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  1. Actual AOE Spell Templates
  2. Healing from a Hazard
  3. Missing Books/FG additions
  4. Emanations just a question.
  5. PF2 Vision working correctly in Live?
  6. Adjusting HP
  7. Cover appears to be giving a penalty and a bonus, but isn't
  8. Identifying Magic Items
  9. cool new magic item
  10. Pathfinder 2e Bestiary 3?
  11. Pathfinder 2 - Release 18 information thread.
  12. Temporary Hitpoints With A Duration
  13. Options question
  14. How do I create a new Ancestry
  15. How do I add class features to the Action Tab?
  16. Adding New Traits
  17. flurry ranger no longer working
  18. chosing free ability boost for your background
  19. Can Grapple (and other skill checks) be automated?
  20. New Class: Guardian
  21. Alternative Fonts
  22. Bestiary 3
  23. Upcoming Paizo Releases
  24. Add Feats to other Groups
  25. ApplyAllEffects Not Applying
  26. Questions about Monster Automation
  27. Persistent Bleed with a Different DC
  28. Question about PC Automation
  29. Is this roll output correct?
  30. character tracker Feat quick filters logic
  31. Players Transferring Money
  32. Small Tutorial for Sneak Attack and Panache automation
  33. Creature Automation Errors
  34. Things just got a bit crazy...
  35. Removing Immune with Effect
  36. Still on PF2 release 17e v2021-02
  37. automating belt of good health
  38. Need a bit of direction
  39. First time Pathfinder GM
  40. Wrapping Text in the Combat Tracker
  41. Area damage type
  42. Last Day Pathfinder Humble Bundle
  43. Making new monster tools.
  44. Shortcut View Mode
  45. can I Play a D&D Adventure in PF2 Setup??
  46. Weird font issues
  47. Effect applied by "name" in CT doesn't take unidentified creature names in account
  48. Orc Warchief > Battlecry
  49. Feature Request - Extended weapon trait support
  50. Dragging standalone dice expressions from chat
  51. Can a player create classes, ancestries and backgrounds?
  52. Fists of the Ruby Phoenix
  53. Negative damage effects and crits
  54. Something Seems Very Broken
  55. Please add Harrow Deck to PF2 mode
  56. I want to add a light effect to a character sheet
  57. Ancestry Rarity and Source fields on spread sheet
  58. [Module] Paizo April Fools Bestiary for Pathfinder Second Edition
  59. Option to search through database via traits
  60. What do I need to properly play PF2?
  61. Paizo & Smiteworks Pathfinder 2 Symposium 06/26/21 12:00 PDT Live on Twitch
  62. Game of Throws: Pathfinder 2 on Fantasy Grounds
  63. Instructional Video: Gridding the Gridded
  64. Using items on NPCs / Mobs
  65. Pathfinder Second Edition - Video Library for Fantasy Grounds+
  66. [Module] PF2 sound chat triggers
  67. Extinction Curse AP 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
  68. [PFRPG2] Dragging dice roll to CT doesn't add to damage
  69. Weird errors with character creation
  70. Need a quick refresher
  71. Armor Rune question...
  72. Error when trying to create a hazzard
  73. Spell level dice multiplier
  74. NPC creation Problem
  75. Winter Theme looks broken
  76. Creating a OLG/SRD Lost Omens The Mwangi Expanse module
  77. Afflictions/Diseases
  78. Can you add items to NPC (custom monsters)? PF2E
  79. Creating a boss. I want to add spells and maybe an innate ability.
  80. Creating Class Kits
  81. Spell saves for 1/2 damage not working
  82. Unable to add generic actions, how to?
  83. Effect toggle from hotkey?
  84. Release 19 Test ETA
  85. Suggestion: "Early Access" module releases
  86. Question regarding 'Player Enabled Saving Throws (Youtube Video)'
  87. "On Crit" Weapon Automation?
  88. New Lookup Data for Homebrew Class - Issues
  89. Bandolier Missing from CRB?
  90. Struggling to Understand Weapon Effect Automation
  91. Our pathfinder Effects wiki.
  92. Super basic question on map sharing
  93. Abomination Vaults
  94. Invisible Effect
  95. Cognitive Crossover
  96. New 3rd party book: Battlezoo Bestiary
  97. Abomination Vaults - Mitflit - Bane Spell
  98. Effect Save Automation
  99. Raging Resistance Character Effect
  100. Two Feat Automation Questions
  101. Immunities & Resistance Listings for PF2e
  102. Effects based on math (for example, LVL/5 rounded up)
  103. Apply All Effects From This Spell/Ability Button Does Nothing
  104. Steelskin Hobgoblin
  105. Paizo Account Synchronization
  106. Weapon Traits for Characters or Creatures
  107. Creating a familiar
  108. Golarion calendar leap years wrong?
  109. Custom Lore Effects
  110. Pathfinder 1 or 2 (in Terms of FGU)
  111. Secrets of Magic support?
  112. Aura extension: I highly recommend it!
  113. Running PF2e Exploration Mode in FG
  114. Do not display character effects
  115. The New Pathfinder 2 RPG Bundles
  116. Of buttons and text-fields
  117. Chat Window Entries
  118. When will Secrets of Magic be released on Fantasy Grounds
  119. Hero points
  120. Any status updates on when Pathfinder Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse might be done?
  121. Pathfinder 2e costs of rules
  122. PF2 Drag N Drop - Core Consumables
  123. Missing Action Symbols in Action Tab on character sheet
  124. Weapons Window Issue
  125. Critical splash damage
  126. PCROLL problems
  127. Consolidating Things from Books and Adventures
  128. Encounter XP awards
  129. AP Strength of Thousands - Any idea when?
  130. PRD - Magus
  131. Can a weapon have more than one property added to it
  132. ETA for Strength of Thousands?
  133. To folks who own "Secrets of Magic' ....
  134. PF2 - Automating Bleed and Flaming on Crit
  135. What is the best way to remove levels from PC?
  136. Spell attack roll againt the targets FORT DC
  137. Automation Videos from Smiteworks
  138. PRD - Summoner
  139. Can someone please tell me why my Automation isn't working?
  140. mistake using IF
  141. Negating a tag in an effect doesn't seem to work.
  142. Automating Arcane Cascade
  143. (PRD) Secrets of Magic - Spells
  144. Creating a Big Bad need help doing some automation.
  145. When will see Mwangi, Secrets of Magic, and Guns & Gears?
  146. Problem with Haunts
  147. Ancestries and Heritages Do i need a hook?
  148. Custom Character Effect for Path to Perfection
  149. Pathfinder 2e Intro Class (Monday) Monday, 10/18/2021 4:30 PM ET
  150. Creating Heritages
  151. PRD - Inventor
  152. PRD - Gunslinger
  153. Pathfinder 2e Forge
  154. Mask problem with multiple maps
  155. (SR) DnD Barbarian (Enhanced Version, 2.0)
  156. Golem Antimagic versus "magical" weapons and runes
  157. PCROLL not added to targets in CT: what am I doing wrong?