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  6. Crafter Guidelines - Linking to other items in your Forge items
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  11. SW Usage Die
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  18. Can't Publish After Submitted Builds are Approved
  19. How to remove a subscribed extension
  20. There can be only ONE!
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  22. Bug: Information about approval also shown for unedited extensions [Fix Queued]
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  24. Bug: "Last updated 1 days" ago should be singular [Fix Queued]
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  28. Auto Update or ELSE!
  29. Search and filters don't seem to be very useful
  30. Bug: Currently installs in the vault [Fixed]
  31. Bug: Manage Craft Page not Loading [Reported]
  32. Noob Map Maker: Uploading to forge
  33. Bug: Adding a link to forum thread changes it for all items [Fixed]
  34. Bug: Country always US [Fixed]
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  37. FAQ update on gifting?
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  40. Time Keeping
  41. [Bug?] Information about data or vault not listed anymore
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  43. Builds active, but I dont see them in Forge
  44. Linking to a Forum Thread
  45. Colored lights add to create white light
  46. OSE Font Color Question
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  50. If you add a forum thread # then on submit it disappears.
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