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  1. Rules for Paid Games and hiring a Games Master
  2. LFP: Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition) (PAID GAME)
  3. Open Savage Worlds & DnD5e Games (Paid)
  4. LFP - (THIS WILL BE A PAY TO PLAY GAME) / 5e / details TBD by players.
  5. Paid Game ($3 Table fee) CCC-AETHER-01-01 The Heir of Orcus: Verse I -Saturday Jan 19
  6. Gauging interest in paid DM'ing: $15 per head, various systems, min. 4 players.
  7. PAID GAME: LFP 5E D&D Sunday evenings GMT+9 (Japan) $10USD/campaign
  8. D&D 5e Pay to Play Games Looking For Players
  9. [PAID] Pathfinder: The Mummy's Mask AP
  10. **PAID** Pathfinder Ruins of Azlant {{LFP}}
  11. DM for Hire! AL or Homebrew.
  12. LFP Sundays 2PM CST USA 5E City of Brass (Paid Game, $10 per session)
  13. LFP (One Sunday a month) 5e Curse of the Crimson Throne **PAID**
  14. LFP Sundays 6PM CST USA 5E Rappan Athuk (Paid Game)
  15. Paid DM services
  16. Paid GM PF2E
  17. LFDM - PAID - 5E - Mondays 6PM PST
  18. Paid GM game LF 1 more Player for Pathfinder 2E Age of Ashes
  19. Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords Campaign/ P2P $15 one time payment
  20. [Online][Pathfinder 1E][Discord][Every Other Tuesday, 8-11pm EST] Tyrant's Grasp
  21. [Pathfinder 1E][PAID][Discord][Every Friday, 9pm-12am EST] Rise of the Runelords
  22. [Online][Pathfinder 2E][PAID][Discord][Every Saturday, 8-11pm EST] Age of Ashes AP
  23. LFP GURPS 4th ed [PAID] Fri Noon, Sat 11 AM, or Sun 7am or 6pm
  24. Choose Your Own Campaign Pay to Play Premium Experience
  25. Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Modified) Pay to Play Experience
  26. LFPGM - Looking for Paid GM to run White Wolf/WoD games
  27. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Discord] [Curse of Strahd] Every Monday @ 7:30pm PST
  28. Curse of the Crimson Throne: an epic AP
  29. Looking for a fourth for PF2E Age of Ashes (GM is a true professional)
  30. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Discord] [Baldur’s Gate - Descent into Avernus]
  31. [LFP][PAID][PST] Your Next Game!
  32. LFP Paid - Any WOTC 5e Campaign/Modules
  33. LFP Sundays 6PM CST USA 5E Rappan Athuk (Paid Game)
  34. LFGM - Stars Without Number, Eclipse Phase, Coriolis, Ashen Stars, Mindjammer
  35. LFP 2 to 3 Players Pathfinder 1E Skull and Shackles Adventure Path
  36. Lfp
  37. GM for Hire $15/hour
  38. LFPs [Online] [DnD5e] [Paid] [Discord] Alesso's Adventures
  39. Sword Coast Sandbox - Sundays 12-4pm PST $15/hour - 4-5 players to start
  40. LFPs [Online] [DnD5e] [Discord] Alesso's Adventures just $11
  41. Custom Campaign [Discord][Ultimate License]
  42. [LFP][Online][Pathfinder 1e][Thursdays 5-9pm EST][$10/session] Wrath of the Righteous
  43. [LFP][Online][D&D 5th Ed.][Eberon][Acq. Inc.][Sat. 8-11pm CST][$15/Sess.-$45/4 Sess.]
  44. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Discord] [Curse of Strahd] Every Monday @ 7:00pm PST
  45. LFG - GMT Player looking for Tolkien or Ice and Fire games.
  46. Mutants and Masterminds Interest Check [$10/pers/sesh][Online][Saturday 8-11pm EST]
  47. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [BBC Paid] [Discord] [Baldur’s Gate - Descent into Avernus]
  48. {PAID} Multiple RPG systems on FG {PAID} $10 per 4 hour session
  49. [Online] [Flexible schedule] Seeking players for a long term Survival Horror campaign
  50. LFP[Online][Flexible schedule] Depths of the Sunless Citadel Mini-Campaign
  51. LFPs {DnD5E - Paid} Descent into Avernus / Curse of Strahd / Dragon Heist
  52. GM with 35 years exp in 3.5e Europe (looking to Gage interest)
  53. LFG 5e Published Modules. Starting at about 5or6 am UTC.
  54. LFDM to Run Epic Sprawling 5E Campaign, Willing to Pay
  55. Looking for DM for 5e DnD/Pathfinder 2nd edition campaigns
  56. Looking for DM for newbies - UK timezone (London) - happy to pay of course
  57. LFPs [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Hoard of the Dragon Queen] [Bi-Weekly] Saturdays @ noon CST
  58. [Online][Pathfinder 2E][Discord][Fantasy Grounds][Saturdays 8:30pm-11:30pm EST]
  59. LFGM for 5E Dragon Heist -> Mad Mage
  60. LFPs [DnD 5e] [Paid] Quest for 20th level! LFP ffor Dragon Heist/Mad Mage
  61. LFDM [PAID] Long-term Sandbox DnD 5e - Negotiable Rate 4-5 Players (All friends)
  62. Looking for a GM/FG teacher
  63. LFDM [DnD 5e] [Paid] Looking for someone to teach me how to use FG
  64. Looking for DM to run AL Descent into Avernus
  65. LFDM thursday nights
  66. LFP's [D&D 4e, Paid] The Godslayer Challenge!
  67. LFGladiators [D&D4e, Paid]
  68. LFPs {DnD5E - Paid} Tuesdays 6pm pacific - Curse of Strahd / Descent into Avernus
  69. Lfg dnd 5e
  70. LFDM/G 5E Weekly
  71. LFP, Forgotten Realms Sandbox
  72. LFG for Forgotten Realms Sandbox long term game or Custom One Shot
  73. DM LFP - Paid - DnD5e - Choose from many campaigns
  74. LFDM D&D 5e Bi-Weekly on Saturday
  75. DM LFP Paid Game 5e - Different list of Campaigns -Weekly Saturdays 9 am CST/2pm UTC
  76. LFPs - Player's Choice from 4 possible campaigns (5e) Pay to Play
  77. DM here, 5e-Homebrew-Do we have a match? Play first, talk later.
  78. Lfg weekend
  79. Player looking for a paid game Thursday
  80. Running Lost Mines of Phandelver OR Curse of Strahd!
  81. LFMP [Paid] Hoard of the Dragon Queen! Wed's 9AM [Central US] 5e
  82. DM LFPs - Paid Games, multiple systems, flexible times
  83. DM LFP [Paid] [DnD5e] Dragonlance DL1 - Saturdays 10am PDT / 1pm EDT
  84. Pathfinder 1E Skull & Shackles - AP5 + AP6
  85. LFP-5e-Tyranny of Dragons!- 12PM Noon (Central Time, US)-Paid
  86. LFPs [Paid] [DnD5e] Eberron's Oracle of War - Sundays 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT, May 31st
  87. DM LFP- 4e OR PF2 ported Tyranny of Dragons! Wednesday evenings, Central Time, US
  88. LFPs [PAID] [Savage Worlds SWADE], RIFTS!!!! Friday/Saturday Central time (time TBD)
  89. LFP's: group wanted for Forgotten Realms setting: players pick printed adventure
  90. LFG weekend PST
  91. Group of players looking for DM.
  92. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [BBC Paid] [Zoom] [Descent into Avernus] [UNITY]
  93. Any 5E paid games going on tonight or tomorrow.
  94. [LFP][Dark Sun][D&D5e][Paid] Looking for players for long campaign
  95. any games tonight 6/3/2020
  96. Looking for GM for Sunday 2PM to 7PM game.
  97. GenCon Online (July 30th - August 2nd) FG SFS/PFS2 24 hours Interest Check
  98. Looking for DM to run a campaign for new players (5E)(PAID)
  99. DM LF4P Raise of the Runelords
  100. GM LFP (Pathfinder 1e - Paid) - Way of the Wicked Homebrew - Looking for interest
  101. Tuesday and Fridays Need a game? DM for hire! Interested? Then roll initiative!
  102. LFPs [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Barrowmaze] [Bi-Weekly] Saturdays @ 6:00pm CST
  103. Dm lfp
  104. D&D 5E Sunless Citadel (GMT-7, Saturdays)
  105. LFPs [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Rise of the Drow] [Weekly] Sundays @ 6:00pm CST
  106. DM LFMP D&D5e Tuesday or Wednesday (Paid)
  107. Looking for a great DM to run a short PVP 5e Arena/Campaign (PAID)
  108. Savage Worlds RIFTS! New edition! PAID/ Day to be determined!
  109. LFP DND 5E Mondays
  110. Looking for DM to run a campaign for new players (D&D 5E) (PAID)
  111. DM Looking to Run Paid Game(s) (EU TIME ZONES)
  112. Professional Game Master Services
  113. Looking for paid GM, one-shots or short scenarios, different game systems, UK/EU time
  114. Looking for GM - complicated times
  115. LF1MP Iron Kingdoms group 1 spot available Mondays 5PM Central US
  116. Seeking more players for Savage Worlds RIFTS paid 0900 central Wednesdays
  117. LFP [Paid] [DnD5e+Hybrid] Forgotten Realms setting Bi-Weekly Live + PBM Bi-Weekly
  118. Looking for DM to run a campaign for new players (PF 2E) (PAID)
  119. 5$ Session Paypal/Venmo: FGU Ultimate License: 4 hour sessions, newbie friendly.
  120. Savage Worlds RIFTS? Tuesday’s. 0900 am central.
  121. Professional Game Master Sevices
  122. The City of Gracklstugh and the Gladiator Tournament
  123. RIFTs awaits! First 2 sessions free ... Tuesdays 0900 AM Central time
  124. Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Every other Tuesday
  125. 1 spot available in long term Dark Sun 4e Game Thursday 1800 Central (Paid)
  126. Experienced DM/GM Looking to see if there is demand.
  127. Wanna play D&D? Looking for a Group? (5$ Beginner Session Booking)
  128. LFPs [Paid] D&D 5e in spanish / [De Pago] D&D 5ed en español
  129. LFPs D&D Eberron’s Oracle of War every other Sat. [5E] [Paid]
  130. Tuesday Evening 5e Forgotten Realms Homebrew LF1P. 1900 Central
  131. LFPs [Paid] Multime times and Game systems Available!
  132. Looking for someone to fix and update a ruleset (paid)
  133. LFP for two sessions of DND 5e (Paid)
  134. LFGM (Paid) for D&D 3.5e and/or Star Wars SAGA Campaign
  135. LF Paid GM for Epic, Ongoing Star Wars Game
  136. LFP [Paid] [DnD5e+Hybrid] Forgotten Realms Moonsea Adventures Bi-Weekly Live + PBM
  137. LFDM (Paid) For Epic, Ongoing 2E-3E Solo Campaign
  138. [PAID] LFP D&D 5E Tuesday and Friday evenings GMT+5
  139. [PAID] LFGM For AD&D 2E Undead Slaying Tomb Delve!
  140. [PAID][LFDM/p] gmt+1 d&d 1/2e campaign
  141. [PAID] LFPs Custom Solo Games, ideal for niche game-styles/systems and new players.
  142. Paying for a Spot - AD&D2E/3E/3.5E/PF1E
  143. [LFP][5e][3-4 Players][EST] MTG: Ravnica & Strongholds and Followers - Paid
  144. Fridays and Saturdays early game (central time) LFPs
  145. Friday/Saturday/Sunday Dungeons and Dragons 4e Homebrew LFPs (Central Time Zone)
  146. D&D 5E Princes of the Apocalypse (GMT-7 Saturdays)
  147. DM LFP Paid Game 5e - Unity - Curse of Strahd - Weekly Wednesdays 830pm - 1130pm CST
  148. Weekends 5e DnD (paid) Homebrew or Super Campaign (multiple start times available)
  149. Pathfinder 1E player seeking paid sessions
  150. [PAID] Player Seeks Long Term Game - AD&D2E/D&D3.5E/PF1E/Star WarsD6, SAGA, FFG
  151. Looking to Pay DM to host Game 8pm PST Thursday Nights
  152. {PAID} GM with 33 years Experience Looking to Run a Pathfinder 1E AP for newb or pros
  153. [LFGM][PAID][SOLO][D&D2E/3.5E/5E] Seeking Forgotten Realms OR Star Wars adventures!
  154. [PAID] Player LFG D&D 5E Thursday nights 7-8PM till 10-11PM EST weekly
  155. [Paid] 5e Forgotten Realms Phlan & Mulmaster on the Moonsea Adventures Thursday
  156. [Paid] Evil Sandbox Campaign 5e
  157. [LFDM][PAID][SOLO?][D&D 2E/3E/5E] Seeking High Level Campaign!
  158. [LFGM][PAID][AD&D2E/D&D3-3.5E/D&D5E] Seeking a campaign to join for a good cause!
  159. [GMLFP][Online][MTA][3-4 Players][EST] Mage the Ascension
  160. [Online][FATE][LFP][3-5 Players][EST] Dresden Files - Campaign
  161. [DMLFP][P2P][D&D 5e][4-6 Players][7pm EST] LMOP expanded
  162. [Online][5e][3-4 Players][EST] DND 5e - Base building and Custom MTG Ravnica Content
  163. [Paid][LFP][D&D 5E][Sat] Storm King's Thunder Campaign
  164. Level 1 to 20! D&D 5e paid
  165. LFP for Lost Mines of Phandelver and beyond [Paid]
  166. D&D5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden [Paid] 5$ for 4hours sessions weekly
  167. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
  168. [LFG][Paid] Adventure with Opening Tonight? Available 8pm through 12am EST!
  169. [Paid][PF2] GM LF 3-5 Players for Long Term Game(s)
  170. [Paid] Tyranny of Dragons Adventurers League
  171. [PAID] [LFP] Pathfinder 1e
  172. [PAID] [LFP] D&D 5e
  173. [LFP] MTG: Ravnica & Strongholds and Followers - Tuesdays 8:30pm EST
  174. [LFG][WOD][M20] Mage the Ascension - Thursdays 8:30pm EST
  175. Looking for a DM
  176. [LFG][PAID] Looking for a Campaign Tonight, 7pm-12am EST! For a good cause!
  177. [PAID] PF2E Looking for players (the start of Age of Ashes Book 4)
  178. Looking for a GM for Age of Ashes
  179. LFG DND 5E wed nights
  180. [PAID][LFP] Storm King's Thunder - Advanced Start - Additional Adventures Possible!
  181. LFP [Paid] D&D 5e, Starting Homebrew Forgotten Realms Campaign
  182. [LFG][PAID] Seeking Game Today (9/30) - Ongoing Games Acceptable!
  183. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
  184. [LFP] [P2P] [5th] Professional DM making the jump from Roll20 to Fantasy Grounds!
  185. [Paid]LFP Evil Sandbox Campaign 5e
  186. [LFG][PAID] Seeking Weekly Games - Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons/Wednesday Evenings
  187. Expanding into other Game Systems and looking for which system has demand
  188. [LFG][PAID] Seeking Weekly Game Thursdays 1pm-5pm (6pm possible) - Ongoing/Long Term!
  189. [LFP] [P2P] Experienced Professional DM Running Many Games!
  190. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  191. DCC RPG Bride of Cyclops Con one-shot games available on FGC [Associated small fee]
  192. DnD 5e - Every other Tuesday
  193. [Paid] LFP 3 Players needed for advanced start Rime of the Frostmaiden
  194. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  195. [LFG][Paid] Looking to Start Tonight - Committed, Weekly Player!
  196. [LFG][PAID] Player Seeks Weekly Games - Multiple Days/Times!
  197. LFG 1 Player flexible play time in Starfinder campaign paying a reasonable fee
  198. New DM LFP (18 Y/O +) New players preferred (small one time charge)
  199. LFG DND 5E Tuesday NEED A couple players
  200. Player looking for long term PF1 game.
  201. [Paid] D&D 5e Sunless Citadel into Forge into RHoD: Levels 1-15 Weds
  202. looking for a paid gm
  203. [paid] Pathfinder 2e LFP for Extinction Curse adventure path Thursday UTC-4 @19:00
  204. Seeking a Game Tonight (10/22) ~7pm-11pm+ EST - Weekly, Committed Player!
  205. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  206. The New Dawn of Arcana: D&D 5e long term game
  207. [LFG][PAID] Looking to Play Starting Tonight - Committed, Weekly Player!
  208. [Paid] D&D 5e Pool of Radiance: The Next Generation
  209. LFG: 1 Player seeking Weeknight Game, (Mon/Thurs PST) WILL PAY REASONABLE FEE
  210. [LFG][PAID] Seeking Ongoing Weekly Game, Friday/Saturday Nights - Committed Player!
  211. LFP Lost Mines meets Tombstone 1 more needed to Start 11am EDT Tuesdays
  212. [PAID] LFP 5e Campaign of your choosing
  213. [LFG][PAID] Seeking Ongoing Weekly, Friday nights, Sat/Sun days- Committed Player!
  214. pro DM (Paid game ) 5 E Ebberon /Ravnica
  215. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  216. [Paid] D&D5e Homebrew weekly campaigns
  217. [LFP] [P2P] Experienced Professional DM Running Many Games!
  218. Players seeking [paid] DM for every other Tuesday evening 5E group
  219. LFG One player prefer PF2e wed night 7pm-11pm EST
  220. pro DM free to run games every day for next 4 weeks list of systems >>>>
  221. [Paid] D&D 5e Pool of Radiance: The Next Generation
  222. 2 Players looking for a P2P game on Sunday afternoons [EST]
  223. Pay to play game list below
  224. LFPs {DnD5E - Paid} Sundays 12:00pm pacific - Curse of Strahd
  225. D&D 5E runing all day 11th and 12th november
  226. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  227. looking for gm for 7th sea
  228. [LFG][PAID] Seeking Games Tuesday thru Friday - Committed Player!
  229. [PAID] [LF4+P] Pathfinder 1e Evil character sandbox 'Harbingers of the Horsemen'
  230. [PAID] Rime of the Frostmaiden
  231. waterdeep tuesdays
  232. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  233. [5e] [DM LFP] Beginner & LGBTQI+ friendly - Lesson, and overview of my other services
  234. DM LFP Paid Game 5e - Call from the deep - Weekly Sundays 830am - 1130am CST
  235. Traveller /D&D /one shot/campaign booking!!!!
  236. [Pago] 5e Master Profesional LFG / [Paid] 5e Professional DM LFG
  237. [LFP][PAID] The Clockworld Saga
  238. [Beginner] [LFDM] Group of Three Looking For Paid DM Pathfinder 2E
  239. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  240. LFP 5 more, D&D 5e, Thursday 5 to 9pm, Pay to Play
  241. [LFP][PAID][Long Term] Odyssey of the Dragonlords - Seeking Dedicated Storytelllers!
  242. [LFP] [P2P] Experienced Professional DM Running Many Games!
  243. [PAID] [LFP] Pathfinder 1e Custom sandbox campaign 'Stemming the Tide'
  244. LFG: 6 Players with Autism LF Weeknight Game, PST US Time Zone, DnD 5E Homebrew
  245. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  246. LFDM to Run Long-Term 5E Campaign Using Modules, Willing to Pay
  247. [LFP][PAID] Rime of the Frost Maiden [DnD5e]
  248. [LFP] [P2P] Experienced Professional DM Running Many Games!
  249. [Paid] D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Fridays
  250. LFP DND 5E Tuesday NEED A couple players