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Desktop Overview

When you first join a game session using FG, the first screen you see will actually be the character selection window.

After the character selection screen, the gaming desktop will be shown.

  • Character Portraits: Portraits of active characters in this session. You can create a token using a portrait by dragging from a portrait entry onto a map or token field.
  • Chat Window: Display chat messages sent to you.
  • Chat Entry: Used to send chat messages between GM and players.
  • Dice: Set of dice that can be rolled in the chat window.
  • Modifier Stack: Set of modifiers to apply to the next roll.
  • Hot Keys: Customizable buttons for common actions.
  • Token Box: Contains tokens available for use on maps.
  • Ruleset Buttons: Buttons to interact with ruleset features, such as campaign information, libraries and options.