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  1. How to make an overlay and setup OBS for streaming!
  2. Sharing Campaign Files Between Different Computers
  3. new to FG...
  4. A few Questions on the ultimate license
  5. Parcel Problems and Possible Improvements
  6. Slow internets down under, looking for some help!
  7. Yellow Token Markings
  8. Understanding The FG Architecture
  9. Ultimate License Questions
  10. Game Calendar Ruleset Cleanup
  11. What is Best way to use Cart or Boat or other moving part
  12. Connect or not to Connect - that is the question
  13. Starting a D&D game - need some initial guidance character creation
  14. Character Sheet organization
  15. Fantasy Grounds System Requirements?
  16. Can Someone With A Players License Host A Game?
  17. Image sequence or video shared to players ?
  18. story help
  19. Quick Question
  20. Newbie question. - Initiative
  21. Can you have more then 2 characters per player-connection?
  22. Which version for LIVE gameplay?
  23. Fantasy Grounds on Wizards of the Coast Podcast
  24. Clearing the campaign log
  25. Testing my router
  26. Player using a Mac, I have ultimate license..
  27. Tweet from UbiquitousRat
  28. FG Wiki Login
  29. not enough space for lots of extra character notes
  30. New User: PFRPG Adventure module via Steam wont load??
  31. New user: How do I get a pregen character from a Story entry to the Characeter select
  32. Drawing Tool
  33. Windwalkers!
  34. Optimal Token Image Quality in Fantasy Grounds...
  35. How to add Scheduled Game Time to your Calendar listing?
  36. Tablet?
  37. Help re-sizing map images so its grid matches the FG grid overlay.
  38. No option to sort items?
  39. Returning D&D player...
  40. Best Way to take screenshots of FG action?
  41. Number of Players
  42. Player Feedback after their first session with Fantasy Grounds
  43. DM vs Player map?
  44. FG back ground
  45. extensions
  46. Ultimate License Character Management
  47. Question about store purchased content
  48. Do you guys have a roadmap posted of things to come?
  49. Suggestions on the best way to take turns at the GM chair for an ongoing campaign
  50. Portraits
  51. Teamspeak?
  52. Magic Items?
  53. *Answered, Ignore*
  54. Is There A Way To Organize Maps/Images?
  55. How to have NPC health bars/differentiate multiple NPCs?
  56. FGDaze gaming days! FGDaze1 - Saturday June 27th. Play for Free!
  57. Opening newly purchased adventures in FG
  58. Questions about ultimate edition
  59. Working on 2 computers
  60. Possible? : One DM PC, one laptop for rest of players (local gaming)
  61. Having issues with Fantasy Grounds on Steam
  62. 2 players 1 ip address
  63. I would like to play.
  64. Hiding Enemy Names in Initiative Tracker
  65. Playing Music ingame
  66. Demos / freebees can't connect to my ultimate.
  67. Cards-
  68. A Couple of Questions
  69. Hosting Issues
  70. Remove condition (sleep?)
  71. License question - ultimate subscription vs standard for local play...
  72. Thank You
  73. GM Playing a PC
  74. Trinket
  75. Steam vs FG Store
  76. Keeping char on own maching
  77. AC issue.
  78. Token
  79. ATI FUry R9 390x
  80. Feature Discussion: Option to skip certain combatants in combat tracker
  81. Feature discussion: Remove targeting when combatant token made invisible in CT
  82. Calendar notifications
  83. hidden NPC's on the tracker
  84. What are the Dev's up to?
  85. Spells that just "happen"
  86. Disconnect between store purchases and settings...
  87. Thoughts from a new user...
  88. Wish their was a way to rank FG Users!
  89. How to show squars moved?
  90. Savage Bones NPC's
  91. Converting old content to 5e
  92. How does a total noob get into this?
  93. Starting Cost
  94. Princes of the Apocalypse questions
  95. Question on upgrading to Ultimate
  96. Buying a license
  97. Somebody asking for FG v Roll20 experiences
  98. Creating modules from PDFs (i.e. rulebooks)
  99. What's about localisation ?
  100. Licenses, hosting and DMing
  101. question about Items and Awarding items as a DM ?
  102. How do you post a blog?
  103. Questions about exporting tables
  104. 2 licenses on 1 account?
  105. What in the world is DSA_DZ_4.1WE?
  106. Can someone else DM off my licence?
  107. The countdown is on to PCI 3.1 compliance
  108. A question re Pregen PCs
  109. FG games at JackerCon
  110. Sharing
  111. Quik Question about Numenera/The Strange
  112. Dice tower question
  113. Question about what my group needs for DnD 5e
  114. Another Question regarding the STEAM version and Subscriptions
  115. Offline play / meatspace questions
  116. How do you remove a campaign?
  117. Quests
  118. Reputation verse Ranking
  119. PC and Mac (Steam) compatable
  120. Moving multiple tokens
  121. how do you enter a "handout"
  122. Best Image Size for Handouts
  123. Creating a new NPC for an existing module
  124. Nicknames or notes for Connections
  125. What entices you to sign up for a one shot?
  126. Update: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force & Destiny ruleset
  127. Using PC purchased key on mac (via steam)
  128. Beta Content on Steam?
  129. Any Good Battle Maps for ETU?
  130. A New DM Tale of learning FG
  131. A few questions
  132. FG on iPad or Android Tablets
  133. The name of the future unity version
  134. Changing the desktop background image on FG.
  135. Introduction
  136. My current opinion of Fantasy grounds.
  137. Naming Tabs
  138. Token / Props
  139. Nothing but troubles.
  140. Next Update
  141. flickering screen
  142. Modifications to module entries within a campaign
  143. Should I buy on steam or from store?
  144. Bought the character Dnd customization pack cant find
  145. Advice for a new DM
  146. Question on Quests/Encounters on Party Screen
  147. Where to Start?
  148. Frustrated Consumer
  149. Grid help
  150. Any users of CC3+ for maps?
  151. Second screen and klient
  152. Any sign of 3.1.2 yet ?
  153. HELP! Error loading data.
  154. Out of the Abyss
  155. Something I've overlooked... What's this ?
  156. GenCon
  157. Module Creation
  158. Best Party Size
  159. FG on whatsapp
  160. Wow - newbie impressions
  161. Calendar entries and sign up order
  162. Gen Con Ultimate License sale
  163. Windows ten
  164. Reference Manual or Story?
  165. Help - Image/Map resizing to get grid to lay on it nicely
  166. Useing Modules
  167. Handling Animal Companions - New user question for other GMs.
  168. First Campaign
  169. Purchase for a Player?
  170. First group impressions & a couple of questions
  171. Light Settings in Fantasy Grounds.
  172. Animated Gif
  173. Questions Regarding DLC and Core Sets for 5e
  174. Local and Online Players in the same group
  175. Cannot import character sheets
  176. Yet another connection test failure post.
  177. Weird background issue after update
  178. Quick Question on Traps and Damage
  179. Checking out the demo and (of course) have questions...
  180. FG Newsletter
  181. Product Pricing Comparison?
  182. N00b Time!
  183. Drop Down Menu
  184. Do you livestream? What product do you use?
  185. Problem with Weapon Damage
  186. Using FG at the tabletop
  187. Happy Solar Revolution day!
  188. Ultimate version
  189. Downloading Rulesets
  190. Military Sand Table excercises
  191. Migrating a campaign to a new PC - GM inquiry
  192. Globalization and Translation
  193. NOOB considering purchasing (with questions)
  194. Thoughts about Game Calendar
  195. Grid Transparency
  196. Ultimate Upgrade Question
  197. Server Hosting for FG
  198. Hidden player rolls?
  199. Considering buying, want to gauge interest
  200. New FG version license
  201. Purchased items & "InstsallInstructions.txt"
  202. Resizing the VTT font
  203. Login message?
  204. Help with table tag
  205. Licensing/Demo Question
  206. Is there any way to lock the dice position?
  207. Dynamic Lighting / Multiple Map Layers
  208. What do I need to play?
  209. Pinning a map to a map
  210. Videos
  211. Timer for combats?
  212. Profantasy on two computers
  213. Why does the calender have so many D&D 5e ruleset used options?
  214. Video Tutorials
  215. I ran my first Fantasy Grounds game today...players loved it!
  216. Can an account be cancelled
  217. Need help getting starting (Savage Worlds)
  218. Smallvile / Cortex Plus Drama
  219. Ran 1st session and now have some questions
  220. Requirements: The 5E Ruleset?
  221. Ok so D20 modern VS the complete SRD (whats the diffrence?)
  222. I'm looking for advice for running my first FG game this Friday
  223. Drag & drop a "dices function"
  224. How to protect the Character Sheets from Players and recommendations
  225. How might one work cursed items so that users are affected by them unknowingly?
  226. Can Mac users sub to FG via Steam?
  227. Plans for other Languages?
  228. Sweet spot for image (map) file size?
  229. How to deal with wizards familiar (5E Ruleset)
  230. Story icons
  231. Fog of War **BROKEN**
  232. New Player Doc
  233. Data Patch Release - 9-11-2015
  234. Can't Save to /images folder all of a sudden, can't figure it out
  235. X-COM (Classical) on FG using GURPS
  236. Any plans on increasing the Campaign Creation functionality inside of FG itself?
  237. Export Quests and Spells from inside FG as part of /export - bypass PAR5E
  238. Added Functionality
  239. Feature request/suggestion: Allow custom nicknames for servers in Connection History
  240. Great Advertising for Fantasy grounds!
  241. What exactly is the Merge ID and what is the best way to use it effectively?
  242. Question about modules and subscriptions.
  243. Thanks.
  244. Question about DM and the Ultimate Edition
  245. Hiding map / image names
  246. Moving purchased content between non-Steam and Steam versions of FG
  247. WotC closing forums
  248. Interview With Doug Davison from Fantasy Grounds on Wed 9/23/15 10pm EST
  249. Wish you a map ;-p
  250. Feature Discussion: Sharing records with links