaign, but I prefer Princes of the apocalypse).
  165. FG Con - Lost Mine of Phandelver 1 spot
  166. Fantasy Grounds Convention - Lost Mine of Phandelver - 1 spot available.
  167. Gauging interest for Lost mine of Phandelver game
  168. Experienced player new to FG looking to try the shiny new D&D5e stuff
  169. New to 5e or Adventurers League?
  170. Star Wars - Sunday at 3pm et
  171. Daytime D&D 5e LMoP game?
  172. West Coast Week Night game? D&D 5e
  173. LFG: PF Mythic Game
  174. WFRP Module help
  175. New to Fantasy Gounds! Looking to start playing a Campaign
  176. Player looking for group to play 5E
  177. Star Wars: Age of Rebellion interest check. (GMT +1 time zone)
  178. Lfg - 5e
  179. New 3.5 Home Brew accepting players for a weekly Sunday Game
  180. Rise of the Runelords looking for a fifth
  181. Friday night RPG group looking to add 1-2 people
  182. 5e player LFG
  183. Looking for DnD Group to give the game a try!
  184. Looking for Players - Princes of the Apocalypse (Dark Sun)
  185. Bastion Against the Darkness
  186. semi new to d&d lookingfor group to learn the ropes
  187. Looking for C&C Group.
  188. New To Fantasy Grounds
  189. Want to join a 5th ed DnD
  190. 0 Charisma Gaming Group
  191. 1 Spot for FG Convention - One shot
  192. Playing Pathfinder on EU time? Anyone?
  193. player looking for a game on Fridays , Thursdays or Saturdays eastern time zone
  194. LFG 5e Bi-Weekly
  195. DM LFP D&D 5e Game New Players Welcome
  196. Lfg 5e
  197. LFG 5E Weekly
  198. New Dm Looking for Players
  199. Marvel Heroes: A Savage Worlds Supers One Shot... Breakout
  200. UK based FG group seeking more members
  201. Looking for 3.5 Gaming Group
  202. FC Con attendee seeking Fantasy Grounds group for some 5E D&D
  203. New Player seeking group - First post seemes to be bugged :(
  204. I love Fate Core ... so who wants to play ... ???
  205. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e looking for a few players Friday 8-11:30pm EST
  206. GMT player LF 4E or 5E group
  207. Star Wars: Edge of Empire Alternating Sundays (Pacific Time)
  208. New to FG (Deme Version) and LFG 3.5/5E/WoD
  209. D&D 5E -- looking for one player -- Saturdays GMT+9, 8 - 11 p.m.
  210. LF 5e game to join
  211. New to FG looking to play 3.5, 5E, Pathfinder, Rifts,etc. -5 GMT
  212. New FG/D&D player looking for group
  213. 5th Edition 1-2 hour sessions, every other week
  214. Interest check - Pathfinder GM's and Static Games utilizing FG
  215. Looking for Pathfinder Game
  216. Looking to get into a long term game
  217. Star Wars: Edge of Empire - Looking for Players, Tue 20:00 CEST
  218. Group LF GM/Mini Encounter
  219. Experienced gamer with license looking for group
  220. Long time roleplayer short time PnP looking for group!
  221. LFG - Open to D&D 5th and Pathfinder - Long Term player MST
  222. lvl 3 Rogue LF 5E D&D
  223. LFG - Midweek evening game
  224. Newbie Looking for Casual Adventure
  225. Experienced player LFg 3.5 dnd or 5th edition
  226. LFG - 5th Edition D&D
  227. Newbie looking for a game
  228. Any groups looking for an extra tonight or games starting tonight?
  229. 3.5 Player looking for game. Willing to learn new system
  230. Any games tonight
  231. DnD Player Looking for Roleplay-Heavy Group
  232. [LFP] Coming soon on SXG...
  233. Hi do you need a player
  234. A D&D 5e Greyhawk campaign
  235. Cleanse the Empire. (DnD 4e, homebrew)
  236. Yep... Still have nothing to play.
  237. 2e Greyhawk Campaign
  238. LFP: Player needed for Castles & Crusades Campaign
  239. Looking for game tonight
  240. DM vs Player
  241. Friday Gaming (MT 2pm - ?)
  242. 5E Player/DM Looking for a Group
  243. Experienced player/GM looking for a group
  244. Gauging Interest
  245. Player looking for FIRST FG 5E game.
  246. Sunday Afternoon EST - Rise of the Runelords
  247. The One Ring: A Gathering Shadow (Sat 8pm UK time)
  248. Looking for a monday morning group.
  249. New User - LFG Tonight!!
  250. Fill in!