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There are many options that the GM and players can use to customize their gaming experience. The options window allows you to change some of the options to fit your personal preferences. Most of the options are read-only, and are controlled by the GM.

  • Target: Remove on miss: Controls whether the active character targets should be removed on a missed attack roll. If the option is set to Multi, then targets will only be removed when the attack roll is applied to multiple targets at once.
  • Mouse: Double click action: Determines the effect of double clicking on an action field within a character sheet, NPC sheet or CT entry. If options is set to Roll, then the corresponding dice roll will be made, and applied to the current targets (if appropriate). If option is set to Mod, then the corresponding modifier will be added to the modifier stach, but no dice will be rolled.
  • Mouse: Drag rolling: When dragging from an action field within a character sheet, NPC sheet or CT entry, this option determines whether a dice roll will be generated, or just the numerical modifier.
  • Mouse: Wheel editing: Determines whether the CTRL key needs to be depressed in order to use the mouse wheel to modify number fields.