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Combat Tracker


CT Sheet Overview

The combat tracker tracks all the information about the current combatants during and between sessions. Combatants will automatically be ordered by their initiative values.

Open the combat tracker using the shortcut on the tabletop.

  • Global NPC Visibility Toggle: Toggle button to hide/show all NPCs in the tracker at once.
  • Global Subsections Toggles: Toggle buttons to expand/collapse the specified subsection in all tracker entries.
  • Current Actor: Indicates the actor whose turn it is.
  • Set Active Actor Drag Icon: Icon that can be dragged to tracker entry to make it active.
  • Next Actor Button: Advances initiative to the next actor in the combat tracker.
  • Faction Drag Icons: Icons that can be dragged to tracker entries to specify faction. These icons can also be dragged to a map to add all combatants of this faction type.
  • Menu: Right-click on menu to bring up combat tracker features. See the Menu topic in this section for more detail.
  • Current Round: Indicates current combat round.
  • Next Round Button: Advances initiative to the beginning of the next round.