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1. When you start up Fantasy Grounds, this is your start up screen will look like. Setup Tutorial Step 1

2. First thing you need to do is go into your Settings. the settings button is on the bottom.

Setup Tutorial Step 2

3. Then the Settings interface will open. This is where you take your License Key: 0AB1C-2DEF3-GHIJK-L4MNO-P5678 (Example License Key) in the License Key Box. Make sure you leave the dashes in the key and also make sure there are no spaces on either side of the key.

Setup Tutorial Step 3

4. Next you will need to go down to the Purchases section of your settings and click on the Manage button to add your Fantasy Grounds website Login and Password.

Setup Tutorial Step 4

5. Once inside of the Fantasy Grounds Account interface you put your Login and Password in the Account boxes. Make sure you put in your correct Login and Password because if it is wrong it will not work correctly.

Setup Tutorial Step 5

6. Once you have your License Key and your Login information added into your settings go ahead and click OK and close out of the Fantasy Grounds Account.

Setup Tutorial Step 6

7. You will now be able to see your FG License and Login name in your Settings screen.

Setup Tutorial Step 7

8. Now hit ok and close out of your Fantasy Grounds Settings.

Setup Tutorial Step 8

9. Lastly hit the Update Button and this will update your program and add any content that you have purchased from the Fantasy Grounds store.

Setup Tutorial Step 9

10. That is it! You can now start a campaign or join a game and have fun!