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(Community) (damned) (2017)
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Community rulesets are user-created implementations of role-playing game systems within the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop environment. All maintenance and development of community rulesets is done by community members, and organized on the forums.

Community rulesets are not officially supported or endorsed by SmiteWorks.

This generic multi purpose ruleset was developed to extend the capabilities of CoreRPG and enable you to play many more game systems than there are official rulesets for.

MoreCore includes a much more advanced character sheet which allows you to create and use Rolls. There is now support for dozens of different dice rolls and game systems built into MoreCore and more are being added.

Additional Combat Tracker options have been added including Wounds tracking and fields linked to the character sheet and additional columns that can be shown or hidden for the players.

MoreCore is easily customised to your favourite game system by way of an extension and several extensions have been compiled to give you plenty of examples.

Please help grow MoreCore by developing new Dice Roll Scripts and new Theme/System Extensions.

Author: damned
Game Publisher: Diehard Gaming

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