Realistic 3D Dice

The dice rolling is a feature that has set Fantasy Grounds apart from the competition since the very beginning of virtual tabletops and is still one of the most loved features for our system. Take a look at the video to see how easy it is for users and try out the demo to see for yourself. Dice rolling is an integral part of any RPG experience.


Automation is where Fantasy Grounds really begins to shine. Whether it is the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (R), Rolemaster Classici, or Savage Worlds, you can be sure that our official rulesets will sport some very cool time-saving features for both players and GMs. In the example here, we showcase how the PFRPG ruleset can really make combats flow smoothly for your campaigns. Games like Savage Worlds will have different automation, such as initiative systems based on poker card draws.

Want to build your own automation? You can peek under the covers of any of our official rulesets to see how we've built it and use that same technique for your creations. Many of our add-ons and extensions come from Fantasy Grounds users who have done this very thing.

Shared Maps

Fantasy Grounds uses a light-weight approach to maps that gets you playing as quickly as possible, while still allowing for some great map features such as fog of war (masking), areas of effect, distance and movement paths.

We include some built-in maps for use in fantasy settings, but you can also install any of the great map packs we provide from various publishers and artists or simply drag a map you find on the internet into Fantasy Grounds and use it immediately.

Random Tables

Starting with our CoreRPG ruleset, our systems now support random table generation. You can use this for generating random names, monster encounter tables, planet types, weather, or any such system.

Any rulesets built on top of CoreRPG have this feature built-in.

Core RPG

Your virtual tabletop should be capable of handling any game system, while still providing great GM tools and campaign management. CoreRPG does this exceptionally well and is also the basis for many of our current rulesetsi, as well as every future ruleset we will release.

CoreRPG is also available for advanced users to extend and use in their own custom rulesets.

Library Modules

RPGs often require players and GMs to look up a lot of info during the game. Fantasy Grounds simplifies this with free, built-in library modules for the Pathfinder SRD, 3.5E SRD, 5E SRD and the D&D Basic Rules. These library modules provide details on new abilities, spells, monsters, weapons and armor and more. Extensive library modules are also included with the commercial rulesets available for purchase, such as Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, Castles & Crusades and Rolemaster Classic.

In addition to this, you can build your own library modules by creating new items, NPCs, etc. and then exporting your custom library modules for use in any campaign you run.

Built-in Tokens

The GM and Ultimate licenses come with several hundred built-in tokens for use in a fantasy campaign. Additional token packs are available for free on the forum or from our store. We have a wide variety of token styles available from a number of excellent artists.

If you already own a lot of token images, you can place any JPG, GIF or PNG file in your tokens\host or tokens\shared folders and use them alongside the built-in tokens.

Export Your Custom Creations

Don't keep all your great GM ideas for your players alone - share them with other GMs.

No matter what you create - NPCs, custom monsters, items, maps, or stories - you can export these out into your very own custom module. Any GM can open a custom module inside their campaign to access all the creations and then close it when they are finished to keep their campaign from becoming cluttered.