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  1. Shadowrun
  2. Streaming, why?
  3. Any way to adjust what players see / don't see for attacks & damage in the chat?
  4. Purchase History
  5. Suggestions for optimal set up
  6. Easy way to search and/all text in modules / published adventures?
  7. Feature Request: Zoom Combat Tracker
  8. How to swap DM?
  9. THANKS!!! ... and a question about purchasing modules (e.g., Xanathar's, etc.)
  10. Weird Initiative Rolls using 5E Rules
  11. Odd connection issues for one of my players
  12. Store Request
  13. Fantasy Grounds constantly has steam overley popping up
  14. How to create a character
  15. Set up an Index Story element?
  16. How well can I DM with a "poor-man setup"?
  17. New FG Meanders Map Pack Coming Soon - The Idlewilds
  18. Options for Rolling Initiative for NPCs (5e)?
  19. New to FG - need some guidance/tips on setup
  20. Let's talk about UX, baby.
  21. Store Error?
  22. Question about why duplicating NPC entries resets search filters/view
  23. DM map vs Player map
  24. Mad Mage Maps
  25. Repoint Data Directory to a different user/folder on my computer?
  26. Question about one of the options in the options menu
  27. FG or Roll20 for LotFP
  28. Completely NEW
  29. FG and Mice
  30. When and how long are the sales going to last exactly?
  31. FG vs FGII
  32. Steam Pricing in Australian Dollars
  33. Question about using purchased items outside of FG
  34. In-Game Recurring Calendar Items
  35. Campaign Organisation - DOE Locations Extension and Modules
  36. PureVPN - Black Friday sale
  37. Purchased items: Who can use (noob question)
  38. 1d2 weapon damage
  39. Black Friday deals?
  40. What's next?
  41. Which Campaign
  42. Other languages?
  43. will Unity require a graphics card?
  44. Completely New Forum Member and new to FG as well...
  45. Wandering Monster Table Help
  46. NPCs (5e): Tracking remaining Innate Spells similar to simply "Spells" in NPCs
  47. The Most Insane Hello World you will ever hear in your life.
  48. Disabling or getting rid of modules (which take up space and take ages to update)
  49. (5e) DM Should / Needs to load Players version of modules?
  50. Working on FG stuff when away from PC
  51. How do you guys/gals (DMs) create your home brew material?
  52. Seeking Fantasy Ground Programmer to write ruleset
  53. Steam Awards Nominations
  54. New to FG/DnD - Some Quick Questions
  55. Importing character
  56. Squareware: Special Tools for the Tabletop DM and VTT FG User [Live on Kickstarter]
  57. Battle maps for modules?
  58. New to FG and have a question
  59. Can you save your Hotbar??
  60. Common Folder for Maps
  61. Why does this happen
  62. Devin Night Token packs.
  63. A Couple of QOL Feature Requests
  64. Default to searchbar
  65. More options on Module Activation (5E)
  66. Advice for running encounters that move from area to area...
  67. been trying to get this working but nothing works
  68. Looking for a Song of Ice and Fire ruleset.
  69. Harn master
  70. Readability
  71. New FGU teasers please😜
  72. 12 Hr Charity Stream Thursday December 13th at 5:00 pm MT
  73. Witcher TRPG
  74. Access issues with purchase:
  75. Which Product to buy???
  76. Two Instances of FG running? Bad or Ok?
  77. Upgrade from standard licensing
  78. Gifting from FG Store
  79. I cant recover my account or cancel my monthly sub i need help
  80. New to this and trying to figure out how to get into a game
  81. Suggestions for Smiteworks
  82. "Hidden" tokens alpha level
  83. Question about monster and class packs
  84. Upcoming Releases?
  85. Adventure a week - sluggish conversion
  86. Anyone ran "The Enemy Within" Warhammer campaign via FG yet?
  87. Issue installing
  88. Premade Adventure
  89. Noob question: Create char and use
  90. Fantasy Grounds / Smiteworks Merchandise?
  91. West March games and multiple GMs
  92. Help? Bought Ultimate Subscription but still showing Demo.
  93. Only way to see encounter placement is to add the encounter to the CT? (5e)
  94. Adding Rule Sets
  95. Sort NPCs by Alignment in 5e?
  96. CC3+ Maps w/ Fantasy Grounds (Questions)
  97. Twelve Days of Christmas
  98. Looking for a GM for Pathfinder Playtest
  99. Amazon gift card?
  100. Jumping in to DM: FG vs D&D Beyond - Content
  101. Nooooooby.... Wants to run ToA. What to buy?
  102. Help with Sound Extension!
  103. DM and Character Sheets
  104. Curiosity only
  105. Pathfinder - transferring Herolabs Character to FG
  106. The software
  107. Licenses
  108. Upgrade non-subscription to Ultimate?
  109. New 'full screen panel' feature for VTT/Real Table hybrid play...?
  110. Can you host a Fantasy Grounds session online for a live group in a different state?
  111. Solo D&D using FG
  112. Rules set modification
  113. Enhancement Request - Maps
  114. Did my upgrade license work?
  115. Use Steam to save extensions and campaigns?
  116. How do you add "Actions" to PC sheet?...and create a store?
  117. Sale plus pdf discounts
  118. FG based Streaming Network and RPG community - C2X
  119. Reinstallation
  120. Licensing Question
  121. Weird Question about Maps
  122. License Key
  123. Fantasy Grounds Extension Updater
  124. v3.3.7 - small icons appearing lower-left of tokens (seems to be DM only)
  125. Frog Godís The Blight
  126. resize combat tracker
  127. 2018 Play Statistics
  128. Include PDF files?
  129. Where can I ask support questions ?
  130. Newb here. Requesting DM/Player feedback on my first 5e character. Could this work?
  131. New Players looking for help
  132. Automatic dice rolling
  133. Just need to be pointed in the right direction
  134. Table Rolling Question
  135. 5E Language Fonts Extensions Question
  136. FG (DND 5e) Token Problem
  137. A "no output" option for table rolls?
  138. Noob looking for advice on making dungeon maps for use in FG
  139. Out-of-session (persistent) info sharing question
  140. A way for FG to show the First and Second roll with ADV / DISADV?
  141. Legend of the Five Rings (L5R)
  142. Basic Skype Question...what does FG require?
  143. New Player Question
  144. How to obtain the host IP for Character Creation Class?
  145. Where to find Terrain maps??
  146. Exhaustion Effects
  147. FG - One Year anniversary
  148. Assistant GM?
  149. New Token Packs
  150. Adding to Purchased Modules
  151. with reg license I get one demo connecton right?
  152. Character Creation - Items
  153. Suggestions
  154. Why are some entries locked and others not
  155. Search Bug within FG?
  156. Dark Galaxies Gaming Starfinder Stream
  157. Solo Play Viable?
  158. Is there a FG language translator outside of the game?
  159. How to make an module work in several rule extensions
  160. Where can I find my license key?
  161. Images on Maps
  162. FNG to FG
  163. Where used
  164. Store question
  165. how to let free players join my campaign
  166. Rolling on Multiple Tables from within a Table
  167. Conditional Statements for Tables
  168. Map capture and mask mode questions
  169. Rappan Athuk for 5e
  170. How do you handle shapechangers?
  171. Choose your own adventure 5e
  172. FG User Manual in ePub format
  173. Question about store content
  174. Importing character
  175. Calender help
  176. Pathfinder Bestiary player resource
  177. Fantasy Grounds Custom Calendar Tutorial
  178. FG tweak suggestions
  179. Licensing Question related to two computers
  180. FG Con 14 - Friday April 12th - Sunday April 14th, 2019!
  181. Gathering info about how this might work...
  182. PC actions in combat tracker
  183. Can you force a table to be rolled with a specific type of die?
  184. Fog of War not availible
  185. Newbie questions
  186. Blank battlemap for FG?
  187. Iron Gods AP Missing?
  188. Duplicate Campaign
  189. Fantasy Grounds on two computers
  190. FG NEWB ~ thinking about buying the Ultimate Lic. ~ few questions first...
  191. Using Premade Adventures (e.g. Dragon Heist)
  192. Growing FG/RPG Community - LFG, Streaming, Content, Friendship!
  193. Why STEAM? ...and Paizo, for that matter?
  194. D&D 5E adventure log page
  195. Is Exalted (3e or ?) in the future line-up?
  196. I hope if one day Fantasy Grounds would support gif maps.
  197. I bought the standard lifetime license, can I subscribe ultimate?
  198. Touch screen windows tablet.
  199. Combat Tracker questions
  200. Ability scores tracking
  201. Temporary changes in Max HP tracking
  202. Hi! Returning with questions!
  203. Themes preview for fantasy grounds?
  204. Pin labels on hover or always on?
  205. Quick Poll - Do you use HEX Grid Maps?
  206. Ghosts of Saltmarsh?
  207. Re: Meander Map Pack
  208. Combat Tracker and attacks of opportunity
  209. Black Donut PNG
  210. GM token in chat?
  211. Wireless Routers
  212. Pathfinder in Ultimate Licence.
  213. AAW's Rise of the Drow
  214. Data Module Activation organization
  215. Deities Grouped In Background Tab?
  216. question about character creation...
  217. Elgato Stream Deck
  218. Need help with Port Trigger (Not port forwarding)
  219. New Player to FG
  220. Music for horror themed modules/adventures
  221. Save bonus on a player character sheet (what is this)
  222. Others can't join my game
  223. Theme Designer Beta Testers Needed
  224. Multiplying a die roll.
  225. Addition to 5E character sheet
  226. Age of Ashes fantasy grounds
  227. Reading purchased rulebooks/adventures without the software?
  228. Any sales coming up?
  229. wotc tactical maps products
  230. Using Fantasy Grounds: Learning by doing?
  231. Backing up Campaign and custom data
  232. Story Orginization
  233. Shared maps for Pathfinder, 5e, and Playtest.
  234. Error after update
  235. How to organize extensions
  236. Question on Module Building
  237. Tokens with transparent background
  238. Changing the letter tokens in a store module
  239. Returning after a long hiatus, cant find key
  240. Updating 3.5e to 5e
  241. FG x64 compatibility for osx?
  242. Noob Question
  243. Feature Request: Add casting limits to Powers
  244. Ready to purchase
  245. Importing Characters from a CSV or JSON file
  246. Saving Campaign and Fog of War
  247. How to Integrate Video in FG
  248. Post Your Unity Question Here for Fantasy Grounds Fridays 04-05-19
  249. Some problems I have noticed
  250. Tactical Maps Reincarnated: Why so many updates?