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  1. Myrdin Potter's DMs Guild Offering
  2. Lists of 100 in rollable Tables
  3. MK Syrinscape Sound Links module
  4. 5E - Turn Based Effects
  5. 5E - Better Sneak Attack
  6. 5E - Ongoing Save Effects
  7. DiabloBob's DM Tools #1 on DMs Guild...
  8. 5E - Automatic Pack Tactics
  9. 5E Extensions by KentMcCullough
  10. 5E - Halfling Luck
  11. Generic Actions extension for Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E ruleset
  12. Equipped Effects Extension (.ext file) [Fantasy Grounds Unity]
  13. Shops
  14. 5e Coin Converter
  15. CoreRPG: Express Yourself
  16. ID All
  17. Player NPC End Turn
  18. CT Open on Turn extension
  19. Unshare Image
  20. 5e extension - Combat Stats Tracker
  21. Automatic Actions Tab Additions for 5E Rob2E effects users (paid)
  22. Polymorphism Extension (.ext file) [Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E ruleset]
  23. Rules for advertising - Read First!
  24. Theme for Cthulhu 7 ruleset
  25. Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else (DMsGuild Adept Title)
  26. Conjures and Summons Encounters (5E)
  27. Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks
  28. Ruleset Wizard - The new Ruleset development environment
  29. Castle Ravenloft Battle Maps (with Unity Line of Sight) [PWYW]
  30. NPC Random Treasure Drops
  31. [DMS GUILD] Abominable Adventures on Fantasy Grounds!
  32. Mad Nomad's 3rd Party Updater - Keep all your Extensions and Mods up to date
  33. [extension] Advanced Spell Damage Extension - casting spells at higher level.
  34. Fantasy Grounds 5E Stats - by GamingBuddhist
  35. 5e Modifier BUttons Tweak
  36. Figured I'd share this info from DMsG for those who want/need to know
  37. Map Parcel Extension [Fantasy Grounds Unity]
  38. Mad Nomad's Enhanced Encounter Window
  39. Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim [D&D5e, DMsGuild]
  40. Elemental Adept extension glitch
  41. SilentRuin's Extensions Bundle (.ext files) [Fantasy Grounds Unity (5E ruleset)]
  42. Javin's Actions Chat Bubbles (FG Extension)
  43. Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Effects Display
  44. NPC Maker 5E
  45. Fantasy Grounds ProStream 5E - by GamingBuddhist
  46. Automatic Record Links