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5e Item Sheet

The item sheet is used by the Dungeon Master to create new items (equipment, weapons, armor, treasures etc) for use in the campaign. Treasure parcels can also be created from this dialog. To open up the dialog click the 'Items' button in the right hand menu.

NOTE: this article was written using version 3.1.3; earlier versions may not contain all of the possibilities described below.

Create A New Item

  • To create a new item other than a weapon or armor proceed as follows.
  • Open the Items sheet and right click and select 'Create Item' or click the 'Edit List' button and then 'Add Item'.
  • Click on <<new item>> to open up the new item dialog and type in a name for the item.
    In the 'Type' box you can type in whatever you want but it is recommended that you stick to the item descriptions from the Player's Handbook (PHB) or Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG). Thus Adventuring Gear, Tools, Tack, Vehicles, Gemstones, Art Objects, Magic Items etc.
    The template button allows the item record to have a programmatic way to identify incomplete items for the later DMG additions.
    Again anything can be typed in this box but it is recommended that the descriptions found the the PHB or DMG be followed. Thus, holy symbol, arcane focus, ammunition, wand, rod, wondrous item etc.
    Mainly for use with magic items but anything can have a rarity. Per the DMG the categories are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Legendary.
    The cost of the item in gold pieces (gp).
    The weight of the item in pounds (lb). Note decimal fractions of a pound are acceptable (0.1, 0.2 etc).
    The final box is used to type in a description of the item and any effects that it might have in game terms.
Items General.jpg

Create a Weapon

Proceed as above but enter 'Weapon' in the type. This will open up some new boxes for completion in the dialog.
This will be either simple melee, martial melee, simple ranged or martial ranged
As above this will be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare or Legendary.
In gold pieces (gp)
In pounds (lbs). Note decimal fractions are acceptable.
You can enter a bonus here if this is a magical weapon. Such a bonus will apply to attack and damage rolls.
Enter the damage that this weapon will do. This should be in the form of a dice expression followed by a damage type (e.g. 1d6 piercing). NOTE: Although multiple damage types can be entered here only the first damage dice will automatically be placed in the character's action tab when the weapon is equipped. For weapons with multiple damage types any additional damage done will need to be edited in to the character's action tab
The weapon's properties should follow those noted in the PHB so that Fantasy Grounds since for some of those Fantasy Grounds recognises what they mean, Thus the acceptable properties would be, light, finesse, thrown, heavy, two-handed, reach etc. Also record here whether the weapon is magical or is made from rare materials. Acceptable words are magic, silver, adamantine. Properties should be listed separated by commas e.g light, finesse, silver, magic.
A description of the weapon and any special properties or uses it might have in game terms.
Items Weapon.jpg

Create Armor

Proceed as above but enter 'Armor' in the type. This will open up some additional boxes in the new item dialog.
This will be Light, Medium, Heavy or Shield to keep it in line with the descriptions in the PHB.
As above, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very rare, Legendary.
In gold pieces (gp).
In pounds (lbs). NOTE decimal fractions of a pound are acceptable (0.1, 0.2 etc).
This will be the bonus that the armor provides to the user's Armor Class.
AC Base
Enter the base armour class that this armor provides.
Dex Bonus
This is the maximum dexterity bonus allowed whilst wearing this armor. As per the PHB this will be either full, DEX+2, DEX+3 or none.
Enter the minimum strength required by the character in order to wear this armor if appropriate.
The only property required here is 'Stealth Disadvantage' should this be applicable to the armor.
A description of the armor and any special properties or consideration for game purposes.
Items Armor.jpg

Using The Forge

  • The Forge is a Magic Item Creation Tool which can be used by the DM to create magic items. Although it is possible to make some use of the Forge without it, the Dungeon Masters Guide is almost essential and the following assumes ownership of the Fantasy Grounds DMG module. The idea is to allow for the creation of 'non standard' magic items,thus the DM can for example create +4 weapons or +5 armor which aren't available from the list in the DMG.
  • To access the Forge click on the Items menu button and then on the icon in the top right of the window which opens.
  • The basic idea behind the forge is that mundane or ordinary items are dragged into the left hand panel and magic item templates are dragged into the right hand side. Once everything is in place clicking 'Forge Magic Item' will create the item using whatever has been placed within the Forge.
  • Magic Item templates are only available from the DMG. It is a list of (almost) every possible magic item that can be obtained from the standard DMG treasure tables.
  • There are some restrictions and caveats which the user needs to be aware of.
    • Items in the left and right hand windows must be compatible. In other words you cannot combine properties from a magical armor template to a weapon. Attempting to forge incompatible items will give an error and nothing will be created.
    • You can forge 'illegal' items. For example you could combine an 'Arrow of Slaying' template with a greatsword. The Forge, when checking compatibility, only checks the type and not the subtype. Since both an arrow and a greatsword are weapons the items will happily combine.
    • Extremely overpowered items can be created and the Dungeon Master is cautioned against doing so.
  • To create an item open up the equipment list either in the Player's Handbook or the extended one from the Dungeon Masters Guide. Find a mundane item, weapon, armor, ring, rod, wand, staff or potion and drag that into the left hand side of the forge under 'equipment'.
  • Now open up the 'Magic Item Templates' in the Dungeon Masters Guide and find a compatible item in the list. Drag that into the right hand side of the Forge.
  • You can continue to drag more compatible items into the right hand side if you want to give the item you are crafting several properties.
  • Once you have done click the 'Forge Magic Item' button and your item will be created.
  • At any time you can click the 'Clear Forge' button to remove all the items in it. You can also right click on any individual item and select 'Delete Item'.
  • You can also drag items which have been created in the Forge into the left hand side. Thus it is possible to have items which might 'grow' with the player. For example if you created a +1 sword for a particular character and later when they reached a certain level you can 'upgrade' it to have a +2 or have some additional property that only becomes available at higher levels.
  • Magic weapons which give bonuses to hit and/or damage will automatically create the proper entry in the actions tab when equipped by the character.
  • In the case of Wondrous items almost any mundane item from the equipment list can be imbued with magical properties using the Wondrous magic item templates. You could for example create a Bag of Health, A Belt of Holding or Boots of Fire Giant Strength. The possibilities here are almost limitless.
  • Once you have created your item you can then edit it in the usual way.

Create A Treasure Parcel

A treasure parcel is, as it's name suggests, a parcel of treasure which the PCs might find during the course of an adventure. It need not of course contain anything of great monetary value but might be a clue or some other seemingly mundane item. Treasure parcels are built from items in the Items list (apart from coins) so before proceeding make sure that all of the items you want to include in the parcel are available on the list. See the Tables section for details on how to set up a treasure parcel using tables.

  • Click the 'Parcel' button at the top left of the 'Items' window.
  • Create a new parcel by right clicking on the 'Parcels' window and selecting 'Create Item' or use the edit list button in the bottom right.
  • Click on the New Parcel line to open the dialog and type in a name for the parcel.
  • Type in any amounts of coin which are present in the parcel in the boxes down the left hand side.
  • The names of coins can be edited (or deleted) and new coin types can be added by right clicking and selecting 'Create Item'
  • Drag any items from the Items list into the right hand side of the parcel window.
  • New parcel items can be created in the right hand parcel window by right clicking and selecting 'Create Item'. NOTE: such items will not appear on the items list and so it is not recommended that items be created this way.
  • Items can be deleted from the list by right clicking and selecting delete item.
  • Once the parcel has been created it can be linked to story entries and dragged from there (or from the parcels list) onto a PC portrait or into the Inventory section of the Party sheet. It can also be shared with the party (by right clicking and selecting share sheet) and players can drag items out of the parcel into their character's inventory. NOTE: it is recommended that treasure be distributed via the Party Sheet by the DM rather than sharing the treasure parcel with the players.
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