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  1. Panache realisation
  2. Divine Font (Heal/Harm)
  3. list of superscript codes
  4. Setting effect to expire at start of target's turn
  5. Bug - Re-adding Muse for Bard
  6. Looking for Alternative Abilty Scores Extension
  7. actions tab: skill checks such as feint
  8. Sorting Abilities By Level Gained?
  9. Some of the flip mats/tiles from Paizo
  10. Coding Heroism
  11. Is there a module or ext that has the various afflictions and poisons ready to go?
  12. Best way to work Bard signature spells?
  13. pathfinder and starfinder APs
  14. Error in Living thunderclap entry
  15. Spell DC/ Spell Atk/ Class DC
  16. Pathfinder Second Edition - Official Paizo Product Conversion Status
  17. Group penalties/bonuses?
  18. Secrets of Magic Playtest
  19. Resistance effects
  20. Need some help getting started on creating a custom NPC/Monster
  21. Unity, Heightened spells not working?
  22. Question about Deific weapon for a Champion in Pathfinder 2E Unity
  23. Automatic Bonus Progression
  24. Champions reaction
  25. Fearsome rune
  26. Ability Flaws?
  27. Adding spell actions to the spell description
  28. Visible Auras
  29. Making alchemists bombs work?
  30. Hunt Prey Effect Question
  31. The Cube & The Great Quest
  32. Slithering Map Editing (Spoilers)
  33. Age of Ashes: Fires of the Haunted City Module
  34. A picture and text guide to character creation in Fantasy Grounds
  35. Crit Fail save and immunities
  36. Font with Symbols for Unity
  37. Look up data set
  38. Gravity Weapon
  39. Alchemist Bombs
  40. Beginner Box?
  41. Hunted shot and Flurry of blows
  42. Expend on action flat-footed
  43. How do I remove a link from a character sheet
  44. Compatability Question
  45. Adding additional materials / resistances
  46. Character Sheet - Spell Preparation
  47. FGU question
  48. Multiclass Dedication Feats
  49. Combining damage from two attacks for special abilities.
  50. FGU Spellcasting question
  51. How are others handling Runes / Magic Items?
  52. Action symbols?
  53. Modifier buttons next to the dice
  54. Effect DC
  55. Demoralize automation
  56. Delay
  57. Coding assistance
  58. Potetial error
  59. Adding unarmed attack to NPC
  60. Black Ooze - splitting - Newb Q
  61. True Strike
  62. Pathfinder 2e - Adding PERS damage on Crit
  63. Add Runes
  64. Well Versed Bard
  65. Any ideas on how to pull off a ship to ship combat where the ships can move?
  66. Modifier buttons on the desktop (extension)
  67. oracle mystery
  68. Bard Focus Points not correct
  69. Resistance Issue
  70. Coding
  71. hostile attack penalties
  72. character action add modifier
  73. Fortune/Misfortune Rolls
  74. Coding Bestiary
  75. Issue with Inspire Courage
  76. Question about automation in AP's and Bestiary. (Spoilers)
  77. Adding a bonus to Perception
  78. Core rule book Errata 2
  79. Ranger evasion not working?
  80. How do we deal with unidentified magical items?
  81. Dragging onto tokens from chat
  82. Modifying stat with an effect
  83. Size and reach (CT + map)
  84. Archetypes - How to add in FG?
  85. Fatal Not Working In FGU
  86. Saves and damage application intermittent
  87. DMG in Ability Scores
  88. NPC Syntax Problems for PF2
  89. Reverse Dice Tower?
  90. JSON file from Hero Labs Online
  91. Golarion calendar issue?
  92. This is a great thing and thank you.
  93. Effect coding "not"
  94. FGU UI issue on character sheet notes page
  95. Anybody know how to use a 5e campaign module (Out of the Abyss) in pathfinder 2e?
  96. IFT: and MAP requires us to hit the MA# Modifier Buttons? / Range Detection Script?
  97. Can't See Level 15 Boosts on the Tracker?
  98. Putting Coins in a Bag of Holding
  99. Retiring Playtest rulebook modules
  100. Effects
  101. Pathfinder Second Edition - Bestiaries and Automation
  102. Animal Companion Integration
  103. Seeking top-recommended PF2e adventures/dungeons for FGU
  104. Hide effect coding for Comabt Tracker
  105. Add Holy to weapon
  106. Heres how to make an Emanation(aura) move with a token
  107. Questions about the pathfinder system [Problems]
  108. No more 2E pathfinder module
  109. Adding custom feat metadata to filters
  110. Can a Heritage modify an Ability Score?
  111. Need help crafting a Rogue Mastermind racket custom action
  112. Pathfinder 2E GM's, how viable is it to use the Kingmaker stuff for P2?
  113. adding extra damage dice that don't multiply on a crit
  114. Duration of pathfinder modules?
  115. Resist all calculated incorrectly
  116. Reworded question but same topic > Kingmaker for 2E
  117. Ranger animal companions
  118. Symbol on Skills Tab
  119. How do I let my players level up?
  120. How to add a custom heritage?
  121. Need help with automation
  122. Missing Golarion language fonts
  123. Intellect Devourer Bestiary 2 Missing?
  124. Feats automation
  125. Fantasy Grounds College is looking for volunteers!~
  126. Any plan to do 2-03 (PFS) Catastrophe's Spark?
  127. Adding Organizations
  128. Lost Omen Module Issues
  129. Bard Spellbook (Esoteric Polymath feat)
  130. Adding a New Lookup Data Category?
  131. Guns and gears playtest module
  132. I want to make a tool to do this >
  133. Pathfinder RPG - Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Taverns
  134. Larger Nicer Font (Well I think so)
  135. Character Export for PF 2e
  136. encumbrance, is it automated?
  137. Awarding Hero Points
  138. Necrophidius Bestiary 2
  139. As a player, how do I create a magic item in FG?
  140. has anyone created area attack templates?
  141. Gift Adventure path vs paizo pdf
  142. Investigator Automations
  143. Question about automating poison
  144. Agents of Edgewatch: Compendium
  145. "Basic" Saving Throws
  146. Books unreadable in dark theme
  147. Need some tiles or tokens which are 'webs'.
  148. Exploration Activity Grid
  149. pathfinder 2 combat tracker ma#2 and ma#3
  150. Sharing rules pages so all player's can view (Core Rules Module)
  151. add spell action...
  152. Striking Rune Levels
  153. Spell Attack Roll
  154. Can't See Level 15 Boosts on the Tracker??
  155. Adventure Paths are too long...
  156. Hidden Feats - possible heritage automation workaround?
  157. Wounds and Dying
  158. Learning the automation slowly..bit by bit..
  159. Are Adventure Paths Tackled Separately or In Order?
  160. Classic vs Unity/State of Unity
  161. Add multiple attack fields to a weapon and some effect macro questions
  162. Sneak Attack? How Do?
  163. Is filtering the bestiaries by creature trait available?
  164. Lay on Hands and Shield block
  165. Pathfinder 2 Class (Tomorrow) 2-11-2021
  166. Abomination Vaults
  167. Weapon creation : powerfull fist (monk) can't add damage dice
  168. Weapon Proficiency
  169. Effect coding for : half spell level as damage bonus / 1/4 item level as damage bonus
  170. Console errors when adding Shadow to Combat Tracker
  171. Creating a magic ring
  172. Abomination Vaults: Compendium
  173. Look and Feel bug with Skills page
  174. Trying to Automate the Warrior's Training Ring
  175. Modifying a Theme for Pathfinder Second Edition
  176. features broken during last update
  177. Critical Hit and Fumble Deck
  178. Create Character
  179. Feats - can't make new heritages feat search by Trait search
  180. Can't Find Spell and Abilities Tab anymore
  181. Extension Exists?
  182. Pathfinder 2e - Problems editing owned character sheets
  183. Bestiary 2 Errata
  184. Persistent Effects from Weapons
  185. Energy Mutagen fron Fall of Plaguestone not searchable
  186. "Manage Characters" Button In Unity (And Also Using Without An Account)
  187. Weapon Damage Type for Fury Raging Resistance
  188. Ancestry Guide
  189. Bug sidebar
  190. Party Able to See Monster Vision?
  191. Thanks, you guys
  192. Fall of the Plaguestone module Spite's Cradle map issue
  193. Sundered Waves Tokens
  194. Pathfinder 2.0 Ruleset - Release 18 testing
  195. Pathfinder 2, Release 18, and Excitement Going Forward
  196. Custom Ancestry Rarity
  197. Automating Spell Penetration
  198. Implementing Champion Reactions
  199. Better inventory for PF2
  200. "Default Light Level" For a Map?
  201. Snap to Grid on Player Requested Moves?
  202. IDed name showing in persistent damage
  203. R18 Spell Effect Application for Damage?
  204. Ruleset Development and Source Code
  205. Conditions that are relative to other characters
  206. Hidden condition doesn't apply flat-footed to targets for effect evaluation
  207. Trenloe
  208. The new effects Wiki is amazing.
  209. GM Token
  210. Exploration and Healing
  211. Playes not able to pull up content like FEATS or SPELLS
  212. Inventory ID Suggestion
  213. Some GM advice Idea
  214. PFRPG2 RNG issues?
  215. Missing Action Symbols/Text at the creature templates (Bestiary)
  216. Armor Specialization Effects Automation
  217. Alignment Damage Immunity Automation
  218. Question about the Beginner's Box
  219. Half Orc Tusk
  220. Weapon creation : powerfull fist (monk) can't add damage dice?
  221. Equipment and Effects
  222. Totally confused on licensisng.
  223. Effect Automation - How to programm an effect invisible for players
  224. Request for enhancement in effects list on the combat tracker
  225. Bestiary 3
  226. GM's check your players Sheets
  227. Wonky Golarion Calendar
  228. Modifying Damage
  229. Paizo's 'Decks of stuff > equipment, arms, magical armaments..
  230. To the GM's running Pathfinder 2e for your groups
  231. How to create a pathfinder 2 Bard in FGU