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Reference Links

Within each campaign, there are a number of objects that can be dragged and dropped between windows. This section will focus on reference link drag and drop options, and will not cover basic field drag and drop for numbers, strings, tokens and dice. In general, reference links can always be dropped on an empty reference link box.

Reference links to powers will be covered in the next page, due to the frequency and versatility of their use in the 4E ruleset.

Reference Source Target Notes
Any Image Sheet Creates shortcut pin, only while pin layer enabled.
Any Story Sheet Sets the value of a link control box created using the radial menu.
Item Campaign Items list Adds the item to the campaign list. Useful for duplicating or customizing an item, especially magic weapons and armor.
NPC Campaign NPC list Adds the NPC to the campaign list. Useful for duplicating or customizing an NPC.
NPC Combat tracker Adds the NPC to the combat tracker.
NPC Encounter sheet -> NPC list Adds the NPC to the target encounter.
Rituals (Module) PC -> Special Abilities Adds the ritaul as a special ability of the PC.

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