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  1. Stupid question about encounters/parcels buttons...
  2. Token Facing with Encounters
  3. FGU built in functionality
  4. Star Trek Adventures
  5. Gauging interest for a WFRP1 game
  6. Dragon Knight Class
  7. Exactly what do I need (5e, own all physical books)
  8. New to FG, many general questions
  9. What's the point of Steam integration again?
  10. FG: High Resolution displays
  11. What's this? (bubble icon with # on top right CT token)
  12. Is there a way to have magic scrolls drop into to action tab.
  13. Curse of Strahd Tarokka reading
  14. What should I buy to DM?
  15. Joining one's own session using Laptop and same license key
  16. Is the store down?
  17. Creating Monsters (NPCs) from existing NPC templates in the MM
  18. Does fantasy grounds have the Forgotten Realms ruleset as part of what you purchase?
  19. Critical Role's Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Guide
  20. Pricing
  21. Steam game with tokens and portraits usable in FG
  22. How do I Roll Low in Core?
  23. Open a Pathfinder module in a 5E campaign
  24. Moving items between areas on the Abilities Tab for Characters.
  25. Does Prepared! require Tome of Beasts?
  26. Mentioned on SoA by Doug
  27. Can I DM with FG with a live group?
  28. What version should I buy to play in a local setup?
  29. Controlling Manual Dice
  30. Strongly considering purchasing Fantasy Grounds, have a couple questions :)
  31. Creating note in Infernal
  32. Encounters Question
  33. FG Alchemy
  34. Spell Save DC?
  35. Bug report "on next action " effects
  36. Help
  37. Tyranny of Dragons
  38. New DM, New to FG and will be running my first game in a month. Some advice please
  39. What is the advantage of buying the official players handbook?
  40. Steam update
  41. How do you DM's deal with stuff that is not automated
  42. Detective board extension
  43. 5E Players handbook?
  44. Nervous to spend 100$ on Ultimate Licence
  45. Questions about d20 modern ruleset.
  46. World Map
  47. Public campaign data available (for players) offline?
  48. Trying to use Syrinscape with FG and failing miserably!
  49. Baulder's Gate Accessory
  50. Maps Not Effective on Some Maps
  51. idea for fg skills
  52. Conditional Dice Rolls?
  53. What's the difference between "Tokens" and "Pogs"?
  54. New to FG
  55. ID vs Cursed Magic Items
  56. Blood Hunter in 5e
  57. Can't find purchased products
  58. Goodman Games - Keep on the Borderlands
  59. Summer Sale
  60. FG crashs when I click to update
  61. Another Blood Hunter question
  62. Seeking players for a WFRP 1st edition game
  63. Fantasy Grounds and computer resource use.
  64. Ambient sounds/music for live game
  65. Is there a pool resource for pre formed NPC's for WFRP1 ruleset?
  66. New to FG, sort of... some pretty basic questions, please be kind?
  67. Trying to figure out some things about character creation amd leveling characters
  68. A Question About the Ultimate Upgrade
  69. Error message when trying to connect to host
  70. Started a game and I noticed a few things....
  71. Looks like lot's of New Blood
  72. creating mods out of existing content
  73. Can Quests of Doom (PFRPG) be Played Using the 5e Ruleset
  74. forgotten password
  75. Where is the best place to post about conversion jobs for FG
  76. How do I organize my campaign in different computers
  77. need assistance with mod eporting
  78. What is the ideal size for maps in FG?
  79. Can't get a connection to fantasy grounds servers
  80. We could use a blitz when FGU releases.
  81. Simultaneous attack and damage rolls, would it be possible?
  82. Reformatted computer now unable to access steam bought DLCs
  83. Wizard spell questions. 5e
  84. A little mixed up
  85. Question about dice roller
  86. How do I change character ownership?
  87. Fantasy Grounds feature idea - improve connectivity and ease hosting
  88. Can you merge/combine campaigns?
  89. Creating Maps
  90. Calendar Questions
  91. Module for playing by objectives like "defending position" or "taking the flag"
  92. Game Calendar Suggestion
  93. 3D dice
  94. What's wrong with demo mode
  95. Ultimate for regular player
  96. Party Sheet Question
  97. FGU masking and doors
  98. pictures for NPC's
  99. Creating New Spells
  100. Move dice without the physics dropping?
  101. Creating Tables with Subtables
  102. slow running over time on multiple PCs
  103. Is there a way I can save all my open windows between sessions?
  104. Playing with the forge. Question if this bow is to powerful
  105. Best way to use part of locked purchased content?
  106. Creating a "Monster Module"
  107. Creating a new character sheet, Tales fron the Loop
  108. Custom Button Extensions?
  109. Requesting a spot of advice
  110. [Modifiers] Two Quick Questions
  111. Help! Game to start at 6:30 PST 7/19!
  112. Combat Tracker on top
  113. Touch Screen functionality
  114. Why are the search and filter features on the store so broken?
  115. ooVoo Alternative?
  116. Audio and Video
  117. Familiars
  118. Image decals missing?
  119. Starting new group first time DM
  120. DDEX 1-1 Defiance in Phlan
  121. Hosting Issues
  122. Question
  123. [ IT ] E' nato il gruppo Facebook italiano di FG!
  124. FGU chat box text formatting...
  125. Help with modifying the Character Sheet in MoreCore for Mutant Year Zero
  126. Question about Discord
  127. How did i screw this up!?!?
  128. Steam and fantasy grounds
  129. DM'ing for a group in person with FG
  130. Items Listed Twice (5e DMG)
  131. Shadow Company- Scoundrels, Ruffians, and Scum D&D 5e Vodcast
  132. Running a Combat Encounter Inside a Sphere (Map Question)
  133. Creating Campaign
  134. Stupid Question
  135. ABout STEAM/FG running in MAC/WIN/Linux
  136. Trying to Gift FGs Content
  137. Discord
  138. Can't log in to forum via phone
  139. does FG support Multiple PC's on home network
  140. Ultimate Subscription - Spread the Word
  141. Adding a token to the combat tracker possible?
  142. Character sheet updates. (Where is the information stored)
  143. How do I make those nice ammo bullets points?
  144. Story Templates and using NPCs
  145. Chessex-style dice?
  146. Issue: Multiple Monitors
  147. Team Speak server?
  148. Random Modules/extensions?
  149. Sharing music during campaign
  150. ToA release
  151. How do I make a table for shops
  152. FG: Fudging the dice
  153. Dragonborn Breath Weapon Power Set Up
  154. FG slow response on Windows PC
  155. Story feedback requested
  156. Price drop?
  157. Official D&D 5E content translate?
  158. D&D Beyond and Fantasy Grounds
  159. Offset Grid - square with 6 touch points.
  160. Artificer Class
  161. Do you need to keep a module open at all times to use it resources?
  162. Good community made module with extensive "effects" configuration?
  163. Macro Bar
  164. Mobile App
  165. How to Upgrade old "Lite" to "Ultimate" License
  166. Another VPN Post
  167. Fantasy Grounds players
  168. connection issue
  169. Thanks for all the fish
  170. Thank you for Fantasy Grounds!
  171. Gaming on while travelling
  172. Who will be at GenCon?
  173. E-Sports Gear
  174. Licence naming
  175. Voicechat! Community TeamSpeak3 Server
  176. Something to heal character each round
  177. Three current Kickstarters I like
  178. FG....FGII - I do not get the difference
  179. Adding spell slots for Drow Magic in 5e?
  180. 5e Set Effect duration to End of Next Turn?
  181. FG Mentorship?
  182. New player - Time to decide
  183. StarFinder
  184. Possible to have Reg License plus Ultimate supscription?
  185. Why do the FG forums look different on Chrome now?
  186. In response to "Thanks for all the Fish"
  187. The future of Fantasy Grounds and Going forward...?
  188. D & D Survey (includes question of FG)
  189. Fantasy Grounds Pin Suggestion
  190. So question about how to use this for my local group
  191. Can i have more then one group?
  192. Connection problems
  193. Runtime Error: desktop: Unable to create window with invalid class with any image FG
  194. Steam purchase dont download [Help]
  195. Forum Group help
  196. Is Fantasy Grounds right for me?
  197. I need tips on organize campaigns
  198. 5E Savage Attacker
  199. Fantasy Grounds crashes
  200. YouTube video praising Fantasy Grounds?
  201. Measuring on gridless maps?
  202. Would you back a Pateron/Kickstarter for Smiteworks?
  203. FG Con 11 - Friday October 13th to Sunday 15th!
  204. Qution about Reference Manuals in relation to Tomb of Annihilation.
  205. Tomb of Annihilation not appearing
  206. Buying gear
  207. community extensions repository
  208. Irma across Florida
  209. Hybrid FG
  210. Creating Pins Without Dragging And Dropping?
  211. Would you fund a kickstarter for an improved RMC rulset?
  212. NPC creation
  213. Resetting modules
  214. How to make the text bigger in the chat box
  215. Setting up cleric domain spells. Having trouble.
  216. Pure VPN Heads Up
  217. Introduction-
  218. Intermission home brew feedback, what do you think?
  219. Rappan Athuk coming to Fantasy Grounds?
  220. Drawing mode color
  221. Showing NPC's without Combat Tracker?
  222. Controlling Window Explosion
  223. Will FG be able to compete with Roll20 1 million useres with a steep learning curve
  224. Pif #1
  225. A big hats off to this software!
  226. Another Noob connection issue...
  227. [BUG] Image pins showing up for players
  228. Encounter help
  229. New to FG and I have some questions
  230. Question about webcam integration
  231. [ERROR] Unable to locate spell group to resolve spell modifiers or DCs.
  232. Aasmir & Eladrin Feats
  233. Apply Modifier to Table Roll based on Roll
  234. Pathfinder 3.2.2 update fix or change carrying capacity.
  235. Thinking on buying FG
  236. FG and Goodman Games Updated B1 & B2
  237. Looking for a story - did FG help you bring back your old D&D gaming group?
  238. Looking for a game
  239. Rite Publishing Mega Bundle
  240. Saw this DM table article via Apple News
  241. Rappan Athuk - The Dungeon of Graves for 5E!
  242. Will there be a sale on licenses around Haloween?
  243. Using FG with a gaming table.
  244. How important is it for a DM to have the Ultimate License?
  245. Selecting the right rules
  246. Why all the negativity???
  247. Full text search in campaign story entries?
  248. Hiding Curse of Stradh Token bag
  249. How to update a module
  250. FG for Starfinder - update on ETA?