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  1. New Token Sets from Studio WyldFurr
  2. Map Tiles
  3. Myrdin Potter's DMs Guild Offering
  4. Lists of 100 in rollable Tables
  5. Hamunds Harveating Handbooks
  6. MK Syrinscape Sound Links module
  7. 5E - Turn Based Effects
  8. 5E - Better Sneak Attack
  9. 5E - Ongoing Save Effects
  10. DiabloBob's DM Tools #1 on DMs Guild...
  11. First Adventure finally on Fantasy Grounds
  12. 5E - Automatic Pack Tactics
  13. 5E Extensions by KentMcCullough
  14. 5E - Halfling Luck
  15. Generic Actions extension for Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E ruleset
  16. Equipped Effects Extension (.ext file) [Fantasy Grounds Unity]
  17. Shops
  18. 5e Coin Converter
  19. [extension] Advanced Weapon Damage Extension
  20. CoreRPG: Express Yourself
  21. ID All
  22. Player NPC End Turn
  23. CT Open on Turn extension
  24. Unshare Image
  25. Theme for D&D 5th ruleset
  26. 5e extension - Combat Stats Tracker
  27. Automatic Actions Tab Additions for 5E Rob2E effects users (paid)
  28. Polymorphism Extension (.ext file) [Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E ruleset]
  29. Rules for advertising - Read First!
  30. Theme for Cthulhu 7 ruleset
  31. Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else (DMsGuild Adept Title)
  32. Conjures and Summons Encounters (5E)
  33. Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Tweaks
  34. Ruleset Wizard - The new Ruleset development environment
  35. Castle Ravenloft Battle Maps (with Unity Line of Sight) [PWYW]
  36. NPC Random Treasure Drops
  37. [DMS GUILD] Abominable Adventures on Fantasy Grounds!
  38. Mad Nomad's 3rd Party Updater - Keep all your Extensions and Mods up to date
  39. [extension] Advanced Spell Damage Extension - casting spells at higher level.
  40. Fantasy Grounds 5E Stats - by GamingBuddhist
  41. 5e Modifier BUttons Tweak
  42. Figured I'd share this info from DMsG for those who want/need to know
  43. Instant Dice - Disable Rolling Animation
  44. Map Parcel Extension [Fantasy Grounds Unity]
  45. 5E - Hexblade's Curse "IFT: CRIT19" Automation
  46. Mad Nomad's Enhanced Encounter Window
  47. Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim [D&D5e, DMsGuild]
  48. Elemental Adept extension glitch
  49. 5E - Spell Automation
  50. SilentRuin's Extensions Bundle (.ext files) [Fantasy Grounds Unity (5E ruleset)]
  51. Javin's Actions Chat Bubbles (FG Extension)
  52. Mad Nomad's Character Sheet Effects Display
  53. NPC Maker 5E
  54. Fantasy Grounds ProStream 5E - by GamingBuddhist
  55. Automatic Record Links
  56. Zuilin's Whisper Windows for 5E FGU
  57. Zuilin's Speed (sorta) for 5E FGU
  58. [Extension] Random Encounter Generator 5E
  59. Zuilin's Map Buttons and Trackpad Assistant for FGU
  60. Zuilin's Window Tabber for FGU (Extension)
  61. Fantasy Grounds Polymorphism & Map Parcel Extension [BUNDLE]
  62. Story Template PRO (Extension for Unity)
  63. [extension] Spell Tokens Extension
  64. [extension] Spell Long Rest For NPC Extension
  65. [extension] Spell Domain Extension
  66. [extension] Aspect Of The Bear Extension
  67. 5e Adventure - Ravenloft Prey of the Black Wolf
  68. Combat Groups Extension (Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E Ruleset)
  69. Icicles & Brimstone - Fantasy Grounds Unity Conversion!
  70. 70% discount! Grim Press Fantasy Grounds Editor's Choice 2020 Holiday bundle!
  71. Hero Lab Online Integrating Project
  72. Random Spellbook Generator 5E [Extension]
  73. 5E Adventure Supplement - Caul of Winter: A Supplement for Rime of the Frostmaiden
  74. 5E Supplement: The Complete NPC
  75. 5e Supplement: The Cubonomicon (32 New Gelatinous Cube NPCs)
  76. Mad Nomad's Interactive Portraits
  77. Assistant GM Extension (Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E Ruleset)
  78. 5E extensions...
  79. [Bundle] Troy Monteith Extensions
  80. Fantasy Grounds Character Manager (5E)
  81. Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells
  82. 5E Supplement: The Word of Farland Campaign Setting
  83. 5E Automatic Effects
  84. All magic item coding effects ...
  85. Dungeon Builder 5E
  86. 5e - Indicators
  87. Distortion (FGU adventure module)
  88. All the coding for 5E D&D with Fantasy Grounds you will need.
  89. [Extensions] All the Team Twohy extensions in one [BUNDLE]
  90. Select On Turn
  91. Toggle Effect Lights Extension
  92. Easy Lights Extension
  93. 5E Auto Encumbrance
  94. Extensions mini-reviews
  95. Mad Nomad's Consumable Items
  96. [Extension] 5E Spell Components Check
  97. Fantasy Grounds 5E Page Number Links - Dungeon Master's Guide
  98. Weather Generator
  99. Modules mini-reviews
  100. Insta-Dice Extension - Support
  101. FormattedTextControl - Copy & Paste with formatting - Anyone interested?
  102. FoWEnhanced Extension (all rulesets) - Support Thread
  103. [extension] Encumbrance Tweak Extension
  104. Rob Twohy INSANITY [BUNDLE] on sale Black Friday thru Cyber Monday only!
  105. 5E Absorb Effect
  106. Ma's Inspector - Support
  107. Sale on all items in my Forge store (Adventures, Bestiaries, Tools, ect)
  108. Grim Press DMsGuild Black Friday Sales!
  109. The Demonplague Level 1-20 Campaign now available in The Forge
  110. Who Speaks - CoreRPG Extension
  111. Ruleset Wizard Xmas Challenge 2021
  112. 2021 Essential Fantasy Grounds Modules [Bundle]
  113. Rob Twohy INSANITY [BUNDLE] on sale 12/24 - 1/1
  114. 5E Sustenance Tracker
  115. 5E - Better Combat Effects Gold
  116. [Extension] 5E Inanimate Manager! Target traps and items!
  117. Bloodied & Bruised - New Traits for Monsters [DMsGuild]
  118. Carouse! OSR Edition OSE/2E/PF/3.5/CnC
  119. Fantasy Grounds Unity Map Pack I - W.C. Baker
  120. Fantasy Grounds Unity Map Pack II - WC Baker
  121. [extension] Damage Per Round Calculation Extension
  122. Fantasy Grounds Unity Map Pack 4 GoS Abbey Revisit - W.C. Baker
  123. [Extension] Babyl [CoreRPG]
  124. Simpler Edition
  125. [extension]Secure, Contain, Protect (SCP) Agent
  126. PAID Pulp Portrait Sets on the Forge
  127. Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 5 Random Encounters - W.C. Baker
  128. Carouse 5E extension
  129. Ma's Adventures Manager
  130. Carrier Extension (Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E Ruleset)
  131. Complete Offensive Package
  132. Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 6 Manor House - W.C. Baker
  133. Bayne Bag of Holding for 5E
  134. [Extension] 5E Random PC Generator
  135. List: Troy Monteith Extensions
  136. Grim Press Map Packs
  137. Swords and Wizardry Complete Rules feedback Thread.
  138. Guage interest in Android / iOS viewer app
  139. Forge Sale - Ma's Tools
  140. [module] Steel Defender
  141. [extension] Surprise Round Extension
  142. LFP - Testers for FG Reference viewer android application
  143. Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 3 - W.C. Baker
  144. Bayne's Fantasy Eats- feedback thread
  145. 5E - Sentient Items
  146. MikWewa Maps
  147. Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 7 - W.C. Baker
  148. World of Bethica Campaign Setting (Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E Ruleset)
  149. Tropical Map Pack now available on the Forge
  150. New Pathfinder 2e Adventure
  151. Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 8 - W.C. Baker
  152. Cass' Maps
  153. World of Bethica Player's Companion (Fantasy Grounds Unity D&D 5e)
  154. Quick Encounters for DnD 5E
  155. Grim Press Holiday Sale 50% off 5E Auto Effects Bundle and Forge extensions/maps
  156. Rob Twohy DMs Guild INSANITY [BUNDLES] on sale ThanXgiving thru Cyber Monday only!
  157. 50% off all Rob Twohy (Team Twohy) FORGE titles... Thursday thru Monday only!
  158. Ma's Maps - Support Thread
  159. Rob Twohy (Team Twohy) INSANITY BUNDLES on sale 12/24 - 1/1
  160. 50% off all Rob Twohy (Team Twohy) FORGE titles... 12/24 - 1/1
  161. Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 9 - W.C. Baker
  162. Menvael's Forge Store Christmas Special
  163. Menvael's Various Locations Map Pack 1 is up
  164. Dice Games
  165. Menvael's DST Sale
  166. Alternating Initiative
  167. Mythic Game Master Emulator - 2nd Edition, on the Forge
  168. UNEARTHED SPOILS (5e Compatible digital magazine by Grim Press)
  169. Blue Dungeon Generator and Geomorphs
  170. Tax Due Sale
  171. Nation Builder extension (automation for new kingmaker ap for pf1,pf2,5e and more)
  172. Stronghold Builders Extension Feedback.
  173. Introducing Crowd Sourced for 5E
  174. Escape from Undergarden
  175. Rob Twohy Independence Day INSANITY [BUNDLE]s & FORGE items on sale July 1 - 4 only!
  176. How come the "Old School Essentials Forge *paid* Products support Thread" is CLOSED?
  177. 2 New New Token Packs in The Forge
  178. 5e Effects Coding Module for Tome of Heroes
  179. In Need of Coder for Fantasy Grounds 5E Damage Reduction Module
  180. Project Sci/Fi [Cepheus Engine ruleset]
  181. The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox: Sci-Fi / Spelljammer Edition (Fantasy Grounds)
  182. Mad Nomad Extensions
  183. CRW Hex Mapping - Feedback Thread
  184. Adventure Modules from Studio WyldFurr
  185. Damage Reroll Feats for 5E
  186. Advanced Wildshape
  187. 5e - Mulhorand Campaign Guide
  188. UNE - The Universal NPC Emulator, on the Forge
  189. Rob Twohy Fantasy Grounds INSANITY [BUNDLE] 90% OFF - YES NINETY!
  190. Table Basics: Astonishing Magic Items
  191. Table Basics: Alternative Feats
  192. World of Rivinia 5E Campaign Setting
  193. Nation Armies (automation for kingdom Armies from Kingmaker AP for pf1,pf2 and 5e)
  194. Team Twohy (Rob Twohy) Extensions moved from DMs Guild to Fantasy Grounds Forge
  195. Meanders RPG Battlemaps All 2500+ Maps for $25
  196. Urban Adventures of Pateia
  197. Ma's Total Recall Extension (all rulesets) - Support Thread