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  1. Starfinder RPG Support in FG
  2. Starfinder Ruleset Official Products bug Reports
  3. paizo account link
  4. Complete The Set
  5. Dual Wielding support?
  6. NPC Monster Gen
  7. Alien Archives's missing mechanics?
  8. Simple Gray Theme + Starfinder - Image and Story Window Issues
  9. Revised Starship Crew actions by Paizo (FAQ)
  10. Auto Spell Effects
  11. Request:Ability to add Effects to weapons and abilities that aren't spells or weapons
  12. Class Feature - what is intended?
  13. Quick Question With grenades
  14. No grid guide/templates for Spells/weapons/items that do Area effect?
  15. Related stuff
  16. Question about incident at Absalom Station
  17. Custom Effects Where?
  18. Effect and list of effect created
  19. Question about adding custom items/spells etc in the pre set lists.
  20. Adding expertise dice to skill rolls
  21. Item Templates and Magic/Hybrid items
  22. First Contact
  23. Just few questions about modifiers and effects, just making sure I'm understanding.
  24. Already Own the Books
  25. Skill ranks at character creation
  26. Module Entry - questions, issues
  27. NPC (Trap) sheet
  28. Topdecker's STARFINDER mapping resources
  29. StarFinder Feature Request
  30. Starfinder Fantasy Grounds Wiki
  31. Effects Lists
  32. What do I need to purchase in order to join a starfinder game?
  33. Font used in Starfinder Rulest
  34. Starship sheet
  35. Item unidentified
  36. Penetrating Attack
  37. Starfinder spells????
  38. New Starfinder Content
  39. Is there a way to copy paste class leveled abilities instead of re entering it
  40. Third party Starfinder character creation tools?
  41. Potential Bug
  42. Drone Sheets
  43. Starfinder Rules and FG
  44. How to use DMG Reduction on PC character sheet main tab?
  45. Starfinder Known Bugs
  46. Theme accurate kickstarter
  47. Spell Ampuoles and Spell Gems
  48. Enhancement Request: Do not calculate trained skills without ranks
  49. ENHANCEMENT REQUEST - Action tab - powers
  50. Creating a new race: Add bonus to ranged attack?
  51. Archetypes Support
  52. Bugs noticed when building new character
  53. Bugs we have noticed so far
  54. Surprise round..
  55. Starship computer bonus
  56. Archetypes in Work
  57. Sharing Items with players
  58. If you are looking to try Starfinder
  59. Starship Studio for Starfinder
  60. Official products for the Ruleset
  61. Missing content of the so far released products - any ETA?
  62. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or...
  63. Splintered Worlds module map question
  64. Archtype mechanics question.
  65. User Created Armor/Weapon Upgrades
  66. where is it?
  67. Dreamscarred Press
  68. Drift Engines and PCU ratings
  69. Starfinder society scenario boons - easier reporting?
  70. Starfinder Ruleset functionality.
  71. Starfinder Play Mode Poll
  72. HP and SP
  73. Interface Zero
  74. Starfinder ruleset chat formating
  75. Force fields effect
  76. Bug reporting
  77. Starfinder Starships Update
  78. Sunrise Maiden Question
  79. updated for errata?
  80. Starfinder - Community Extensions
  81. Spell effects
  82. Custom Class
  83. Adventure Path Player Races and Items
  84. Questions on editing for Class abilities
  85. Solar Weapon
  86. Opinion on computer firewalls
  87. Sunrise Maiden Build as PC ship
  88. Bug and should I just...
  89. Effect Coding Help
  90. LFP: New to Starfinder and want to try it out tonite?
  91. Unable to find Starfinder Ruleset
  92. Mising Class Feature Descriptions
  93. Transform items to tables (e.g. starship items)
  94. Resolve
  95. Quality of Life / Player Economy Bookkeeping & BP to CR scale
  96. Map creation tools & sources?
  97. Punctually retore SP
  98. New GM, a few queastions
  99. Players cannot see Core Rulebook content
  100. couple question from a fresh FG user
  101. Import from HeroLab
  102. Cannot enter Class and Level
  103. Full Attack Action
  104. [Video] Starfinder Character Creation Guide
  105. Newbie Question
  106. Starfinder Society Adventures?
  107. Concealment and Total Concealment, Effects
  108. Monster Pathfinder Modules
  109. Starship Combat
  110. Fantasy Grounds - Starfinder Product Review - Legendary Planet Players Guide
  111. A question to StarFinder "Dead Suns AP" GM's
  112. Armor upgrades don't seem to exist.
  113. How to create an Android Racial Upgrade Slot for your Character Sheet
  114. Advanced Effects Question.
  115. Starfinder Armory ?
  116. Creating a Container
  117. Dying vs. Stable
  118. Android Operative w/ Priest Theme - Unusually high HP?
  119. Glamered Fusiuon Seal Creation
  120. Critical hit and confirm
  121. Weapon Critical Hits
  122. All Races by Name and Relative Scale
  123. Drag and drop damage
  124. Getting error message when loading or making a PC
  125. 1.0.15 Bug Reports.
  126. Total Newbie
  127. Starship Design Studio ~ Build PC Starship Tutorial
  128. Hex map
  129. Map grids for Starfinder (and other content, really)
  130. Core Rule book no Images
  131. Release dates
  132. Packs like in D&D5E
  133. Problem with xp and loot
  134. Starfinder Tokens
  135. GM starfinder help
  136. Starfinder Tokens
  137. Specialization for operative - problem with the skills
  138. Wishlist - Starfinder
  139. Starship Frustration
  140. Starship token
  141. Some questions after last game
  142. Any way to prevent drones from getting xp? (And a question on credits)
  143. Effects
  144. Working on a custom class.
  145. Token Facing Arrow Art
  146. Add fusion, upgrade..
  147. Modifiers
  148. Blah's Mods
  149. Starfinder support in FG Free Version
  150. Starship aberration
  151. Subscription needs for Starfinder?
  152. Question on Starfinder character abilites on thier sheets
  153. Rejoice, your time has come at last Starfinder streamers!
  154. Character Creation and Lashuntas' Lashunta Magic Spell-Like abilities
  155. Are there any alternative icons for the goblin-themed GM and sidebar buttons?
  156. New update of rules pulled today 10/14: Can't build a Mechanic
  157. PDF or External FG sheets?
  158. Incorporeal Creatures
  159. SF Ultra Theme for Starfinder (SFRPG) Link
  160. Where is 1.0.12?
  161. Basic Starfield Map
  162. Problems having feats apply correctly
  163. A new CreatureGen for Starfinder
  164. Dmgtype?
  165. Condition Effects
  166. Chat Sound Mod For Starfinder
  167. pregens and how to create them without license?
  168. How does weapon specialization work
  169. Issue with campaign set up or misunderstanding on my part
  170. +1 initiative from operatives edge (How)
  171. What resources to load?
  172. Spell Class
  173. level 0 spells act same as higher spells when used
  174. Summon Creature (Mystic) level 1 Spell
  175. Source Books Update 7 Dec 2018
  176. Languages and chat do not seem to work
  177. Grenades as Spells - Possible in custom module?
  178. Starfinder Operations Manual Playtest
  179. Signal of Screams
  180. Starfinder UI with the Doe Sound Extension issue
  181. Halfling gear stealth check only, Max stealth all LV+
  182. How do you guys even play this?
  183. Script Error Loading Starship Image
  184. Starfinder Alien Archive 2 No speed listed
  185. Change the diagonal movement
  186. resolve points shortage in multiclassing
  187. Sickness missing in effects?
  188. Starfinder theme extension not listed
  189. Where are Weapon Ranges?
  190. Polymorph??
  191. Low Light Condition - 20% miss chance
  192. Fantasy Ground College (FGC) Class, One shots, Demo's, and short adventures times
  193. GUI Starfinder question
  194. Starfinder armory missing items
  195. Minor bug - Vermilith Starship Frame Alien Archive 2
  196. Anyone help with this?
  197. Monsters receiving effects from there traits
  198. Damage reduction and magic
  199. Today's changes
  200. Starfinder Ruleset Base
  201. Space Battle needs a 60 and a 120 arc!!!
  202. Hacking a Theme
  203. Save and Atk Effects
  204. Create Weapon
  205. 0-Level Spells
  206. Starship Stuff
  207. Dawn of Flames..
  208. Starfinder adventure paths...
  209. Change Starship id
  210. Core Book Typos and Inconsistencies
  211. Dead Suns Campaign Recruitment
  212. Newbie Looking for Game
  213. Free Skills
  214. Wepons with two damage types??
  215. Updating Starfinder Ruleset.
  216. No Player Resources for Armory?
  217. Starship Classification when scanned
  218. Starfinder campaign addons
  219. Starfinder Flip-Mat
  220. Starship Combat System Official Bugs
  221. Starfinder Style Letter Tokens- where are they?
  222. Can you roll damage from a trap entry in the NPC Section?
  223. Starfinder Starship status
  224. Resolve Not Calculating Correctly 6 Out Of 7 Characters
  225. In the Mail today
  226. New Modifier Buttons
  227. Made a simple token template for starships
  228. Critical damage on turret
  229. Any groups have a spot?
  230. Android Voice
  231. Question about Starfinder Society
  232. Have you converted any official adventures to Fantasy Grounds modules?
  233. Star finder Drones Pls help
  234. New Action Tab System in 1.0.15
  235. Technomancer Bonus Spells
  236. Can you increase the number of attacks a character gets with a full attack?
  237. Suggestions
  238. Starfinder Beginners Box?
  239. Mystic Geneturge?
  240. Themes from other ruleset showing up in starfinder
  241. Space Map
  242. Effect in "Action Tab" and more
  243. Starfinder Revision 1.0.15 Update and Bug Reports
  244. Operative Gadgeteer Skill Help
  245. Fate of The Fifth possible issue?
  246. Revision In Work
  247. What do I need?
  248. Where is the Items Forge
  249. Alien archive 3
  250. Primary Fighting Style