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  5. Dates don't match in my delivery from a month ago
  6. Crafter Guidelines - Linking to other items in your Forge items
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  8. [Bug] itemsTable.reload is not a function
  9. Does the Forge work for FG Classic extensions
  10. Not All Item Syncing
  11. SW Usage Die
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  13. Bought the Portals Revamped Not adding into FG when updating.
  14. Selecting logout on Forge page fails
  15. Item pending approval - how many days?
  16. Error: Failed to create subscription in patch system
  17. Forge Updates
  18. Can't Publish After Submitted Builds are Approved
  19. How to remove a subscribed extension
  20. There can be only ONE!
  21. Forge: Description, inline images no longer working
  22. Bug: Information about approval also shown for unedited extensions [Fix Queued]
  23. Updates to Forge Subscriptions Not Causing Red Update Button
  24. Bug: "Last updated 1 days" ago should be singular [Fix Queued]
  25. Bug: Italics don't render as expected in product descriptions. [Reported]
  26. Bug: Last updated date not updated correctly [Fixed]
  27. Trouble Uploading Build?
  28. Auto Update or ELSE!
  29. Search and filters don't seem to be very useful
  30. Bug: Currently installs in the vault [Fixed]
  31. Bug: Manage Craft Page not Loading [Reported]
  32. Noob Map Maker: Uploading to forge
  33. Bug: Adding a link to forum thread changes it for all items [Fixed]
  34. Bug: Country always US [Fixed]
  35. Bug: Default search filter not applied [Fixed]
  36. Bug: Forge Subscriptions won't download.
  37. FAQ update on gifting?
  38. 2 of my players are having problems to open the FGU
  39. FG Forge Subscriptions Broken?
  40. Time Keeping
  41. [Bug?] Information about data or vault not listed anymore
  42. builds not appearing in list of builds after upload is complete
  43. Builds active, but I dont see them in Forge
  44. Linking to a Forum Thread
  45. Colored lights add to create white light
  46. OSE Font Color Question
  47. Logging out in different tabs not working
  48. Forge Content in FGU
  49. What is the 'Test' Channel in Manage Builds?
  50. If you add a forum thread # then on submit it disappears.
  51. Forge not downloading items
  52. Cannot disable or hide a particular forge item
  53. Bug - Forge Rejections and resubmissions
  54. Forge Site seems a little broken
  55. Data error
  56. Extensions from the Forge do not show up in Fantasy Grounds Unity
  57. Can we use info that is GFDL in content and share it openly?
  58. Posting question...
  59. Error when trying to add a new item
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  61. Is the forge a sustainable solution for SW (will it be here in another year?).
  62. Forge Website - Filters
  63. How to Use the Forge?
  64. 5E Sustenance Tracker not working
  65. Forge not pushing updates
  66. Forge Payout
  67. Forge Throws Error When I Am Not Logged In
  68. Launcher scene Error
  69. Forge - Extension Version Control
  70. Advanced Effects Alternative
  71. [Aesthetic issue] Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entries
  72. Forge Purchases
  73. How do I upload my extension to the Forge?
  74. Failed to create item
  75. Data error
  76. Creator - Exporting Transactions
  77. Forge sale ended premature
  78. Forge is the best.
  79. Forge Item Submission Mistake
  80. What do Deprecated Errors mean?
  81. Extensions that are in the Vault folder
  82. Wrong Update?
  83. Forge not updating my FGC subs.
  84. FG Forge 2022-05 Update
  85. Cyberpunk RED Download
  86. [Bug?] Number of builds shown
  87. Player Map Auto Size To Grid broken by FGU v4.2.0?
  88. after logging in cannot access the forge
  89. Depricated Message
  90. Refund
  91. Disable extension auto-update without removing extension?
  92. not sure if this is the right place but
  93. How to modify module from forge
  94. Forge Dice Packs
  95. Having issue uploading extension file
  96. Token Modules Disappeared?
  97. textwidget: Logical font () does not exist? please help!
  98. Some way other than PayPal to buy Forge Tokens?
  99. Can't Purchase Upgrade
  100. Promotional Sales table errors
  101. Why don't my items show up as available for sales?
  102. 2023 Calendar not available for Promotional Sales
  103. Upload approval taking unusually long?
  104. Invisibility effect and token visibility
  105. What happens if I take an item off of the Forge?
  106. update forge items only option
  107. Publishing an item on Fantasy Forge
  108. Forge Extension Script Errors Feb 5th update
  109. how many feet does a worm have?
  110. FGU and Forge Map Packs Not Using Grid Offsets
  111. How to use a Theme from FG Forge?
  112. Set in game Clock Adjuster Calendar
  113. Using the Forge to Release “Work in Progress” Extension
  114. Help - BARON Theme image missing
  115. Not able to accept license agreement
  116. Token: Show Name = Title, No tooltips
  117. Lost all my campaigns
  118. Need Help Finding Map File Size
  119. Can't buy Forge tokens with a credit card
  120. limited to only a single promotional sale per item ?
  121. Getting errors using Clock Adjuster v3.9
  122. FG Forge 2023-06 Update