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  1. Rules for Paid Games and hiring a Games Master
  2. LFP: Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition) (PAID GAME)
  3. Open Savage Worlds & DnD5e Games (Paid)
  4. LFP - (THIS WILL BE A PAY TO PLAY GAME) / 5e / details TBD by players.
  5. Paid Game ($3 Table fee) CCC-AETHER-01-01 The Heir of Orcus: Verse I -Saturday Jan 19
  6. Gauging interest in paid DM'ing: $15 per head, various systems, min. 4 players.
  7. PAID GAME: LFP 5E D&D Sunday evenings GMT+9 (Japan) $10USD/campaign
  8. D&D 5e Pay to Play Games Looking For Players
  9. [PAID] Pathfinder: The Mummy's Mask AP
  10. **PAID** Pathfinder Ruins of Azlant {{LFP}}
  11. DM for Hire! AL or Homebrew.
  12. LFP Sundays 2PM CST USA 5E City of Brass (Paid Game, $10 per session)
  13. LFP (One Sunday a month) 5e Curse of the Crimson Throne **PAID**
  14. LFP Sundays 6PM CST USA 5E Rappan Athuk (Paid Game)
  15. Paid DM services
  16. Paid GM PF2E
  17. LFDM - PAID - 5E - Mondays 6PM PST
  18. Paid GM game LF 1 more Player for Pathfinder 2E Age of Ashes
  19. Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords Campaign/ P2P $15 one time payment
  20. [Online][Pathfinder 1E][Discord][Every Other Tuesday, 8-11pm EST] Tyrant's Grasp
  21. [Pathfinder 1E][PAID][Discord][Every Friday, 9pm-12am EST] Rise of the Runelords
  22. [Online][Pathfinder 2E][PAID][Discord][Every Saturday, 8-11pm EST] Age of Ashes AP
  23. LFP GURPS 4th ed [PAID] Fri Noon, Sat 11 AM, or Sun 7am or 6pm
  24. Choose Your Own Campaign Pay to Play Premium Experience
  25. Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Modified) Pay to Play Experience
  26. LFPGM - Looking for Paid GM to run White Wolf/WoD games
  27. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Discord] [Curse of Strahd] Every Monday @ 7:30pm PST
  28. Curse of the Crimson Throne: an epic AP
  29. Looking for a fourth for PF2E Age of Ashes (GM is a true professional)
  30. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Discord] [Baldur’s Gate - Descent into Avernus]
  31. [LFP][PAID][PST] Your Next Game!
  32. LFP Paid - Any WOTC 5e Campaign/Modules
  33. LFP Sundays 6PM CST USA 5E Rappan Athuk (Paid Game)
  34. LFGM - Stars Without Number, Eclipse Phase, Coriolis, Ashen Stars, Mindjammer
  35. LFP 2 to 3 Players Pathfinder 1E Skull and Shackles Adventure Path
  36. Lfp
  37. GM for Hire $15/hour
  38. LFPs [Online] [DnD5e] [Paid] [Discord] Alesso's Adventures
  39. Sword Coast Sandbox - Sundays 12-4pm PST $15/hour - 4-5 players to start
  40. LFPs [Online] [DnD5e] [Discord] Alesso's Adventures just $11
  41. Custom Campaign [Discord][Ultimate License]
  42. [LFP][Online][Pathfinder 1e][Thursdays 5-9pm EST][$10/session] Wrath of the Righteous
  43. [LFP][Online][D&D 5th Ed.][Eberon][Acq. Inc.][Sat. 8-11pm CST][$15/Sess.-$45/4 Sess.]
  44. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [Paid] [Discord] [Curse of Strahd] Every Monday @ 7:00pm PST
  45. LFG - GMT Player looking for Tolkien or Ice and Fire games.
  46. Mutants and Masterminds Interest Check [$10/pers/sesh][Online][Saturday 8-11pm EST]
  47. LFPs [Online] [DnD 5e] [BBC Paid] [Discord] [Baldur’s Gate - Descent into Avernus]
  48. {PAID} Multiple RPG systems on FG {PAID} $10 per 4 hour session
  49. [Online] [Flexible schedule] Seeking players for a long term Survival Horror campaign
  50. LFP[Online][Flexible schedule] Depths of the Sunless Citadel Mini-Campaign
  51. LFPs {DnD5E - Paid} Descent into Avernus / Curse of Strahd / Dragon Heist
  52. GM with 35 years exp in 3.5e Europe (looking to Gage interest)
  53. LFG 5e Published Modules. Starting at about 5or6 am UTC.
  54. LFDM to Run Epic Sprawling 5E Campaign, Willing to Pay
  55. Looking for DM for 5e DnD/Pathfinder 2nd edition campaigns
  56. Looking for DM for newbies - UK timezone (London) - happy to pay of course