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NOTE: Developing for Fantasy Grounds requires varying degrees of technical ability, depending on how you want to customize the tabletop. The technical development may require editing of XML data files or Lua script files.

There are several options to extend Fantasy Grounds:

  • Ruleset: The files that define how a game system implementation looks and behaves on FG.
  • Extension: A modification to an existing ruleset. (themes, house rules, new features, etc.)
  • Module: A data file that defines campaign or reference data to be used with a ruleset. (equipment, spells, creatures, etc.)

If you have any questions, comments or corrections, please post in the Workshop forum.


Development Overview
Dulux-Oz (2015)
Data Files Overview
Campaign and Module Data File Overview
Getting the Most Out of Notepad
SpudmanWP (2011)
DLC Guidelines


Ruleset Modification Guide
Ruleset Reference
String Translation

Checklist for converting rulesets to allow easier string translation.
Custom Pointers Coding Toolkit
Dulux-Oz (2013)

Write-up of how to implement custom pointer shapes in a ruleset.
Anatomy of a Ruleset
Foen (2008)

Explains creation of a fully working ruleset for the RuneQuestâ„¢ game system (SRD).


Data Structure Overview and Best Practices
JPG (2016)
Reference Manuals
JPG (2016)
Lokiare (2017)
Adventure-a-Week Module Creation Guide
Trenloe (2013)

Guide to making adventure modules for Pathfinder and 3.5E
Module Making Manual
SoulofTheReaver (2010)


CoreRPG Assets
Zeus (2014)

CoreRPG SideBar/Banner/Title Font Assets
Note: Text on CoreRPG tab images is created using the Poor Richard font. (Thread) Also, some original tab text may have used Lucida Casual.


FGF Font Generator
Converts TrueType fonts to FGF bitmap font files for rulesets.