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  1. Dawn of Flame 5 & 6
  2. How to build a starship?
  3. Mini Character sheets and you
  4. SFRPG Rule Set Weekly Update
  5. Weapon Proficiency
  6. Signal of Screams: Diaspora Strain Maps....
  7. Spells
  8. LFG Starfinder New player
  9. Proficiency Missing?
  10. LFG EST noob player
  11. Core rule set mod needed for players?
  12. SFRPG Rule Set Weekly Update 1.2.0
  13. Combat Tracker - What does this button do?
  14. Experienced TTRPG GM & Player looking for FG & Starfinder advice.
  15. Starfinder Armory question
  16. Some problem I ran into with a recent update in Starfinder ruleset
  17. New to FG, question about PC portraits
  18. Starfinder "Skin"
  19. Solarians Level 5 Feat.
  20. How do I level a character?
  21. Bug with version 1.2.3
  22. Companion changes
  23. Starship Assignment and Action Extension
  24. Character Operations Manual
  25. Starfinder Ruleset 1.2.3 and Point Casting Spell Class...
  26. Effect Duration Bugs - Can't Clear and Updates Don't Erase Before Redraw...
  27. Party sheet - Player unable to drag items onto the Inventory tab to trade items..
  28. Usability Issue: Diagonal/Omni Resize Grip Area Too Small
  29. Current HP/SP Values Do Not Synchronize to Changes to Max HP/SP
  30. Questions; new to Paizo / *finder series
  31. Healing Stamina points in SF.
  32. Bug: Locked Theme Abilities Allow Editing...
  33. Companions races input error?
  34. Cover
  35. Where to find one-shot adventures to run
  36. Class Assignment Issues
  37. CT Cleanup After Deleting PCs
  38. Augmentations Missing System...
  39. Skill Bonus Type vs. Effect Stacking Errors...
  40. Missing Classes Field in Spell Setup...
  41. Tokens and Portraits
  42. Inventory Tab Typo: Overburdened
  43. Very new to Starfinder
  44. Weapon Ammo Incorrectly Capped at 50 on Sheet Open...
  45. Spells with Units of Hours and Days Not Handled by CT
  46. Star flip mat maps
  47. DR - Damage Resistance coding
  48. Automatic Changes to Known Spell/Daily Spell Counts?
  49. Problems with Handling Dying, Stable, RP, etc.
  50. Syntax Info?
  51. Envoy Get ‘em
  52. Core Ruleset?
  53. Main Char. Sheet Tab Stretch Bug
  54. Starfinder Ship Combat and Character Ship Roles Extension
  55. Add drone to a sheet as a companion?
  56. Interface Zero for Starfinder Conversion?
  57. Error message creating new class new class
  58. SFRPG Soldier fighting styles
  59. Can't Drag Starship to PC Starships
  60. Pact Worlds Tour Ideas!
  61. Starfinder Ship Combat moving to main code
  62. Character Creation Poll
  63. The theme of this post is THEMES
  64. FG Starfinder Wiki
  65. Class features (eg Envoy Improvisations)
  66. Starfinder Ruleset
  67. Anyone find a workaround for companions?
  68. Weapon Fusion - Omnious
  69. Abbatior 8
  70. Incorporeal Ability - How to code this effect?
  71. Starfinder Ruleset Development
  72. AP: Attack of the Swarm/Dawn of Flames
  73. SFRPG Revision 2.1.0 Test Server.
  74. Question: Any plans on Systems and Worlds for Starfinder?
  75. Character creation - how do you add personal items?
  76. Where do Special Abilities get recorded?
  77. SFRPG Quality of Life changes
  78. Getting an error using SF Ruleset with 3.3.10
  79. Starfinder Bundle is a little on the big side
  80. Bio Hacker creation help
  81. Error since last patch
  82. Adding crew to PC Ships
  83. Beginner questions for a Solarian
  84. Near Space Release
  85. Proficiency Mechanics
  86. Starfinder Ruleset and Simple Grey and brown themes
  87. Errata
  88. Starship combat questions
  89. Mystic / FGU Query
  90. Paralyzed stats effect
  91. AP Attack of the Swarm!
  92. Starfinder Core Rules Question
  93. Starfinder Ruleset Question
  94. Quick question about subscriptions
  95. Combat tracker / how do you delay, ready an action?
  96. Starfinder Script Error message
  97. Operative Exploits
  98. New user having trouble with Mechanic's Exocortex
  99. Starting Campaign Suggestions
  100. Mechanic / combat tracking
  101. Dawn of Flame AP 6
  102. Player ship Stat blocks for AP Dead Suns
  103. Starship Combat - Newbie Issues + User Guide Crowd Sourcing
  104. Campaign Manager Suggestions?
  105. Character Starship Sheets Adding Extra Weapons Mountpoints
  106. Combat Operations Manual, Feat Boot and Soldiers
  107. Weapon focus/specialization and solar weapon questions
  108. Spells Usage and Ship Combat Tracking help
  109. Starfinder Official Paizo Content Status
  110. I need one new player
  111. Question about PC attacks
  112. Is there an extension Ammo extension for Double Tap?
  113. Character creation - player side cannot see my lists
  114. Starship combat - what is the current state?
  115. drag and drop equipment for npcs
  116. PC Starship Shields
  117. Items Level filter
  118. Life Link and We need an effect added or modified
  119. Phantom Bulk?
  120. Assault on the Crucible
  121. Starship combat question - applying damage to shields
  122. Comprehend Languages Spell
  123. Alien Archive Companion Sheet Video
  124. A *new* non-proficiency rolling issue?
  125. Obozaya lvl 1 (pre-gen) is encumbered?
  126. Excluding Drones from the loot
  127. Society Pregens Module
  128. Added drone level by mistake to my character now my KAC is too high
  129. Added drone level by mistake to my character now my KAC is too high
  130. Mechanic Companion
  131. Missing something (Class features)
  132. Feels incomplete
  133. NPCs Don't Die When HP Reaches Zero
  134. Alternate Racial Traits
  135. Official Starfinder Content Bug Reports
  136. Official Ruleset Bug Reports - v2.1.1
  137. Non-profiency penalty
  138. FGU sharing
  139. Make/Change Levels Manually for Characters
  140. SRD Content Community Modules
  141. Hi all, new to Starfinder. Are there any mechanics for managing/building a starbase ?
  142. A few questions about the Starship Combat System
  143. Starfinder Society Starships
  144. Version 2.1.2 on Test
  145. StarFinder Bundle should be broken up as an option: Core bundle and Adventure Bundle
  146. Starfinder Character Creation Broken - FGU unusable
  147. Starfinder PDFs on sale on Frog God Games site, including a VTT Tokens in zip
  148. PC Ship Crew assignment
  149. Official Ruleset Bug Reports - v2.1.3
  150. Throwing
  151. Is there a manual way to add an injection proficiency
  152. Starfinder - Automation Poll
  153. Editing HPs on NPCs
  154. Charactersheet layout
  155. Is there a way to turn a PC starship into a starship
  156. FGU Feat Description error
  157. Formatting error w/Starfinder character sheets
  158. My ideas on the SFRPG ruleset
  159. Vehicle Race Tracker?
  160. Testing
  161. Starfinder Module Wierdness
  162. Font Size in Starfinder
  163. Ship combat & Science officer
  164. Abbitor 8
  165. Class Features unavailable in Starfinder for CRB
  166. Starfinder and Pathfinder Integration using SFRPG Ruleset
  167. Starfinder character creation missing stuff?
  168. PC Ship Token Not Available
  169. Pre-Gen Iseph has Sense Motive -1 - ???
  170. Another Pre-Gen Conundrum - Barsala
  171. Random questions
  172. Starship tracking weapons
  173. Problem with Starfinder weapon Proficiency
  174. Vanguard questions
  175. How do I implement - Armour Savant
  176. Can someone help me?
  177. Starship Encounters
  178. Idiots guide to casting spells?
  179. Unable to perform a search Reference Manuals if a numeral is used.
  180. New Update in Testing
  181. A few script bugs to correct on Starfinder Items
  182. Quick question about the Starstone
  183. Players are unable to level up
  184. First time running a module in FGC. What do I need?
  185. Spells with Multiple Classes
  186. Starfinder Bundles are now split into two smaller bundles
  187. Flat Footed modifier
  188. Module Upload Etiquette & Rules
  189. How do I set speed on the character sheet?
  190. What is the "Features" section for?
  191. Official Starfinder RPG Bug Report Thread
  192. Items Window dragging slow
  193. Starfinder Credit distribution bug?
  194. GM Question: How do you handle combat using an NPC that is a specific class?
  195. Starfinder - City Starter Set - DIY LOS Tiles for Unity
  196. Attributes
  197. Any word on Hero Lab integration?
  198. New wood theme in FGU - unreadable text
  199. Starfinder Discord Channel
  200. HP Based on CHA?
  201. Starfinder Tile Sets - LOS DIY kit..
  202. Actions Tab Update Extension for PCs
  203. Paizo Organized Play decal
  204. Starfinder Icons on Tabletop
  205. Frames not showing up
  206. Starfinder - Map all black, Sunrise Maiden
  207. So, still no vehicle support, is it ever going to happen?
  208. Weapon Specialization - automation?
  209. Starship Sheet - manual adjustments
  210. Starship Combat for players.
  211. Walk me through this
  212. Starfinder Community Modules ?
  213. Disappearing Spell Tracker
  214. Class Tab
  215. DR on a PC
  216. Herolab Online Starfinder Character to Fantasy Grounds Converter
  217. Skill Ranks Calculated Properly in FGU?
  218. Using existing starships as PC ships
  219. How do you add armor upgrades onto your gear?
  220. PC received double skill points on level up
  221. Classfeat added to character sheet - text is empty
  222. Edit Mode?
  223. Starfinder
  224. Adding Player's Shiptoken to battlemap places a pin instead of the token?
  225. More synthetic starship sheet ?
  226. Adventure Path Map Question
  227. Player editable starships
  228. Custom Class Creation Tutorial
  229. Precog class Playtest
  230. NPC Creation
  231. Scripting error opening NPC tab in Starfinder Ruleset
  232. Health bar really small
  233. Channel Heal
  234. Class features from sources other than CRB are missing from Features list.
  235. Starship building cost
  236. Do i, as a GM, need to load all player modules, cause i cannot see all items
  237. Herolab Online character Input
  238. Warp Reality Spell
  239. Fantasy Grounds College is looking for volunteers!~
  240. Adding Starships to the Encounter Builder
  241. Starfinder Spell Tab Causing Crash
  242. Resistance to energy for players
  243. Enemy Token Issue - Stafinder related or global?
  244. Is it possible to create a Character in the demo?
  245. Bug or not? Rolling weapons attack do not calculate the +x bonus for NPC ships
  246. Can't change race/theme once selected?
  247. Cannot find pregenerated "Traps" in Starfinder NPCs-List
  248. Problems setting up a starship
  249. Starfinder improvemens and suggestions
  250. Is there a better way to code grenades?