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Feat Automation

Available: PFRPG2 Release 11.

Currently with only basic functionality to enable testing for further development.

This experimental functionality adds a new field to the Feat record: "Automation". By default this is not visible, it will only appear in a feat record if the Campaign Option "Experimental Development" -> "Show Ability Automation Field" is set to "On", the default if "Off". Note that even with the option set to "Off" the underlying functionality remains the same - you just can't view the "Automation" field in a Feat record.

The "Automation" field contain specific pseudo code that Fantasy Grounds reads when the Feat is added to a PC, and also when the feat is removed from the PC. Currently the only supported automation actions available are shown below.

Currently supported Automation Actions

Note the colon : between each field. The format is <action name>:<database field>:<operation and data>

  • dbnumber:<charsheet DB field>:<operation and data>

Operations: "+" adds to the current value in the field, "=" sets the current value in the field (overwrites what is currently there).

Examples (and see graphic below): dbnumber:hp.miscperlevel:+1 - For the "Toughness" and "Mountain's Stoutness" feats - this adds +1 to the current value in the PC charsheet "hp.miscperlevel" database field - this field adds HP per level of the PC.

When the feat is removed the reverse is applied if possible.

Example - Toughness feat

  1. The feat "Automation" field has the value of: dbnumber:hp.miscperlevel:+1
  2. When the feat is dragged to the character sheet, the automation field is read and the action carried out.
  3. The action adds +1 to the current "level +/-" data for the PC hit points.
  4. A small "+" sign is shown next to the Feat on the character sheet to indicate that this feat contains automation and has modified the character sheet.

PFRPG2 Feat Automation Toughness Example.jpg

When this feat is removed from the character sheet the hit points current "level +/-" value will be reduced by 1.