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  29. I am looking to find out what FG extensions others are able to use.
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  33. Translation
  34. Institutional Conflict
  35. Can I use the system to create my own game?
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  38. Reference Manual hitting with errors on FGU
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  56. Splitting Dice Pool
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  67. What is going on?
  68. We can create our own homebrew Vampire content on the Forge!
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  71. please help
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  87. LOoking to join a V5 Chronicle
  88. Can't assign more than 7 Blood Potency to an SPC
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  93. "How to" for the new update?
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  95. VtM V5 character sheet layout: disciplines + powers on the Main tab or not
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  105. Cult of the Blood Gods module causing big delay in campaign load
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