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All videos are created by our excellent community members without involvement with the FG team. Please thank them on the Forums for their efforts.

Examples of Play

Example of Play (44:54) Actual Play Session (4 hours)

General Tutorials

SmiteWorks (2014)
CoreRPG Walkthrough FG Dice Demo FG Library Modules
FG Maps FG Random Tables Built-in Tokens for FG GM and Ultimate Users
FG – Exporting Your Creations Creating and Sharing New Character Sheets in CoreRPG
Tutorial Series
Dulux Oz (2014-16)
Tutorial Channel
01-A-01 Introduction 01-A-02 Player Series: Launcher 01-A-03 Player Series: Desktop (Part 1)
01-A-04 Player Series: Desktop (Part 2) 01-A-05 Player Series: Sidebar (Large Buttons) 01-A-06 Player Series: Images and Maps
01-A-07 Player Series: Characters 01-A-08 Player Series: Sidebar (Small Buttons) 01-A-09 Player Series: Combat Tracker and Party Sheet
01-B-01 GM Series: Launcher 01-B-02 GM Series: Desktop 01-B-03 GM Series: Sidebar (Large Buttons)
01-B-04 GM Series: Images and Maps
Tutorial Series
khersheyjr (2012)
Tutorial Channel
Tutorial Series
Xorn (2008)
Quick Start Guide Campaign Entry Basics Building Campaign Data Modules
Turn Any Image Into a Token Map Re-Scaling
Tutorial Series
Tutorial Videos

Game System Tutorials

D&D - Fifth Edition
Characters using the Character Packs Manually entering an NPC Creating and Scaling Encounters
Spellcasting NPCs Lost Mine of Phandelver Product Walkthrough Monster Pack Product Walkthrough
3.5E and Pathfinder
Talen (2011)
Pathfinder Tutorial 1/3 Pathfinder Tutorial 2/3 Pathfinder Tutorial 3/3
Import PC from Hero Lab Pathfinder Combat Example Fantasy Languages in Chat
Pathfinder Society
Trueshots (2013)
PFS Getting Started 1/5 PFS Getting Started 2/5 PFS Getting Started 3/5
PFS Getting Started 4/5 PFS Getting Started 5/5
PFS Hero Lab Import and Special Abilities Adding Modules Making Portraits For Your Character
Editing Character and Exporting 1/3 Editing Character and Exporting 2/3 Editing Character and Exporting 3/3
Adding Creatures Using the Creature Parser
Import From DDI Character Builder
Xorn (2010)
Campaign Management Hosting Games Player Quick Start
Castles and Crusades
damned (2014)
Tutorial Channel
New Campaign Add Story Content Add Image Content
Add NPC Content Working With Tokens Setting Up Encounters
Using Tables Using Shortcut Pins Using Modifiers
Setting Up Magic Weapons Sharing Secret Information Campaign Management (Part 1)
Rolemaster Classic
Dakadin (2012)
Example of Combat and Table Lookup Combat Tracker: Add PC Combat Tracker: Add NPC
Using Encounters Adding Map Tokens
Savage Worlds
doswelk (2010-2012)
Basics (Part 1/2) Basics (Part 2/2) Combat Tracker (Part 1/4)
Combat Tracker (Part 2/4) Combat Tracker (Part 3/4) Combat Tracker (Part 4/4)
Creating a Campaign Using SWD Chase Tool Rippers Setting Demo
Deadlands Setting Demo Savage Worlds & FG Overview and Bootcamp
Trail of Cthulhu
cscase (2014)