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Rolling standard dice

One or more dice can be rolled any time by dragging and dropping them over the chat window.

Press the left mouse button down on a 3D die on the tabletop, and drag the die.

To roll multiple dice, click the right mouse button while dragging the die.

Drag the dice over to the chat window, and release them over the highlighted area.

The angle and force of the mouse stroke when the dice are released will determine the dice vectors. A minimum force vector will always be applied.

The dice roll will be performed, with the dice results propagating to all connected users.

- OR -

Invoke the radial menu on a 3D die on the tabletop.

Select a number of dice to roll from the menu.

Move the dice over the chat window, and press the left mouse button down.

The dice roll will be performed with random vectors applied to all the dice.