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  1. Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest Feedback
  2. Thread to Cheer SW!
  3. Bug Thread - Pathfinder Playtest ruleset - Release 1 (August 8th)
  4. Syrinscape and Pathfinder Playtest (Free Soundsets)
  5. Converting Pathfinder Module into Playtest Ruleset?
  6. Other Pathfinder Playtest Adventures - Are they being converted?
  7. Pathfinder Playtest - Release 1b - August 21st
  8. Character Creation - My Table Will be Open Most of Today
  9. Fantasy Grounds Pathfinder Playtest Release 2 August 28th.
  10. monsters special abilities problems
  11. So I'm now a Shark? and other questions.
  12. Doomsday Dawn Pt. 2
  13. Adding Encounters to Maps
  14. Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest, Monsters, Effects, and More
  15. Doomsday Dawn playtest campaign - available products and info
  16. Pathfinder Playtest - Adventure products issues/defects
  17. Alternate Initiative Rolls for Monsters
  18. Question about the new Doomsday Dawn Module in the FG Store
  19. Creating Syrinscape Shortcut Links Within Story Entries
  20. Pathfinder Playtest - Ongoing Development - Effects
  21. Running the 2nd edition play test
  22. Hero Points Extension (by Damned) updated for PF2 to track Resonance Points
  23. Rejoice, your time has come at last Pathfinder 2.0 streamers!
  24. Doomsday Dawn: The Lost Star Stream
  25. Question about the Alchemist
  26. Module with Conditions and Effects
  27. How do I enter ability scores if we roll them?
  28. Character sheet has no entry for # or resonance
  29. I made a module of 70 Monsters
  30. Module Of Magic Items, + some additional Monsters
  31. Thoughts on the Playtest?
  32. Pathfinder 2 sneak attack
  33. Using Intimidate skill in combat for pathfinder/FG
  34. Shield Cantrip
  35. NPC multiple attack penalty
  36. Shield Other
  37. Assurance feat on Wizard
  38. Magical Items
  39. Wizard proficiency question
  40. Rules Library (Module)
  41. Monk Tiger Stance Crit Success Persistent bleed damage
  42. Incredible Initiative
  43. Pathfinder 2 vs Playtest
  44. Items Library (Module)
  45. Pathfinder Playtest Community Modules
  46. Effects & Conditions
  47. Neo-Vancian Casting
  48. Pathfinder 2.0 Effects library
  49. Persistent bleed damage
  50. Fantasy Ground College (FGC) Class, One shots, Demo's, and short adventures times.
  51. The Evolution begins!!
  52. official release of pathfinder 2 what material will be in fg?
  53. Character creation > Half-Elf Druid
  54. Old Adventures, New Edition
  55. Pathfinder 2E: What will be available for FG on day 0?
  56. Fantasy Grounds Videos of the PF 2.0 playtest, Youtube playlist.
  57. Pathfinder 2e tags/keywords
  58. Pathfinder Second Edition - PFRPG2 Ruleset - Status, issues and ongoing development
  59. PF2 CRB and Paizo Sync
  60. Pathfinder Second Edition - Core Rules module (not PFRPG2 ruleset) info and feedback
  61. Bestiary from Playtest (Module)
  62. Building new characters
  63. SR Bestiary
  64. Pathfinder Second Edition - community modules
  65. Animal Companions
  66. Setting up double damage Critical hits?
  67. I want to manually assign stats to a new Character (we roll)
  68. Looking for a video or stream of P2 gameplay.
  69. PF2CreatureParser Extension
  70. Pathfinder Second Edition - community extensions
  71. Are Flanking and sneak attack in FG P2?
  72. tracker bug with skills so what are the limits?
  73. Alchemist Mutagens, how to handle?
  74. Bestiary
  75. PF2 Core Ruleset - Howto Unbreakable Goblin?
  76. level pre gen character module
  77. Plaguestone module combat tracker using 'Medium Animal #' in combat tracker
  78. Converting PF1 content to PF2
  79. I want my familiar to be on an NPC stat block
  80. Pathfinder 1e original theme
  81. Drag and Drop Starting Equipment Pack Module
  82. Regarding Barbarians
  83. Regarding Feat Combinations
  84. Any new pathfinder 2E extensions > themes, fonts or such?
  85. Medicine skill and the Battle medicine feat -cooldowns
  86. When its available (Lost Omens Players guide) what will it bring to FG?
  87. Battle Medicine - How Many Hands?
  88. Some errata in CRB..
  89. Flawed Ancestries?
  90. PFRPG2 Character sheet layout in line with Paizo sheet?
  91. Barbarian Sudden Leap feat - action type?
  92. Adding effects to weapons? (feature request)
  93. Party Sheet - Odd Coin Order?
  94. Attack and Damage in One Roll?
  95. Request to have Harrow Cards in 2.0
  96. Theme for Pathfinder
  97. Buckler - tool-use?
  98. Effects coding question
  99. Shields
  100. Pathfinder Second Edition development - going quiet for 10 days...
  101. Extra traits?
  102. Hellknight Hill: Some errata to avoid breaking the economy
  103. Overcoming Resistance for incorporeal creatures?
  104. Wounded and dying entry on main character tab does not work.
  105. How can I know how many actions for abilities and spells
  106. (SR1) Conquerors of Daexor Nu
  107. Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 2: Cult of Cinders in FG store
  108. Pathfinder 2.0 Action Library
  109. So...Lost Omens World Guide
  110. Fall of Plaguestone Maps
  111. Pathfinder 2 Stream: Age of Ashes: Hellknight Hill
  112. Pathfinder 2: Drag and Drop Actions, Powers, and Spells
  113. Official Pathfinder 2.0 for FG bug report thread?
  114. Pathfinder Second Edition - Lost Omens World Guide DLC info bug report thread
  115. Pathfinder Second Edition - Product details and bug reporting links
  116. Release Notes
  117. Fall of Plaguestone with Built In PF2 Rules
  118. Someone have a theme compatible to PFRPG2
  119. FG PF 2.0 Q: add reactions to action tab?
  120. Extension for subtracting level from rolls?
  121. Persistant Damage
  122. 2 Problems came up in our session
  123. Afflictions
  124. Numerous XP errors in Fall of Plaguestone [SPOILERS]
  125. Question about PF2 symbols
  126. Torment and Legacy Demo
  127. Orcs missing Ferosity reaction in Plaguestone
  128. Where's my ***?
  129. Hunt Prey
  130. Any plans to add flipmat map packs and Pathfinder Society Scenarios?
  131. Open sans Font
  132. new to FG and cant get PF2 started
  133. Pathfinder 2E Spell Effects
  134. Question about Store Map packs
  135. Is Bestiary going to have all the card art?
  136. Critical hit deck
  137. Weapon Effects
  138. Performance to Demoralize
  139. Question about Spells and Equipment
  140. The fall of plaguestone needs a players mod
  141. extension coding question regarding modifier buttons
  142. Skill description are a mess now
  143. Wish the font was larger
  144. Creating Maps where image grid matches the battle Grid (Matching Squares)
  145. Question about Update for Oct 2nd to FG.
  146. PF2 Effects/Conditions
  147. Custom Ancestry
  148. Hero Points
  149. Minotaur homebrew race
  150. Duplicating a Weapon?
  151. Tracking shield damage
  152. I must be blind, but...
  153. Pathfinder Second Edition - generic DLC issue thread
  154. Drawing on Maps: Is It Bad, Or Am I Bad? (And Other Questions)
  155. DM tip for Monster Attack Actions
  156. New to FG, n00bish questions ahead
  157. Free DIY Build your own monster excerpt from Gamemastery Guide
  158. Extension: MultiAttack buttons in Combat Tracker
  159. Lost Omens Character Guide
  160. what is CL in DMG supposed to mean
  161. Help adding additional damage & types to weapons
  162. Tombstone extension.
  163. Action Creation questions
  164. Larger Font with Action Symbols?
  165. Core Rulebook Module unloads
  166. NPCs?
  167. Modifiying Pathfinder 2e Theme
  168. Recent Update,Striking Property & different damage types
  169. Character export?
  170. Plaguestone question
  171. Bulk for Str 8 Characters?
  172. Pathfinder 2.0 Wiki?
  173. How to apply heal effects?
  174. I've never been happier with a game product.
  175. Turning on Stances.
  176. Map scaling issue?
  177. Modules I am happily and patiently waiting for.....
  178. First official errata to pathfinder 2e - Paizo
  179. Pf2 + fgu
  180. I may not have noticed can someone verify?
  181. Question about items in "Rules and abilities"
  182. Seperate action and spell tabs
  183. applying eratta to FG products
  184. Custom background in Pathfinder 2.0
  185. Separate bank inventory?
  186. Explanation of Action Tab
  187. Back Pack Bulk update via errata
  188. APG Playtest is now available at Paizo
  189. Adding traits to dropdowns
  190. Options explanation?
  191. PF2 - Wishlist Item
  192. Rules Clarification: Spells and Powers with Add Level Even if Untrained
  193. Weak/Elite Effect?
  194. Pathfinder 2: APG Classes Playtest
  195. Lizardfolk
  196. Manual entering attributes
  197. PF2 Heritage not working
  198. Starting PF2 Game in December
  199. Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide - ETA
  200. So now that it's out, how do you like 2nd edition PF?
  201. PFRPG2 Ruleset and Core Rules DLC update November 12th, 2019
  202. Effects issue, HellKnight Hill (spoiler)
  203. Need some direction or a guide to make some NPC's for P2.
  204. +/-X tags is confusing
  205. EXP Question in Plaguestone
  206. 1st time running PF2 using FG.
  207. Exploration Mode
  208. Lost Omens World Guide
  209. Action Symbols in a Custom Heritage?
  210. Spell Effect to Remove Condition?
  211. Is there a "DM's Guild" equivalent for PF2 player developed FG module content?
  212. Athletics skill check for tripping
  213. FantasyGrounds PF1E APs into PF2E Campaign...
  214. Weapon Skills not increasing
  215. Wild Druid Wildshapeing
  216. PFRPG2 ruleset update tracking thread
  217. PFRPG2 Ruleset and Core Rules DLC update November 26th, 2019
  218. FantasyGrounds and Regular Tabletop Play
  219. Materials for Items
  220. Need some help adding an 'enemy' pc to encounter creation.
  221. Invisible
  222. show automation field?
  223. Modifying ability numbers
  224. Pathfinder 2 RPG - Pathfinder Society discounts
  225. Thanks for the PFS Quest modules!
  226. Happy Friday and Merry Christmas to you all at Fantasy Grounds!
  227. Moving Perception
  228. What is the properties field used for in weapons?
  229. Familiar Creation?
  230. Bestiary and LoCG?
  231. Pathfinder 2e Divine Lance and Chill Touch
  232. Confused About PF2 Ruleset
  233. Can tables be made and shared among other (game-masters) like a module?
  234. Sorcerer Dedication
  235. PFRPG2 Ruleset and Core Rules DLC update - January 7th, 2020
  236. Noob question
  237. Themes for PF2
  238. Wraith Damage resistance issue double resistance vs. non-magical
  239. Using stealth or intimidate for npc init
  240. Setting or Changing Size and Reach of Tokens?
  241. Just a rambling thought, will we get 3rd party Modules?
  242. Lost Omens Character Guide?
  243. Proficiency Bonuses
  244. Manually Entering Character Info
  245. PF2 Action Sybmols
  246. Actions tab
  247. Exctinction Curse Adventure Path
  248. Extinction Curse Player's Guide?
  249. OGL/SRD Lost Omens Gods & Magic character options
  250. Lost Omens God's and Magic