Symbaroum NPC Sheet

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NPC Sheet Overview

The NPC Sheet is very similar to the player's. It has two tabs organized on the right side, Main and Notes.

Main NPC Sheet

The main NPC Sheet contains all the relevant stats for the NPC. Starting from the top is the race, which is a category used for some abilities and mystical powers. After that is also resistance, which is described in the reference manual for the GM.


The NPC has traits and abilities separated. Traits are more common amongst many of the NPC's and are often not available to the players. The Traits-list works just like the abilities-list for the players. The biggest difference is that the actions don't have any dices for their values, but instead they are precalculated to an average.


The NPC sheet does not support temporary modifications to the stats. If you want to modify them, you can do so by copying the npc to an appropriate place (maybe an encounter or the combat tracker) and modify them as things happens.


The abilities for the NPC's also contain their mystical powers, just like the players. There is no other difference here other than the same thing as described under Traits - which is that there is no actual rolls for NPC's. Occationally there are things that do corruption to the player, they are rolled (by the player in the rules, most of the time automated here).


The NPC's have their Defense / Armor / To Hit / Damage either precalculated or entered manually. If you hover above any of the actual values you will see the modifications. If you do not see the modifications it's because the value is hard defined. This usually happens to the weapons so that the GM doesn't have to consider making the difference between using such as the Iron Fist Master's ability (which uses an active active), and Natural Warrior's Master ability (which does two attacks and uses an active action).

Other stats

At the end there are a few other stats that are pretty self-explanatory. Shadow for those with the witchsight ability, and tactics which gives you a good hint on how you should play them.


Notes usually contains general text that is written out in the reference manual or collected information about the NPC as they've appeared in an adventure.