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The images book is the place where GMs can store maps or images for their campaign. For all practical purposes, maps are just images of locations, so all further references in this section will just refer to images.

Image Topics

  • Image Management: Image files can be quickly added and removed from a campaign, even while a session is running. Additionally, blank images can be created to use for free-hand drawings.
  • Image Viewing: The GM controls the view of each image shown to the players. Also, the GM can be preload images, so that images instantly appear to all players when they are initially shared.
  • Pointers: The GM and each player can draw pointers on the map in the color they have chosen from the color chooser.
  • Drawing: Each image has a drawing layer, which can be drawn on by the GM or players. The GM can lock the drawing layer to prevent player drawing.
  • Pins: Pins can be used to place reference link shortcuts directly on a map. Useful for linking image locations to story and encounters entries.
  • Grid: A grid can be placed on an image to provide a framework for game rules. Most rulesets will snap tokens to grid centers or intersections once a grid is enabled. Additionally, underlays can be added to tokens to indicate conditions (such as faction)once a grid is enabled.
  • Mask: A mask can be added to an image to hide all or part of an image from your players when it is shared. The mask can be edited as needed to display or hide portions of the image for the players.
  • Tokens: Tokens can be dropped on any image, and moved around the image. The GM can control the overall relative scaling of tokens to the image, as well as lock token movement unless approved. If tokens are added from the combat tracker, then they will have an underlay indicating their size and faction. Also, when hovering over those tokens added from the combat tracker, the name and reach of the associated creature will be shown.
See the GM - Categories page for more details on categorizing campaign information.