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  1. Gods & Magic
  2. Basics4Gamers PF2e Tutorial Video Series
  3. Combat chat entry and Audio Extension
  4. Drop-down Menus
  5. Need to 'jury-rig' up a Kobold playable race until APG comes out.
  6. Adventures: Easy access to skills, items and traits descriptions
  7. Custom Spell Caster
  8. Question about Themes like in Pathfinder module
  9. [PFRPG2E] Re-implement Damage Reduction effect / Implement Hardness effect
  10. Issue With Manual Dice Rolls
  11. Spell Level Damage
  12. Can't figure out where this -1 comes from
  13. Equipment Purchase Drag and Drop
  14. Gamemastery Guide
  15. players trading items
  16. Monster's Spell Casting ability modifier
  17. Get PF 2e Podcast!
  18. What are the devs playing?
  19. Pathfinder Goblins are Best!
  20. Sharing a module
  21. General PF2 Fantasy Grounds Appreciation Thread
  22. How to jury-rig a race that currently is not available from FG?
  23. Woohoo! Lets hear it for Unity Beta!
  24. How can we put Voluntary Flaws on a character?
  25. Is there a way to add fire resistance to a character
  26. Effect Question
  27. Support for Pathfinder 2e?
  28. Confused on how to Get Proficiency Modifiers to Work
  29. Importing Iconics
  30. Damage button for Divine Lance.
  31. Bless Effect strangeness
  32. Whats up with Hit Points?
  33. Custom Heritages
  34. Nimble Elf feat not modifying speed on character sheet
  35. PF2 Character Sheet output
  36. Help creating Ancestry in Unity
  37. Animal Companions and Formula's
  38. Nimble dodge or dueling parry - how to setup?
  39. Pathfinder 2e newbie setup/loading modules query
  40. Treat Wounds
  41. PFRPG2 Extension - Save Result Description Clarification
  42. Heal - 3 Rounds
  43. FG Unity and Hero Lab Online
  44. Pathfinder 2 and FG Unity
  45. Making PF2 monsters & Damage autoroll
  46. Dual-Classes
  47. Glitched Out Ability Boost
  48. New to FGU, need some advice and help.
  49. Is it possible to create an effect that alter the degree of success of a roll?
  50. Where can I go to learn >>>
  51. Next Ruleset update release date?
  52. PFRPG2 - FG Unity themes
  53. New Weapon Not Automatically Being Created?
  54. Reconvert personal module to an adventure ?
  55. Looking for a Pathfinder 2.0 type of place like dmsguild.com for D&D rule sets.
  56. Lock lighting effect in night
  57. Dumb Question - Arbitrary DCs on a hotkey
  58. FGU - How do you place the action icons in the Story components?
  59. How do I load the PF2 ruleset?
  60. creating a +1 striking hammer of disrutpion
  61. How to use the effects field on item. (how to create a resistance ring)?
  62. Is there a way to automate poison, or call for saves manually?
  63. Newcomer PF2 start up costs
  64. Macro to Item Packs - Pathfinder 2e
  65. No NPC Tab
  66. Pathfinder 2 Lost Omens: Character Guide
  67. Resilient Armor Rune
  68. Character Tracker
  69. FGU -- Can't Modify Damage Dice for Monk Attack (or anything else)
  70. PFRPG2 Ruleset - Release 14 - April 14th, 2020
  71. PFRPG2: Feedback from our group
  72. Effects Tab (wish?)
  73. In the words of Fry >
  74. Player Rolls from Sheet not adding modifiers
  75. Bestiary
  76. FGU Pathfinder 2 not finding modules
  77. Illegible Level Numbers For Spells / NPCs / Etc. in Lists
  78. writing an effect is this right?
  79. Optional stamina points mechanics.
  80. Easiest way to do Dual Class
  81. Were do you report errata or errors?
  82. Creating Passive Effects
  83. Demo players cant create characters in my campaign
  84. blank space character sheet to control shield status
  85. Time management in PF2e
  86. Making Custom Drag and Drop things
  87. PF2 Kingmaker
  88. Specialist Wizard/ Prepared spells+1 ?
  89. Question about D&D tokens vol #1 pack.
  90. Pathfinder Second Edition - Bestiary - Inquiries, Issues, Development, and Updates
  91. NPC Spells Tab; Clicking to keep track removes spells from the sheet?
  92. Weapons on PC Character Question PF2?
  93. Are there any sets of premade characters out there.
  94. Two Hand Weapon trait
  95. Are mods from FG still working well on FGU for Pathfinder 2.0?
  96. Alchemist questions
  97. [Request] Target Self for Spell Actions Other Than Effects
  98. Animal Companions and Familiars
  99. Item damage
  100. Untrained Improvisation Feat
  101. Item Bulk changes after drag & drop
  102. Map packs- what works for PF2
  103. Have anyone made a module with the NPC gallery from the GMG?
  104. PF 2e Spells with saving throws, How do you make them do half damage?
  105. Glimpse of Redemption
  106. Skills and Save DCs
  107. Custom Effect Duration In Hours / Days?
  108. PFRPG 2e Suggestion
  109. Lingering Composition and Inspire Courage
  110. how do I add spell damage and alchemist fire
  111. Pathfinder 2e OPTIONS: New HOUSE RULE: "Turn Off Adding Level to Proficiency"
  112. How to add proficiency for a specific weapon (e.g. Deity's Favored Weapon)
  113. (PF2 Module) Gamboa - OGL Gamemastery Guide NPCs
  114. Multiple NPC's
  115. Running a homebrew campaign with hardcopies of the rulebooks
  116. Elite/Weak Adjustments?
  117. Change color text in Combat Tracker
  118. PFRPG2 Elite/Weakened Effects mod
  119. PFRPG2 ruleset - Release 16 now in "live'!
  120. My hardcopy of Bestiary 2 shipped from Paizo.
  121. Issues with PF2 and FG Unity
  122. Combining Damage for Resistance and Weakness
  123. Area effects templates
  124. Forge Dwarf's Fire Resistance
  125. [Extension] Wound/Dying overlays
  126. Madman Battle maps here
  127. Splitting Stacks of Items in Inventory
  128. How do I
  129. "Official" Effect Names for Fort/Will Evasion?
  130. PFPRG2 Cleric's Resolve
  131. PF2e Questions regarding possible things that can be done/things that are missing
  132. Staves (specifically of Healing)
  133. Symbol next to skills
  134. PFS2 1-03 Escaping the Grave Module -- all images/map broken
  135. Custom Effects in CT
  136. Armor modifiers gone everytime I open the campaign
  137. Pathfinder 2e Core Rulebook Questions
  138. Clients can't see options in the Tracker
  139. Clever Improviser feat
  140. Fighter weapon mastery level 5 class ability
  141. Youtube help
  142. It's my fault, but...
  143. Character Actions - Adding/Changing
  144. Bestiary 2
  145. Companion Sheet and Kingdom Sheet in Pathfinder 2
  146. Help with a GMPC
  147. Help entering a character
  148. Targeting a little odd
  149. Armor bulk Carried
  150. Age of ashes (4, 5, 6) on FGU
  151. Oozes and Immunities
  152. question: expand critical range and activate critical specialization
  153. Gamemastery Guide on Fantasy Grounds?
  154. I want to add/create a monster from Bestiary 2
  155. Demoralize automation
  156. [Extension] Dying/Death/Wounded Token Overlays
  157. Effect duration and end of target's next turn
  158. Adding a New Heritage
  159. Spellcaster NPC - Noob help
  160. Monster Tools Now Has Creature Parser Support
  161. New Effects DC Section
  162. Stat modifiers in custom effects
  163. Missing class feat Deny Advantage
  164. Proficieny w/o Level (Gamemastery Guide)
  165. Weapon attack roll bonuses (noob)
  166. A Thank You
  167. Items With Fixed Spell Attacks
  168. A couple of spellcasting questions
  169. 5e Adventure with P2 ruleset?
  170. Items, Potions and scrolls.
  171. Vehicles
  172. Character Setup Tip
  173. Character Creation. What am I doing wrong?
  174. Thanks for the Bestiary Update
  175. Flurry of Blows
  176. Spells listed in Actions indented
  177. Age of Ashes Player's Guide
  178. Custom Heritage Issue
  179. Critically_Awesome_Essentials_-_Generic_Token_Swapper.ext
  180. Roll a new Initiative on a new round
  181. Question (Modification of Ruleset)
  182. Help with macros
  183. Is there a way to automate not taking inappropriate alignment damage?
  184. extinction curse
  185. Moving from Roll20 - can I pregen my player's characters?
  186. PFRPG2 ruleset - Release 17 now "live"
  187. Persistent Damage Bug
  188. Missing 'tag' in magical shields?
  189. Identifying magic items in party sheet
  190. Ranged weapon ammunition
  191. Any teasers available regarding products coming up?
  192. Damage action and effect questions
  193. Attempting to add class into PF2 having trouble getting feats and spells to align
  194. Pathfinder 2 books
  195. Feature request: Color F-keys for on/off conditions
  197. Bestiary 2 - Missing Monsters
  198. Adding a dmg type such as +1 striking, shocking warhammer
  199. How long before the APG is available to purchase and use on FGU?
  200. Adding Heritages
  201. Trouble with Manually Building Characters
  202. Paizo Special Edition Rulebooks and FG Sync
  203. improvised weapons
  204. FGU issue
  205. New FG User Questions
  206. Random encounters and treasure tables.
  207. Comprehensive Society Scenario List?
  208. RE: New Players Observations
  209. Changing the 'Group' of an item in Bestiary
  210. Columns and windows
  211. Pathfinder 2e Bestiary languages
  212. Duration Syntax in a Monster's Automation String?
  213. Question WEAK function and automation fields
  214. That APG Thoooooo
  215. Paizo purchase sync not recognizing PDF purchase
  216. Pathfinder Second Edition Advanced Player's Guide bug/issue reporting thread.
  217. Agents of Edgewatch Release Date?
  218. IFT: TYPE() function question and also automation
  219. Movement Tracking
  220. Hiding an invisible PC from the rest of the group
  221. Where is my class DC noted on the character sheet?
  222. Perception Penalty Not Working?
  223. Character Ability Stats
  224. Simple Brown Theme for PF2
  225. Pathfinder Second Edition - Lost Omens Gods & Magic
  226. The Slithering
  227. Versatile Heritage
  228. Backpack Bulk
  229. Back from Vacation and what do I see?
  230. Traits filter and Heritages
  231. RAGE Question
  232. Advanced Players Guide Evil Champions
  233. Looking for a fun mega dungeon which is on FG and worth converting.
  234. Investigator Class - Stratagem Automation
  235. Combat Tracker Menu
  236. Mark reaction as used
  237. Looking for advice running my first Pathfinder 2nd game using FGU - Hellknight Hill
  238. Cleric level 1 feat?
  239. Ability Flaws
  240. Odd "Dead" Zone Rolling on Map
  241. Looking for some feedback
  242. Conditions Question
  243. Locking Skill Page
  244. Modifiers button need some refresher on how to use.
  245. Campaign or Character Import into FGU
  246. Disruption Automation
  247. Action Symbols, how to 'add' them?
  248. Do not under any circumstances confuse the two.
  249. Creating NPC's in Unity for Pathfinder 2e?
  250. Adding targeted skill actions to the actions tab?