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  1. 3.5/PFRPG ruleset - how to apply Temp HP without just adding to temp hp pool?
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  3. A feature in the Savage Worlds ruleset i'd like to see in the Pathfinder set.
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  13. Damage Reduction (Pathfinder)
  14. [Extension] Advanced Kombat (Pathfinder)
  15. Pathfinder spells
  16. Spell Parse Error in PFRPG
  17. Effects duration bug in Pathfinder ruleset
  18. Pathfinder and Campaign Cartographer 3+
  19. Question about the Pathfinder Core addon
  20. Pathfinder Games at FG Con 13
  21. Rejoice, your time has come at last Pathfinder streamers!
  22. Pathfinder Content on the store
  23. What does Short Rest do in PFRPG/3.5E?
  24. Pathfinder Character sheet glitch
  25. Pathfinder Module: Ultimate Equipment
  26. Are Pathfinder spells not scripted?
  27. Pathfinder release question
  28. Mirror Image Handler extension
  29. Why is the Core Pathfinder Ruleset missing so much?
  30. Immediate Actions in 3.5e/Pathfinder
  31. Pathfinder Shaman Spirit Animal spells not showing up
  32. How to add potions to charaktersheet action tab in Pathfinder
  33. pathfinder rulebook vs 3.5/pf core
  34. Pathfinder 10 Year Anniversary Bundle
  35. PFRPG - Theme (Darklands)
  36. PFRPG - Theme (Desert)
  37. PFRPG - Theme (Winter)
  38. Pathfinder wish list
  39. BAB & Action Number of Attacks in Pathfinder 1E
  40. Fortification in Pathfinder
  41. Advanced 3.5e and Pathfinder effects
  42. Sanity Pathfinder Character Sheet
  43. Pathfinder Weapon Finesse
  44. Pathfinder Sneak Attack
  45. Pathfinder Adventure Path: Second Darkness
  46. Is FG going to sale the PFRPG 2E?
  47. How do you make Magic Weapons for Pathfinder?
  48. Class and Archetype Module
  49. Pathfinder - Advanced Class Guide
  50. Pathfinder Core Rules: Missing feats, skills, special abilities, and equipment
  51. Su and Ex Pathfinder
  52. Crear un bardo en Fantasy Grounds y Pathfinder en Espaņol
  53. Pathfinder 3.5, 4th level Oracle, level 0 spells no show
  54. Pathfinder effects in a module
  55. Upgrading old campaign from d20_JPG to Pathfinder rules
  56. Creating Homebrew Races for Pathfinder
  57. Applying Spell Effects in Pathfinder 1e
  58. Item Effects in Pathfinder 1e
  59. Pathfinder : Advanced Class Guide
  60. Ken L Pathfinder Spells Archive
  61. Cannot find any Pathfinder Shattered Star adventure paths in the Fantasy Grounds shop
  62. Best pathfinder core rule books advice for Fantasy Grounds for bespoke adventures and
  63. Next Level XP Automation for PFRPG
  64. Pathfinder - Handy Haversack/ Mule
  65. PF Advanced Race Guide Content seemingly missing
  66. Modification to blind effect in pathfinder ruleset
  67. Witch Misfortune Hex (advantage/Disadvantage for Pathfinder)
  68. A few noob questions re pathfinder and FG
  69. New class and other pathfinder coding
  70. PFRPG Inner Sea World Guide
  71. Help for a pathfinder GM new to Fantasy grounds
  72. Advancement XP extension for Pathfinder
  73. Creating Magic Weapons or Other Items in Pathfinder 1 FG unity
  74. FGU PFRPG Custom magic item help needed please
  75. Any PFRPG Tutorial vids for Unity?
  76. Advanced Effects for 3.5E and Pathfinder
  77. Customized Item Generator for 3.5E and Pathfinder
  78. Advanced Character Iventory Manager for 3.5E and Pathfinder
  79. Pathfinder homebrew AP
  80. Fantasy Grounds Pathfinder 1st Edition Newb Reporting In
  81. Pathfinder custom class - how do I set class proficiency?
  82. Skull & Shackles AP5+6
  83. Pathfinder 1E Touch AC
  84. PFRPG Total Encumbrance Extension
  85. Exporter for PCGen to FG II PFRPG for PCs
  86. PFRPG 1e Bestiary Errata
  87. Ultimate Psionics Data
  88. PFRPG Spellbook
  89. 3.5e/pathfinder module with spells in the reference area
  90. [Pathfinder] Encumbrance for a Eidolon?
  91. Why is Pathfinder the red-headed step child of Fantasy Grounds?
  92. PFRPG Live Hitpoints from Constitution Extension
  93. PFRPG - Feats
  94. Stand alone Pathfinder modules?
  95. PFRPG Sanity Tracker Extension
  96. Errors with Advanced Pathfinder Effects
  97. 3.5E/Pathfinder modules that are included with Fantasy Grounds Purchase.
  98. PFRPG Spell Description Formatting
  99. PFRPG Disease Tracker Extension
  100. PFRPG Item Durability
  101. bmos' extensions
  102. PFRPG Extra Stat to Saves
  103. PFRPG Spell Failure Extension
  104. Pathfinder Official theme Rip.
  105. Question on functionality within Pathfinder 1E
  106. PFRPG - Races
  107. [Bug][pf1e] Ability INCREASES not applying correctly
  108. [Bug][Pathfinder 1e][Weapon Focus feat attack bonus not applied on Actions tab]
  109. Spellbane effect
  110. PFRPG Ability Drain and Permanent Bonuses
  111. PFRPG Ammunition Manager
  112. Wounds and Vigor (Ultimate Combat)
  113. Harrower PF1 In Fantasy Grounds
  114. Arcanist spell tracking?
  115. Editing characters imported with Hero Lab Converter
  116. Touch attack for Fireball?
  117. monster stat block and combat tracker effects
  118. CC (Critical Confirmation) Effect doesn't parse ability bonuses
  119. Help finding a module for Pathfinder
  120. Energy drain/negative levels
  121. Modifiers (window inside FGU - the +/- button at the top)
  122. Inventory management
  123. Pathfinder Official Theme Loadorder
  124. Ghostbane Dirge
  125. Naming custom effects?
  126. Module for Kingdom Building
  127. [BUG] Modules WHM series not accessible in Unity or downloadable if purchased
  128. Monstrous Physique Rules Question
  129. Manually creating saving throws?
  130. Path of War Mod?
  131. Always A Chance
  132. Arcanist potent magic ability
  133. Fast Heal, Regen and damage ongoing effects not applying automatically
  134. Extra spaces, special characters may mess up your links or loose image - Fix
  135. GameMastery Guide
  136. LOS for Giantslayer series PF 1
  137. damage reduction (dr) and exact weapon name
  138. Okay, so I know how to make a Trap but how do you make it have a space or reach?
  139. BOUGHT Iron Gods AP 3: The Choking FROM STEAM cannot find it.
  140. [Extension] Effect for concentration check
  141. Having trouble modifying damage type with an effect.
  142. Adding Weapon Enchantments to Item Sheet
  143. Problem with Advanced Race Guide
  144. gm tool -- recurring effects: monsters and (n)pc abilities (spoiler alert)
  145. Ironfang Invasion
  146. How hard would it be to convert DnD 2nd edition to a OGL/Pathfinder game?
  147. Suggestion thread for official Pathfinder modules
  148. my group wanna buy a ship and sail!
  149. PFRPG Ability Effects
  150. Rolling crit damage always uses "x2", even if "x4" is present
  151. Is there a 'Standard' representation of a Poison within Fantasy Grounds
  152. Hard to Kill (Ex) in the heat of battle often forgoten
  153. Add-on installation instruction help
  154. Randomizing Parcel Content
  155. PFRPG Time Manager
  156. Nice looking character sheets?
  157. PFRPG - Extra Actions
  158. PFRPG Upgrade NPC Actions Extension
  159. Why buy the Pathfinder RPG - Core Rules Pack?
  160. Huge dungeons for pf1?
  161. SUGGESTION: Sorting mechanism for Spell Classes
  162. unable to add spell action
  163. Criticals and Damage Effects
  164. FGU: v1 Character PDF?
  165. Running a PFRPG campaign on FGU
  166. Variable Dice Roll in Effect
  167. Random or improvised encounters
  168. Anyone using CustomisedItemGenerator extension with Unity ?
  169. Any plans for LOS outside of Ruins of Aslant ?
  170. DMGO effect not counting the rounds right (I think)
  171. mage armor, how powerful is it ?
  172. Kingdom Building in Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign
  173. Question about creating effects for spells and abilities
  174. I just want to create an ordinary PF1 1st level human fighter NPC in FGU
  175. Unarmed Damage in Pathfinder Core Rulebook Bug
  176. Advanced Bestiary don't see NPC Factory-Can't find it
  177. are there many many bugs in PF1, or am I just dumb?
  178. HeroLab character imports
  179. Item Forge? How do you make +1 studded armor and such
  180. Archery Feats ~ How do you run them for an NPC
  181. Pathfinder 1E General Question
  182. Smite Evil: Running into a weird bug...
  183. Create Module of Special Abilities for new Actions
  184. PC Gen Character Import
  185. Character Log Function
  186. Looking for an Extension
  187. Pathfinder NPC Codex Read only
  188. PFRPG - Trait Envoy of Healing - Reroll 1s
  189. PF1 module that includes class ability effects coding?
  190. Advanced Class Guide Not Loading
  191. Where to put special abilities for a new monster type
  192. Races keep stacking. How to remove old race?
  193. How to add a template to an official Bestiary creature?
  194. Druid/Spiritualist MC
  195. Kineticist
  196. Universal Monster Rules and monster/NPC special abilities
  197. Module Creation
  198. Wrath of the Righteous release schedule
  199. FG Container for Rituals
  200. Bane effect code for Human
  201. Summon Monster I to IX Module for PFRPG
  202. Flurry of blows
  203. How difficult is it? to make an extension
  204. NPC Melee and Ranged Weapon Designation
  205. Mini Sheet
  206. The effect does not round down
  207. Lunar Calendar Extension - Any advice how to Use?
  208. PFRPG1 - Looking for Item finder extension
  209. Sharing an NPC module
  210. Missing special abilities
  211. Random Magic Item Tables module
  212. Existing loot table modules?
  213. Add spell damage that cannot crit?
  214. Collection of Effects
  215. In the character sheet, how does function "DMG" on attribute ?
  216. Fumble automation similar to auto crit confirm
  217. Beginning to think I was a little hasty when I agreed to six players
  218. Consumables
  219. PF1e Mesmerist Class and Archetype Abilities With Effects Coding
  220. Effects Issue
  221. Chat frame and languages
  222. Kinetic: Expanded Spell Criticals Extension
  223. (FGU) (PF1E) Race-Traits-Languages: Interpret string for choice of extra language?
  224. (FGU) After Update all sidebar menu shield shaped buttons are gone!
  225. Pathfinder First Edition - Where do you report errata or errors in DLC?
  226. Rise of the Runelords Auxiliary NPC Module for Burnt Offerings - Sandpoint
  227. Pathfinder 1e Official Extension File not located
  228. Pathfinder 1e Official Extension File not located
  229. Need help filtering or excluding table data
  230. How should I deal with psionics since its unsupported?
  231. Combat Modifier Calculation Extension
  232. Pathfinder 1e Dragon Breath Weapon Damage
  233. Paizo FG Syncing Adventure Paths 1st Edition
  234. Rogue effects - especially flat-footed and combat advantage
  235. NPC Melee and Ranged Weapon Designation?
  236. Kingdom Building in Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign?
  237. Create Module of Special Abilities for new Actions
  238. Wrath of the Righteous
  239. Are there plans...?
  240. Proposed improvement to variable numbers in effects
  241. Full shaman spell list
  242. NPC codex iconics problem
  243. Collaborative Effects Sharing Thread
  244. Custom NPC Spell Issue
  245. Invisibility and Concealment/Total Concealment Bug in Pathfinder 1 (PFRPG) on FGU
  246. PFRPG Extraplanar Containers
  247. NPC's Splitting attacks
  248. Spell damage type not overcoming damage reduction (PF1e)
  249. Channel energy query (noob)
  250. Advance Bestiary NPC Factory