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  1. Official Fallout 2d20 Bug Report Thread
  2. craeting campaign
  3. Vault or Rulesets Folder?
  4. Question concerning the adventure "With a bang Or a Whimper" and images.
  5. The Fallout RPG by MODIPHIUS preview video with SuperTeddy!
  6. Game Masters Tool Kit Booklet
  7. Group Think! Maps, tiles, etc
  8. Tag skills in the Skill Tab?
  9. Noob Question re: Difficulty Level of Skill Tasks
  10. Hit location table included?
  11. Basic vs Advanced effects
  12. New to the 2d20 system
  13. Initiative quiestion?
  14. ReRoll option (added in Release Updates for May 31st, 2022)
  15. Confused about Initiative
  16. Fallout 2d20 ruleset feedback and suggestions
  17. Aiming/Pipboy
  18. "Iron Fist" perk implementation advice
  19. What this ruleset made with the latest errata edition?
  20. 2D20 Summer with Modiphius
  21. How do I create a new item entry?
  22. Armor
  23. How is cover handled with the Fallout plugin?
  24. How do I add new traits?
  25. How is range handled?
  26. How do I raise the number of successes need to hit in combat?
  27. How do we de-level a character that has been over leveled?
  28. GM Quick Reference Charts PDF for those interested
  29. Tag Skills and Item Parcels for tag Skills during character creation
  30. How about adding the Location die to the pool.
  31. I don't think this is working as expected *possible spoliers*
  32. Party Sheet Item Distribution Problem
  33. Looking for the Well rested status
  34. How do we add Piercing 2+ to a weapon? Has this been overlooked?
  35. how do we increase damage for ranged attacks?
  36. Fallout Theme Not There?
  37. Looking for a nice Far Harbor map (Gridless)
  38. Items and Assets Issue
  39. Do perks work?
  40. Scavenging tables in GM's Toolkit
  41. Wait is the D0-5 for? (Shown in thread)
  42. What do you key in for <loc>?
  43. Lfg
  44. Damage and Critical Injuries question
  45. Are Patch Notes Posted?
  46. does FO come with the unity ulitimate license?
  47. New Fallout Campaign Feb. Start
  48. 2d20 system
  49. Player AP and D#, C#
  50. movement
  51. assets
  52. Death Markers
  53. Question about the action points text color.
  54. Learning to use the Fallout rules in FGU
  55. Any quality maps for fallout 2d20 in FGU?
  56. Perk Effects
  57. how to adjust PC HPs
  58. 1 shot openings
  59. need some canon
  60. Reflex Sight - Rerolling hit locations
  61. I am excited to see new Fallotut Modules coming from Modiphius.
  62. Changing encumbrance values?
  63. Our group loves Fallout, we have a question about some changes to our game ext,mod?
  64. spread
  65. road leathers and similar clothing not working
  66. defend action not working at all
  67. How can we incorporate homebrew flanking rules in Fallout2d20
  68. How to activate the "Well Rested" status?
  69. Lfg
  70. body location damage not working
  71. possible to pass homebrew modules?
  72. Orange Colored Sky
  73. Some Items missing, character creator not working
  74. Winter of Atom
  75. Toughness not working
  76. new campaign starting
  77. attack properties
  78. gunslinging and quick hands perk stack?
  79. GM Action Point Pool
  80. creating new and custom origins
  81. any plans to add winter of atom and other expansions to fgu fallout?
  82. Looking for a DM for a fallout campaign
  83. speaking of NPCs with their own AP Pool
  84. grenade mechanics in FGU
  85. imaginative players piss me off!! lol
  86. Winter of Atom Campaign Starting Soon! Interested in playing? Give me a message.
  87. Changing NPC Token / adding
  88. Map Zoning
  89. Difficulty and Compliactions do not seem to be working for me
  90. are these ever gonna be fixed?
  91. Children of Atom - Rad Resist
  92. Winter of Atom
  93. Thanx, but.......
  94. Ruleset Ownership.
  95. throwing knives and suppress
  96. Fallout Map Pack 1 - Vault price reduced to $19.99
  97. Modifying Core NPC's
  98. Does this Fallout module automatically handle Damage/ Wounds?
  99. Question on Spread
  100. Wanderers Guide Book Coming to FGU?
  101. Shops in Fallout
  102. Adding Custom Weapon Types
  103. Power Armor Autmations Question
  104. Character Sheet Export
  105. D0 to D5 buttons
  106. Custom Effects? I.e., effect for Healer perk
  107. Sound Sets and Lua Pattern
  108. Attack as Group
  109. Mr Handy Flamer arm Attachment
  110. Not recognizing Difficulty