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A pen & paper roleplaying game could be characterized as a mix of storytelling, social interaction and a board game. A group of people gets together, one acts as the Gamemaster. The Gamemaster is kind of like a referee or narrator, describing the story much like a writer would, with the exception that the players get to decide what the heroes do. The game is mostly played in the imaginations of the players sitting around the table. Most of these games are played in the framework of a set of rules. The most popular of these are the rules for d20 fantasy based games.

For computer gamers the term RPG has come to mean games that take advantage of the theme and atmosphere of these games, and rules. However, they are not really the same as pen & paper games.

So, is Fantasy Grounds a roleplaying game?

The basic answer is no, Fantasy Grounds is not a roleplaying game.

It definitely is not a computer roleplaying game, as you can't really play it on your own, and there is no game world that would respond to your actions interactively.

Fantasy Grounds is a set of tools to provide the means for you and your friends to play your pen and paper roleplaying game online. The game itself is a d20 System game, or some other similar product. You need to be somewhat familiar with the RPG you intend to play using Fantasy Grounds, so we would like to encourage you to get the relevant rulebook and read it, or get in touch with someone who is already familiar with the game. Having said that, Fantasy Grounds is an excellent way to start this great hobby, because you have the potential get in touch with a lot of players online.