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In this screenshot tutorial you are going to learn how to sync your Fantasy Account to the Paizo website.

When you sync your Fantasy Grounds account to the Paizo website it will give you a discounted price on any official Paizo PDF products that you have purchased from Paizo. The discount will be the price of the PDF that you paid. This only counts for PDF's and not physical products. This discount does not apply to third party products sold on the Paizo website.

This works the other way as well. If you purchase a Paizo product from our Fantasy Grounds store at regular price you can go to the Paizo website and download that PDF.

One thing to note: If you get a refund on a Paizo purchased product and you have downloaded the PDF than the price of the PDF will be taken out of the refund.

The first thing you will need to do is go to the website and log into your account. If you do not have an account you will need to create one.

Once inside of your account click on My Account. You are going to need to get a Auth Token.

Sync Paizo

Next you will need to click on Manage Partner Authorizations in the My Partner Authorizations section. This will give you the code you will need.

Sync Paizo

After you will need to use this code from Paizo to sync your Fantasy Account.

Sync Paizo

Now that you have your Activation Code, there are two ways to sync your Fantasy Grounds account to the Paizo website. The first way is going to the Fantasy Grounds website [HERE:]

The second way is going into your Fantasy Grounds Settings and in the purchases section click on the Manage Button.

Then inside of the Manage section Click on the Link Paizo Purchases Button.

Sync Paizo

Which ever way you decide to access the Paizo synchronization page it will bring you to this screen on a browser that will pop up. This is where you will take the Activation Code you got from the Paizo website and put it into the Auth Token Box. Then click on the Authorize Account Button.

Sync Paizo

Lastly, all you need to do is retrieve your Paizo purchases to start receiving your discounts on Paizo modules or send your purchases from Fantasy Grounds to Paizo to get your PDF's.

Sync Paizo

And that is it! You are all sync'd up and ready to go!