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  1. combat tracker not giving pcs attack option
  2. Old D&D modules
  3. how many 20s are enough ?
  4. FG in EC2
  5. Combat Tracker Page Suggestion/Question
  6. Adding a music bot on FG Teamspeak Server
  7. 2 questions to help a newbie GM get started
  8. New Updates Available Today 2017-10-03
  9. Downloading modules
  10. Steam and Non Steam editions
  11. Non English text
  12. Wrapping my head around purchases
  13. Condition/effects IF/IFT query
  14. editable calanders
  15. AVG Detection Alert with latest UpdaterEngine.exe
  16. What's the benefit?
  17. Story Management
  18. Gifting FG
  19. The Chat Window and die rolls...
  20. Invisible GM notes on PC character sheets
  21. Why do the initiative indicators seem smaller on round tokens?
  22. New Player questions
  23. Simultaneous Reveal
  24. 5E/Pathfinder adventure on Kickstarter,
  25. Adventure Question
  26. How to invite people to a private campaign on the calendar?
  27. Sooo... Hero Lab API integration...
  28. Recommendations on purchases
  29. DM joining a new campaign as a player -- Where are my books?
  30. Effect, 5e ruleset, immune all except radiant?
  31. Localizations
  32. Ack!!! Why isn't there an undo function!?!?!? A favor to ask...
  33. Trouble starting a game
  34. Just another one of my annoying threads
  35. Fantasy Grounds map textures and memory limits
  36. Xanathar's Guide release?
  37. New Player Questions
  38. Video in fg blogs
  39. New with a question
  40. Blaming people for not showing up without reason or message
  41. Where's my stuff?
  42. Can someone tell me if this exist?
  43. Map: Mansion, suggestions?
  44. Exporting an Adventure
  45. Using a Fantasy Grounds Calendar to schedule sessions with playgroup.
  46. WOTC / Module Maps
  47. New products?
  48. New FG user with questions
  49. Player summons/animate dead issues
  50. Have you seen this before?
  51. New to FG products
  52. What are the acceptable file sizes?
  53. Recommending Fantasy Grounds on Steam
  54. Adding content to an existing module...
  55. FG license
  56. Module Sharing Doubt
  57. License Retrieval
  58. Getting fantasy ground for local play
  59. pc creation
  60. Big Ideas for Old Gamer, FG Newbie
  61. "I sure wish I could search the module for a word"
  62. Fantasy Grounds While Travelling
  63. Fantasy Ground Calendar
  64. Fng :) hi!
  65. Editing modules directly vs editing them when imported
  66. Calendar Settings
  67. Newbie Questions
  68. Congratulations to the Winner of the D&D Xanathar's Guide to Everything Giveaway
  69. Question about reading purchased material
  70. Opening modules up in other rulesets
  71. Link subscription to steam
  72. Assigning EXP question
  73. Getting started/loading modules
  74. Newb Question: Can I set the data folder to a cloud storage?
  75. Where do module files appear once exported?
  76. Reverting back to Old Alias
  77. World of Warcraft
  78. Cannot load existing campaigns on fresh install on 2nd computer
  79. What do I need to buy?
  80. 5E Ruleset with non-5E purchased campaign?
  81. Willing to Teach
  82. Question from a newb
  83. Just roll some dice!
  84. Buying this product
  85. Question about Combat Tracker
  86. Changing the Background
  87. Is there a way to view the full rule book in fantasy grounds?
  88. Manually adjust NPC / PC on Combat Tracker?
  89. Tomb of Annihilation Sale
  90. Discord
  91. Short Rest effect in 5e (PC)
  92. Super Newbie and Questions about Tokens
  93. Placement of official pregen content from the encounter to the map
  94. Dyson's Maps
  95. New GM want to know what to buy
  96. Modifying how initiative is rolled
  97. What TV size should I buy for my table?
  98. Fantasy Flight Games
  99. Subscriptions and Steam
  100. Great times, Thanks FG.
  101. Complet Core Monster Pack miss detailed NPCs spells (?)
  102. Starting new sit down/face to face group and have some questions about FGs
  103. Fantasy Grounds Addons, do DMs need to have everything players do?
  104. End of sale?
  105. Do You Recommend FG to Mac Users?
  106. Main window position saved on exit, and restored on start?
  107. Clarification on packs vs imported content and FG features
  108. Tablet version forum???
  109. Extensions not appearing
  110. [Question] Shared Maps and Map Pins
  111. Took the Plunge and bought a TV for Face to Face and want to use FG
  112. Pre-made D&D Campaigns
  113. Looking to get started
  114. Login fail
  115. Manual Dice Entry - Show the shadow
  116. Getting Ready For FGU
  117. Considering Purchase, Remote Host?
  118. Creating Druid on FG
  119. Adventure Path Conversions
  120. Old AD&D modules on FG D&D 5e?
  121. Perception Checks
  122. Has Anyone Run FG on a Samsung Tab Pro S2?
  123. Exporting created content for use in other modules
  124. Data Sharing Across Multiple Devices Best Practices?
  125. activating new modules
  126. Starfinder release?
  127. Need some help with homebrew customizations
  128. Adding a Calender to FG
  129. combat tracker issue
  130. Enter the Fantasy Grounds is How I Game Giveaway and win some free content
  131. new campaign question
  132. D&D 5e - Bonus to spell attack won't work
  133. Suggestion re: Tables
  134. Adding tokens for players or NPC's..??
  135. New to FG - Question About Modules
  136. Xanathar's Guide to Everything: Tool Proficiencies as Skills
  137. Noob question- scripting
  138. Steam and modules
  139. Skill Checks against Xanathar's Traps
  140. Ultimate Licence now or should wait for Unity?
  141. Steam and the Bundle Discount
  142. taking20 roll20 vs fantasy grounds cost
  143. Having XML Exporting Issues
  144. Bought Tokens where do I find them?
  145. Sending Whispers to Players in different D&D languages
  146. Does Fantasy Grounds work with Windows 10 touchscreen and Ipad tablets?
  147. Localhost - "Runtime Error Exception: bad allocation"
  148. Frog God Games Tome of Horrors for 5E
  149. character creation
  150. Ultimate License Discount???
  151. inviting players
  152. Writing Client (Player) Notes Offline
  153. Move from roll20
  154. Ultimate License and add ons
  155. Alternate Critical Hits
  156. A question about upcoming Unity version of FG
  157. Dice rolls
  158. Using 2 displays for local play
  159. The 3 Tabs Under Manage Characters
  160. (Mega)Dungeon Adventure
  161. Voice changing software?
  162. showing the battle map to players
  163. Streaming a player-friendly version of the map
  164. Removing XP from party sheet
  165. Magic Traps
  166. Using Google to search the Fantasy Grounds (or any other) site
  167. multi-target?
  168. Starting campaign with WotC material
  169. ok ive asked this elsewhere but now to re-ask it here!
  170. Newb where do I start?
  171. Placing object tokens not linked to NPC in an encounter
  172. superiority dice
  173. Local Tabletop question
  174. Applying spell effects
  175. FG & DnD Beyond
  176. Token Packs for Hexcrawl
  177. Palladium/Rifts homebrew?
  178. Quick question about targeting on mac
  179. Is it possible to use FG with text chat only?
  180. Targeting through the Combat Tracker
  181. Here to stay
  182. Possible to exclude party member(s) from parcel coin auto-distribution?
  183. Random tables to populate quests?
  184. problem connecting & lagging
  185. Damage applied on next turn
  186. Getting Text from older Ruleset to a newer Ruleset
  187. Removing the Secret Rolls Shadow
  188. Hit points
  189. Module sharing question
  190. Port Forwarding on a Second Computer
  191. Any chance or way to create new effect tags, modifiers, and descriptors for coders?
  192. question about combat tracker
  193. Multiple DM's
  194. Music
  195. 3.3.4 in the Demo version?
  196. Module Size
  197. Customized 5th Edition Character Sheet Question
  198. pre-generated characters
  199. Fantasy Grounds Friday stream starting now
  200. New to FG and a quick question
  201. Streamlining Combat during encounters
  202. Create New Campaign Question (Technical Issue)
  203. Success/Failure dice.
  204. question about modules
  205. window question
  206. Taking control of a players PC
  207. Portrait Packs Across Rulesets
  208. Tokens not locking to square grid
  209. How to make a backuo of campaign?
  210. Buy perm license or wait.
  211. No Forum for selling/trading?
  212. map making
  213. Home Brew Monsters
  214. HELP!!! Can't load DD PHB Deluxe
  215. exporting a character as a player
  216. Sharing Tokens
  217. Pathfinder advanced players guide question
  218. Help with custon effect
  219. Removing Game Systems from FG
  220. Video/guidance on ruleset development
  221. Making Maps in Advance (w Tokens, FoW, etc)
  222. Question about using purchased items outside of FG
  223. Come visit us on D&D's twitch channel for Dragon Talk with Doug Davison
  224. Cross campaign calendar
  225. New to FG! Star Wars/DnD fiend...
  226. Question about Ultimate and demo versions
  227. Disaster Recovery for ongoing game
  228. Printing character sheet
  229. Harrow Deck.
  230. Assassinate, critical damage effect
  231. Mappers Webinar by Fantasy Grounds College
  232. One license, two computers
  233. Mongoose Conan Use 3.5e or Convert to 5e
  234. tips & tricks?
  235. Autosizing tokens
  236. PC Creation
  237. Reclaiming license key
  238. Ogre: Savage Species
  239. Network Port Settings
  240. The Dark Eye Rules Set
  241. A pedantic observation of Fantasy Grounds legal banner
  242. Locking windows in place
  243. Wiki Information and Updating
  244. Alt-Tab Feature for Scrolling through Windows
  245. FG Con 12 - Friday April 13th to Sunday April 15th!
  246. New video game / board game released (Wartile); what I would love to see from FGUnity
  247. Hosting Local LAN game with Ultimate License not allowed?
  248. Follow Product Development
  249. What happened to Starfinder?
  250. Lost work